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Thursday April 23, 2015

European Policy

EU telecoms reform to address competition from WhatsApp, Skype
Reuters (April 17, 2015) The European Commission will take into account increased competition from cable operators and alternative services such as WhatsApp when it overhauls Europe's telecoms rules next year, a move that will be cheered by the telecoms industry.     read more...
Net neutrality talks running into wall
Europolitics (April 22, 2015) Despite a last-minute compromise proposal, the three-way talks are getting nowhere and MEPs are in disagreement.     read more...
Data protection: 'The situation is ridiculous'
Europolitics (April 21, 2015) Sixty-odd associations want the Commission to put pressure on the Council to stop the unravelling of the text.     read more...
Data protection reform: home by Christmas
Politico (April 21, 2015) Public advocates are deeply concerned that Europe’s data protection reforms will get watered down, but German MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht of the Greens Group is upbeat about an agreement by yearend.     read more...
The Google gold rush
Politico (April 20, 2015) The EU's Google action has turned Brussels into El Dorado for the city's tech community.     read more...
EC to level Europe’s telecoms playing field
TelecomTV (April 20, 2015) The European Commission is going to tilt the playing field in favour of European telcos as part of a general overhaul of the Europe’s telecom rules next year.     read more...
Draft digital strategy: Telecoms firms big winners
Europolitics (April 20, 2015) Incumbents like Deutsche Telekom, Orange and Telefónica can rub their hands with glee: they have won the first battle of the digital single market opposite 'new' players like Google, Facebook and Microsoft.     read more...
Oettinger: speed up tech laws now
Politico (April 20, 2015) EU digital agenda commissioner says it is 'not acceptable' how long it takes Commission proposals to become laws.     read more...
Ofcom identifies candidate spectrum for future 5G mobile broadband
ISPReview (April 20, 2015) The United Kingdom’s telecoms regulator has published an update on their preliminary work to design a regulatory approach for future 5G (5th Generation) based Mobile Broadband technology.     read more...
EU to investigate transparency of Internet search results
Reuters (April 20, 2015) Internet platforms such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! will be the subject of a widespread inquiry by European regulators to determine whether they are transparent enough in how they display search results.     read more...

US & Global Policy

Pentagon's new cyber strategy cites U.S. ability to retaliate
Reuters (April 23, 2015) U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter is due to unveil an updated cyber strategy that will stress the military's ability to retaliate with cyber weapons, a capability he hopes will help deter attacks.     read more...
FCC staff recommends hearing on Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger
The Wall Street Journal (April 22, 2015) FCC’s staff threw up a significant roadblock to Comcast Corp.’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable, recommending a procedural move that could potentially sink one of the media industry’s biggest mergers in years.     read more...
Why Virginia is starting the 1st State cybersecurity info sharing organization
DCInno (April 21, 2015) Virginia is building the first state-level system for sharing cybersecurity information between the government and private industry to prepare for and respond to hackers.     read more...
White House seeks Silicon Valley help on strong yet breakable encryption
Reuters (April 21, 2015) The Obama administration hopes Silicon Valley technologists can think of a system with strong encryption that could be pierced legally by one party without opening the door to others.     read more...
Hollywood director hits out at copyright reform opponents
Europolitics (April 21, 2015) Performers’ rights organisations say geo-blocking receives too much attention, while the issue of remuneration is sidelined.     read more...
A lot of Americans check government data online, but few think the government is good at sharing it
The Washington Post (April 21, 2015) President Obama has made a big deal about making it easier for people to access data the government collects, even signing an executive order in 2013 aimed at making so-called 'open data' the new default for government information.     read more...
Copyright could be stumbling block in trade bill
The Hill (April 20, 2015) New 'fast-track' trade legislation goes too far to protect movies, images and other intellectual property online, critics say, without adequately protecting people who use those works legitimately.     read more...
FCC votes to proceed with 3.5GHz free access scheme
Telegeography (April 20, 2015) The FCC voted to proceed with offering commercial telecoms operators free access to additional wireless frequencies in the 3.5GHz-3.7GHz band.     read more...
'Safe harbour' court ruling could prevent US firms from reaching European users
Businesses (April 20, 2015) Either shared through social media or given to advertisers in exchange for the free services we use, it almost seems absurd to argue for strong data protection and privacy laws while we give so much away.     read more...
Why the FTC is taking a closer look at the sharing economy
DCInno (April 18, 2015) The FTC is planning to take a closer look at the sharing economy that startups like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, TaskRabbit and more have used technology to leverage into a multi-billion dollar industry.     read more...

Opinions & Blogs

The European Commission should think carefully before acting on FTC Google memo
Euractiv (April 21, 2015) European regulators should ignore the misleading publicity surrounding the US Federal Trade Commission’s anti-competition case against Google and concentrate on finding the facts, argues Thomas Leary.     read more...
Huawei Ceo says Chinese cybersecurity rules could backfire
Reuters (April 21, 2015) China can only ensure its information security in the long run if it keeps its market open to the best technology products, be they foreign or domestic, Huawei's rotating chief executive Eric Xu says.     read more...
Is Android a threat to privacy?
BlogActiv (April 20, 2015) The EC investigation of Android has implications for privacy as well as antitrust.     read more...
Nokia: 'Nous devions fusionner pour mieux investir', explique Michel Combes, DG d’Alcatel-Lucent
L'Usine Digitale (April 17, 2015) The acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent by the Finnish Nokia has surprised everyone. Michel Combes, the CEO of Alcatel-Lucent explained this choice and its consequences.     read more...
Oettinger's blog: How do we future-proof Europe's broadband connectivity?
European Commission (April 17, 2015) More than ever, Europe needs adequate connectivity. This is true for each and every citizen. And this is also true for industry, for businesses, whatever their size, for schools, research and innovation centres, for public services across Europe, and so on.     read more...

