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Thursday June 11, 2015

European Policy

ETNO Think Digital interview – Putting Europe back in the driver’s seat
ETNO (June 10, 2015) David Cantor: 'My own feeling is that the only revolutionary way forward, with a real chance of putting Europe back in the driver’s seat, is to repeal the sector ex-ante regulatory framework.'     read more...
German watchdog doubts constitutionality of data retention plans
Euractiv (June 11, 2015) Germany’s Federal Data Protection Commissioner issued clear criticism against the government’s bill on data retention.     read more...
Spectrum: Broad support for European coordination
Europolitics (June 10, 2015) Close to two-thirds of the organisations consulted on the future of the UHF band would like the EU to speak with one voice.     read more...
Bettel calls for EU cyber plan by year’s end
Politico (June 10, 2015) Luxembourg, which takes over the rotating presidency in July, hopes to get a new EU cybersecurity strategy finished by the end of the year – an ambitious goal set out on Wednesday by Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.     read more...
Telecoms Council of 12 June:
Europolitics (June 9, 2015) The Latvian Presidency hopes to make progress during an informal breakfast prior to the Council.     read more...
DSM: Experts mull next steps in cyber security
Europolitics (June 8, 2015) Standardisation and contractual PPPs are the aims, but DG CONNECT admits that preventive action is crucial.     read more...
EU digi-chief to meet ministers and sort out the net neutrality thing
The Register (June 8, 2015) Europe’s digital chief Oettinger has waded into the net neutrality debate once again, but has vowed to sort everything out in a meeting with national ministers next Friday.     read more...
Belgium set to introduce hefty fines for privacy violations
Global Post (June 8, 2015) The Belgian government is set to introduce legislation that would see companies fined up to 810,000 euros (910,100 U.S. dollars) for privacy violations.     read more...
Europe’s innovation deficit isn’t disappearing any time soon
The Washington Post (June 8, 2015) With Europe’s industrial economy finally showing signs of recovery, regulators are now turning their attention back to the deferred information revolution — for better and for worse.     read more...
Appeal stokes telecoms merger controversy
Politico (June 11, 2015) German firm Airdata’s court case spotlights conflict over acquisitions among mobile network operators.     read more...

US & Global Policy

U.S. tech industry appeals to Obama to keep hands off encryption
Reuters (June 9, 2015) As Washington weighs new cybersecurity steps amid a public backlash over mass surveillance, U.S. tech companies warned President Barack Obama not to weaken increasingly sophisticated encryption systems designed to protect consumers' privacy.     read more...
House passes extension of Internet tax ban
The Hill (June 9, 2015) The House passed a bill that would permanently extend a ban on state and local taxes on Internet access.     read more...
Surveillance will cost US tech sector more than $35B by 2016
The Hill (June 9, 2015) A new study says that the U.S. tech industry is likely to lose more than $35 billion from foreign customers by 2016 because of concerns over government surveillance.     read more...
SpaceX founder files with government to provide Internet service from space
The Washington Post (June 9, 2015) Elon Musk’s space company has asked the federal government for permission to begin testing on an ambitious project to beam Internet service from space.     read more...
The U.S. Army’s main Web site is down — and the Syrian Electronic Army is claiming credit
The Washington Post (June 8, 2015) The Syrian Electronic Army hacked the official Web site for the U.S. Army, a Twitter account apparently associated with the hacktivist group claimed.     read more...
With Islamic State using instant messaging apps, FBI seeks access to data
Los Angeles Times (June 8, 2015) Islamic State militants and their followers have discovered an unnerving new communications and recruiting tool that has stymied U.S. counter-terrorism agencies: instant messaging apps on smartphones that encrypt the texts or destroy them almost immediately.     read more...
Online abuse is a real problem. This congresswoman wants the FBI to treat it like one
The Washington Post (June 7, 2015) As a recent Supreme Court ruling on harassment shows, the country's best legal minds are still grappling with how to deal with threats made on the Web.     read more...
Chinese hackers may be mapping US government
Financial Times (June 7, 2015) The Chinese hackers who are believed to have broken into the US government’s human resources office may be trying to map the government, recruit spies and access networks in other departments, experts warned.     read more...
China brings big banks along to talk EU tech investment
Euractiv (June 5, 2015) Chinese entrepreneurs are lining up to invest in Europe's tech industry.     read more...
The FCC is the most powerful privacy regulator in the US
Computer World (June 5, 2015) Since the bulk collection of telephone metadata began, the NSA has been keeping those records in a vast database and maintaining and querying that data for 5 years before being required to purge it.     read more...

