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Thursday July 2, 2015

European Policy

Roaming charges and open Internet: questions and answers
European Commission (June 30, 2015) The European Parliament, Council and Commission have reached an agreement on key elements for a single market in telecoms.     read more...
ETNO statement on the Telecom Single Market agreement
ETNO (June 30, 2015) After intense work, the EU institutions have announced that they have reached an agreement on the Telecoms Single Market regulation. ETNO has consistently supported EU-level rules, as opposed to a patchwork of national approaches to telecom regulation.     read more...
ETNO ThinkDigital Blog Post - Sweden vs. Slovenia: What we can learn from hard and soft approaches to net neutrality
ETNO (June 24, 2015) Roslyn Layton on Net Neutrality: 'Soft rules are associated with higher telecom infrastructure investment - hard rules are overkill' #ThinkDigital     read more...
Mobile roaming charges ban in 2017
Politico (June 30, 2015) After months of delay, European negotiators finally agreed to a provisional deal on reforms that will secure open Internet access and eliminate mobile phone roaming charges throughout the EU starting in June 2017.     read more...
EU net neutrality to allow fast streaming
Financial Times (June 30, 2015) European lawmakers have agreed a final proposal to scrap mobile phone roaming charges and adopt new rules on “net neutrality”, after a late-night meeting in Brussels that brought months of negotiations to an end.     read more...
Getting a telecoms deal: harder than agreeing on Greece?
Euractiv (June 30, 2015) After almost 13 hours cooped up in talks, negotiators tasked with clinching some kind of a deal on the telecoms single market.     read more...
EU backs diluted form of net neutrality law
The Wall Street Journal (June 30, 2015) After almost two years of wrangling among lawmakers, the European Union on Tuesday agreed to a watered-down version of a telecommunications law     read more...
Social media watchdog: Twitter is the gateway drug for extremists
Euractiv (June 30, 2015) CEP started a European branch and says it will continue targeting extremists' activity on social media here.     read more...
ECTA CEOs play down claim that EU lagging behind
Europolitics (June 30, 2015) They say Europe should stop looking abroad but must maintain regulation to preserve investment.     read more...
EC scoreboard shows massive growth in LTE and high-speed broadband availability in Europe
ZDNet (June 24, 2015) LTE availability has almost tripled to 79.4 percent in the past two years, and 68 percent of EU homes can now get fast (30+Mbps) fixed broadband, according to the European Commission.     read more...

US & Global Policy

China adopts new security law to make networks, systems 'controllable'
Reuters (July 1, 2015) China's legislature adopted a sweeping national security law that covers everything from territorial sovereignty to measures to tighten cyber security.     read more...
NSA's spying on UN and others detailed in newly published documents
CNET (July 1, 2015) Snowden's revelations have led to snowballing accusations that the National Security Agency is accessing and reading communications from world leaders.     read more...
Facebook wins latest case in class action privacy battle
Financial Times (July 1, 2015) Facebook has won its latest case in a long-running legal battle with an Austrian law student who attempted to sue the social network on privacy grounds.     read more...
Russia relaxes its right to be forgotten
The Wall Street Journal (June 30, 2015) Russian lawmakers are watering down a draft law on their version of the 'right to be forgotten,' in a rare thaw in relations between the Kremlin and local Internet groups.     read more...
US, Brazil to restart long dormant Internet working group
The Hill (June 30, 2015) The U.S. and Brazil have pledged to restart a long-dormant Internet policy working group in the fall.     read more...
U.S. top court declines to hear Google appeal in Oracle Java fight
Reuters (June 29, 2015) Oracle won a major legal victory in a closely watched copyright case involving the company's Java programing language.     read more...
U.S. Office of Personnel management to suspend IT system after hack
Reuters (June 29, 2015) The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) said it would temporarily suspend a program it uses to complete background investigations.     read more...
U.S. seeks to grab $300 million in Uzbek telecom bribe probe
Bloomberg (June 29, 2015) The Justice Department is seeking to seize $300 million claimed to be the proceeds of an international bribery conspiracy involving two Russian phone companies, as the U.S. joins a group of European nations in a telecom corruption probe.     read more...
A new wave of US internet companies is succeeding in China—by giving the government what it wants
Quarz (June 26, 2015) Beijing is sending a message to high-profile American internet companies: play by our rules and censor content, or don’t play at all.     read more...
Internet access 'not a necessity or human right,' says FCC Republican
Arstechnica (June 26, 2015) Federal Communications Commission member Michael O’Rielly yesterday argued that 'Internet access is not a necessity or human right'.     read more...