Digital Economy

TV drive Telekom Austria growth
Broadband TV (April 22, 2015) Telekom Austria saw its net income more than double year-on-year in the first quarter, up from €40.8 million to €92.7 million.     read more...
Google enters US wireless service market
Financial Times (April 22, 2015) Google made its entry into the mobile communications business on Wednesday with a limited test in the US of a service under which customers pay based on the amount of data they use.     read more...
Slovak Telekom IPO price values it at €2bn
Total Telecom (April 21, 2015) Slovak Telekom priced its upcoming initial public offering (IPO) at between €17.7 and €23.6 per share, valuing the company at up to €2 billion.     read more...
Verizon reports strong Q1 postpaid customer growth
Total Telecom (April 21, 2015) U.S. operator adds 565,000 contract customers; 70% of postpaid base is on 4G tariffs.     read more...
Tele2 mobile service revenue grows 10% in Q1
Telecompaper (April 21, 2015) Tele2 reported first-quarter sales up 6 percent to SEK 6.512 billion, led by continued growth in its mobile customer base and demand for data services.     read more...
Google lobbying spending reached new high in early 2015
Reuters (April 21, 2015) Google Inc, already one of Washington's biggest spenders, set a company record for its lobbying activity in the first quarter of 2015 when it spent $5.5 million.     read more...
Altice gets EU OK for Portugal Telecom buy, must sell existing ops
Total Telecom (April 20, 2015) The European Commission has given the go-ahead to Altice's planned €7.4 billion acquisition of Portugal Telecom's domestic operations provided it sells its existing Portuguese businesses.     read more...
Liberty Global agrees €1.3bn deal to buy Base
Financial Times (April 20, 2015) Liberty Global has agreed to acquire a mobile operator for the first time, paying €1.33bn for Belgium’s third-largest mobile operator Base.     read more...
America Movil shareholders OK towers spin-off
Total Telecom (April 20, 2015) America Movil's shareholders have approved the company's plan to spin off its mobile towers into a separate entity.     read more...
Why Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable may be in deep trouble
The Washington Post (April 20, 2015) Comcast's massive $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable appears headed into rocky regulatory waters.     read more...

Technology Trends

Facebook starts testing mobile calling app 'Hello'
Reuters (April 22, 2015) Facebook said it started testing its mobile calling app 'Hello' on Android, which allows users to connect with Facebook to see the identity and information about callers even if the number is not saved on the phone.     read more...
Scientists have figured out how to tell when someone is an online troll
The Washington Post (April 22, 2015) What if there was a software that could predict if a user was going to be a troll before their behavior could tear online communities apart?     read more...
Innovative Ict infrastructure is the foundation of a better connected smart nation
Huawei (April 21, 2015) Huawei Rotating CEO shares vision and strategy for an ICT-empowered smart nation.     read more...
Humanoid robot starts work at Japanese department store
Reuters (April 20, 2015) Dressed in a kimono and smiling, Aiko Chihira greets shoppers at the entrance of Tokyo's Mitsukoshi department store. But Chihira is no regular employee, she is a humanoid robot.     read more...
Verizon breaks up its bundle to give consumers more choice
The Washington Post (April 17, 2015) Verizon is moving closer to unraveling the cable bundle with new skinny packages of channels that can be designed based on a customer's interests.     read more...

Focus on

Increasing broadband investment and innovation - Views from both sides of the Atlantic
Washington, DC (April 28, 2015)
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is currently examining its policies regarding technology transitions and has just adopted rules regulating broadband service providers as common carriers, moving the industry to a restrictive utility-style approach. Europe is dealing with similar debates as the EU institutions finalise rules on net neutrality and roaming. This joint workshop with the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO), featuring two separate panel discussions, will address steps the industry is taking on both sides of the Atlantic.     read more...


How Deutsche Telekom views new 5G network architectures
(April 13, 2015)

Press Releases

Cable Europe sets out position on key areas of the DSM Strategy (April 22, 2015)
Cable Europe has outlined its position on a number of policy areas central to its role in the European Commission’s upcoming work on the Digital Single Market strategy.

Deutsche Telekom is searching for the best Internet of Things solutions for business (April 20, 2015)
Deutsche Telekom announces the second edition of its international Business Wall of Fame contest.

2015 eircom Junior Spider Award Winners Announced (April 20, 2015)
The projects, websites and digital creativity of the next generation of coders was celebrated at the 2015 eircom Junior Spider Awards.

TIM and Sky launch fibre-optic TV (April 16, 2015)
The fibre-optic cable TV lands in Italy as part of a strategic partnership between Telecom Italia and Sky.

Elisa's Interim Report January–March 2015 (April 16, 2015)
Revenue amounted to EUR 381 million, EBITDA was EUR 129 million and EBIT was EUR 76 million.


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10 surprising cyber security facts that may affect your online safety

Source: Visualistan

Next Week

Digital Regulation Forum (April 27-29, 2015)
London, UK

Telco Cloud Forum (April 27-29, 2015)
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M2M Conference (April 28-29, 2015)
London, UK

Smart to future cities 2015 (April 28-29, 2015)
London, UK

TV Connect World Forum 2015 (April 28-30, 2015)
London, UK


5th European Data Protection Days
Berlin, DE (May 4-5, 2015)

International Telecoms Week
Chicago, Il Usa (May 10-13, 2015)

Ovum Industry Congress 2015 London, UK
London, UK (May 12-13, 2015)

DataCloud Europe 2015
Monaco, MC (June 3-4, 2015)

MVNO's Industry Summit LATAM 2015
Mexico City, Mex (June 16-17, 2015)

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