Blogs & Opinions

Wanted: strong leadership for secure cyberspace
Politico (June 9, 2015) While cybercriminals act in disregard of the common good, governments are supposed to be different, writes Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft.     read more...
Liberty-Vodafone: el rey está desnudo y cojo
Expansion Blog (June 6, 2015) En el juego de tronos de las telecos europeas el anuncio de las negociaciones entre Vodafone y Liberty empieza a dejar algunas cosas muy claras.     read more...
The future of digital television
ITU Blog (June 5, 2015) ITU's interview with former Chair of the World Broadcasting Unions Technical Committee, and Chair of ITU-R Working Party 6C, David Wood, expert in the field of digital broadcasting.     read more...
Industry 4.0 gives Europe its chance to shine
Euractiv Blog (June 4, 2015) Digitization has transformed services over the past decade. The focus will soon shift to manufacturing and the unprecedented changes being created by the Internet of Things (IoT), writes Guo Ping, rotating CEO of Huawei.     read more...
Can Europe unleash the power of the Industrial Internet?
Politico (June 3, 2015) Industrial sectors have had a lack of internet thinking. They didn’t grow up in that space, and because of that they don’t necessarily leap to internet-based solutions, writes Richard Soley, executive director of the Industrial Internet Consortium.     read more...

Digital Economy

L'entrée de TeliaSonera au capital de Spotify est positive
ADVFN (June 10, 2015) TeliaSonera's investment in the specialist music streaming Spotify is favorable from a strategic long-term perspective.     read more...
Pourquoi il faut maîtriser la puissance de Swisscom
Le Temps (June 10, 2015) The diversification of the operator in new markets is good for Swiss clients. But this power must be controlled.     read more...
Telekom Austria buys Amis in Slovenia and Croatia
Telegeography (June 9, 2015) Telekom Austria Group has announced an agreement to acquire Amisco, a holding company which owns Amis, a broadband internet provider with operations in Slovenia and Croatia.     read more...
Austria becomes battleground in fight over mobile mergers
Reuters (June 9, 2015) Two years after Hutchison Whampoa 0013.HK bought larger local rival Orange Austria for 1.3 billion euros (943 million pounds), there is still no consensus as to whether Austrians are better off in terms of coverage or service.     read more...
Telefónica’s KPN deal challenged over impact on competition
Financial Times (June 8, 2015) The €8.6bn acquisition by Telefónica of KPN’s German business is set to be contested in front of the EU general court after a rival argued that the deal had impaired competition in the country.     read more...
Eurofiber to acquire Belgium’s B-Telecom
Telegeography (June 8, 2015) The Netherlands-based fibre-optic network operator Eurofiber is to acquire the Belgian firm B-Telecom from Syntigo for EUR33 million.     read more...
Telecom Italia open to deals over mobile towers group
Financial Times (June 8, 2015) The chief executive of Telecom Italia says a mobile towers business being spun out of the company could acquire, or merge with, regional rivals to create a European infrastructure group.     read more...
Qualcomm puts UK spectrum up for sale
Reuters (June 8, 2015) Chipmaker Qualcomm has put a chunk of spectrum up for sale in Britain which could appeal to mobile operators grappling with the demand for Internet access.     read more...
Netflix continues European expansion into less-connected markets
The Wall Street Journal (June 7, 2015) Netflix will expand into in Italy, Portugal and Spain, pushing into a tier of less-connected Western European markets as it continues a global rollout.     read more...
Vodafone confirms talks with Liberty Global
Financial Times (June 5, 2015) Vodafone has said it is in talks with Liberty Global about exchanging businesses in Europe but denied that the two groups were considering a merger to create a £100bn global telecoms powerhouse.     read more...