Blogs & Opinions

For Europe, an ‘Open Internet’ and an ‘Other Internet’
CSMWire (June 30, 2015) The stated position of the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO) as of November 2013 has been that excessive regulations placed on Internet communications unduly burden providers of applications that require high quality-of-service (QoS)     read more...
Oettinger's blog: Making progress on digitising European industry
European Commission (June 30, 2015) 'I believe that all industrial sectors should be able to use new technologies to manage their digital transformation as part of my vision to bring about a Digital Union.'     read more...
Ansip's blog: Moving ahead with building the Digital Single Market
European Commission (June 26, 2015) EU leaders gave their backing to our plans to build a Digital Single Market: endorsement at the highest political level.     read more...
Statement of FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai for broadband in rural America
FCC (June 29, 2015) Those living in rural America need high-speed broadband in order to compete in the digital economy. Today, I’m announcing my plan to help deliver the online opportunities they deserve.     read more...
L'inventeur de la 'neutralité du net' alerte l'Europe
Numerama (June 27, 2015) The Old Continent could end up in a situation of subjugation against the American services if very strong rules on network neutrality are not adopted.     read more...

Digital Economy

If anyone can design 5G, NORMA might
Total Telecom (July 1, 2015) Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, among 13 companies given 30 months to devise end-to-end 5G architecture.     read more...
Chinese smartphone sales to hit half a billion in 2017
Total Telecom (July 2, 2015) Analysts say India will drive global sales, becoming the world's second largest smartphone market in 2017.     read more...
Orange finds potential route out of Israeli partnership
Financial Times (June 30, 2015) Orange has negotiated a way to exit its licensing agreement with an Israeli operator just weeks after comments from the head of the French telecoms operator sparked an international row.     read more...
Orange takes 95% of Jazztel shares, remainder to follow
TotalTelecom (June 29, 2015) Spanish broadband operator due to be delisted in August after Orange takes 100% control.     read more...
Telenor Bulgaria’s network LTE-ready
Telegeography (June 30, 2015) Bulgarian operator Telenor (formerly GloBul), has announced that following the completion of its 2G/3G modernisation project, its network infrastructure is now Long Term Evolution (LTE)-ready.     read more...
BT under pressure as race for broadband market share speeds up
Financial Times (June 29, 2015) For many broadband users in the UK, BT is still the only game in town. But that could soon change.     read more...
Xiaomi targets Brazil for first smartphone launch outside of Asia
Financial Times (July 1, 2015) Xiaomi is targeting Brazil for its first smartphone launch outside Asia.     read more...
Altice shows interest in KPN takeover
TotalTelecom (June 29, 2015) Cable group's CEO tells Dutch newspaper that his company is in a stronger position than KPN to invest in infrastructure.     read more...
Activist hedge fund Elliott builds stake in Alcatel-Lucent
Financial Times (June 28, 2015) Activist investor Elliott has taken a position in Alcatel-Lucent in its €15.6bn sale to Nokia.     read more...
Sprint’s Marcelo Claure is US highest paid telecoms chief
Financial Times (June 26, 2015) Marcelo Claure, the Bolivian-born billionaire who was recruited to try to turn round struggling US wireless network Sprint, has become the highest paid chief executive in the US telecoms sector.     read more...

Technology Trends

5G consortium commences novel network architecture initiative
Telecoms (July 1, 2015) The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5GPPP) has announced the commencement of a new 30 month initiative designed to establish a new mobile network architecture for 5G.     read more...
Huawei, Alstom conduct first LTE ground-to-train test
Telecompaper (June 30, 2015) Huawei and Alstom have announced the successful completion of the world’s first live pilot test of 4G LTE multi-services based on Communications-based Train Control (CBTC).     read more...
High expectations play in background of Apple music’s debut
The Wall Street Journal (June 29, 2015) Apple bets it can convert a meaningful percentage of its iTunes accounts to the streaming service.     read more...
Teenager injects nXT microchip into his own hand
The Telegraph (June 29, 2015) Bryon Wake, 15, used a hypodermic needle to implant the transponder to control his mobile phone.     read more...
The connected car: is Big Brother at the wheel?
Telecoms (June 29, 2015) It’s predicted that in as little as five years from now there will be more than 250 million connected cars on our roads, a fact which presents both a global opportunity for the Internet of Things (IoT), savvy car manufacturers and a huge challenge for the IT industry.     read more...

Focus on

ETNO #ThinkDigital Summer Debate - The Association Pitch
Brussels (July 14, 2015)
The European Commission has recently launched its Digital Single Market Strategy Communication. The policy document is structured around 3 main pillars: Better online access to digital goods and services; An environment where digital networks and services can prosper; Digital as a driver for growth. Come and get a brief on what players in the digital value chain think about it.     read more...


Steven Tas: Speech at ETNO-MLex 2015
(June 29, 2015)

Press Releases

Deutsche Telekom: Security research alliance for the digital world (June 30, 2015)
Deutsche Telekom and Intel Security collaborate on a rapid alert system for cyber-attacks.

Telefónica and China Unicom collaborating in joint procurement of smartphones (June 29, 2015)
Telefónica and China Unicom announce they have entered into an strategic procurement collaboration program.

New Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) system provides a foundation for the transformation of industries (June 29, 2015)
System simplifies large scale management of networked devices and objects.

Proximus, VUB, ULB sign technology agreement with Huawei (June 24, 2015)
Huawei will provide 5G infrastructure for the 'campus of the future' in Brussels.

The Swisscom innovation award 2015 has two new cooperation partners (June 17, 2015)
ICT Switzerland and the Swiss Informatics Society have become the new cooperation partners for the Swisscom Innovation Award.


Gartner says worldwide IT spending to decline 5.5% in 2015
Gartner (June 30, 2015)

ARCEP submits to consultation a draft recommendation on implementing an obligation of completeness for fibre rollouts
ARCEP (June 29, 2015)

Country regulation overview: Netherlands
Ovum (June 29, 2015)

Global 4G data traffic to reach 79% of the total data consumption by 2020
Cellular News (June 26, 2015)

Competition policy: The challenge of digital markets
Monopolkommission (June 1, 2015)


Decoding Big Data for business growth

Source: Visualistan

Next Week

19th International Forum on Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications (AMAA 2015) (July7-8 , 2015)
Berlin, DE

CAPS 2015 (July 7-8, 2015)
Brussells, BL

Customer value management and retention in telecoms (July 7-9, 2015)
Prague, CZ

113th Plenary Session of the Committee of the Regions (July 8-9, 2015)
Brussells, BL

Big Telecom Event (July 9-10, 2015)
Chicago, IL Usa


Mobile World Congress
Shanghai, CHN (July 15-17, 2015)

Bluetooth Asia 2015
Shanghai, CHN (August 18-19, 2015)

Cloud Brazil
Sao Paulo, BR (Sept 1-2, 2015)

Bluetooth Europe 2015
London, UK (Sept 15-16, 2015)

VSAT 2015
London, UK (Sept 16-18, 2015)

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