Technology Trends

Objets connectés : révolution ou déception ?
La Tribune (June 10, 2015) The connected objects do not meet the general public. They are expensive, their functions are often redundant ... yet, the revolution is on completely.     read more...
Meet the future: disruptive event technology trends
Event Magazine (June 9, 2015) US-based speaker, consultant and writer Corbin Ball addressed a series of event technology trends during his keynote speech at Meet The Future in London.     read more...
Apple to add cards from discover, some stores to Apple Pay
The Wall Street Journal (June 8, 2015) Apple said it is expanding its Apple Pay mobile-phone payments service to accept cards from Discover Financial Services Inc. and certain retail stores.     read more...
The Pentagon’s fleet of robots may not be so menacing after all
The Washington Post (June 7, 2015) They may look as menacing as the Terminator, but as a fleet of robots wended their way through an obstacle course designed by the Pentagon, they often looked ridiculous — stumbling, bumbling and teetering over like a babies learning to walk.     read more...
Potential Apple Pay security weakness revealed
Computer Weekly (June 5, 2015) Fraudsters could gain access to personal details of Apple Pay users, research reveals.     read more...

Focus on

200 guests to attend this year’s ETNO-MLex Regulatory Summit
Brussels (June 23, 2015)
The Digital Single Market Strategy is set to translate into a loud call for action to all pro-digital stakeholders in Europe. In the wake of the presentation of the Strategy, business leaders, regulators and policymakers will gather at the ETNO-MLex Regulatory Summit to discuss the digital priorities for 2015.     read more...


Telecom TV interviews Mobeen Khan, AVP, Industrial IoT Solutions, AT&T
(May 13, 2015)

Press Releases

Deutsche Telekom's Investor Relations honored again (June 8, 2015)
Deutsche Telekom's Investor Relations has once again won the most important prizes for investor relations.

Elisa continues a tender offer for Anvia shares until 26 June 2015 (June 8, 2015)
Elisa has made a tender offer to all shareholders in Anvia at a price of EUR 2,000 per share.

Magyar Telekom switches for digital TV in further settlements (June 8, 2015)
From the end of summer, the company introduces non-encrypted digital cable television.

Orange: partner of the Futur en Seine digital festival for the 6th consecutive year (June 5, 2015)
Orange will be welcoming some thirty start-ups from its Orange Fab accelerators present on 4 continents and from its partners' accelerators.

Ericsson and KT strengthen collaboration to develop 5G and IoT technologies (June 5, 2015)
Ericsson will take the lead in developing 5G technologies in collaboration with KT


Results of the Lamy Report Public Consultation on 700MHz spectrum band
European Commission (June 10, 2015)

LTE mobile infrastructure peaking at $6 billion a quarter – not enough to offset 2G/3G decline
IHS (June 4, 2015)

Digital Germany
BCG (June 2, 2015)

Telecoms 500 2015
Brand Finance (June 2015)

How do consumers value net neutrality in an evolving Internet marketplace ?
BEREC (May 4, 2015)


LTE: 1Q 2015 Americas

Source: 4G Americas

Next Week

The Autotech Council (June 12, 2015)
San Jose, CA Usa

Connected Britain (June 16-17, 2015)
London, UK

MVNO's Industry Summit LATAM 2015 (June 16-17, 2015)
Mexico City, MEX

Optinet China Conference 2015 (June 16-17, 2015)
Beijing, CN

IoT Week (June 16-18, 2015)
Lisbon, PT


ETNO-MLex Regulatory Summit 2015
Brussels (June 23, 2015)

17th Annual Next Generation Optical Networking
Nice, FR (June 22-25, 2015)

LTE World Summit 2015
Amsterdam, NL (June 23-25, 2015)

5G World Summit
Amsterdam, NL (June 24-25, 2015)

Cloud World Forum
London, UK (June 24-25, 2015)

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