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November 19

European Policies

Getting the Digital Single Market off the ground: the next steps forward
European Commission Blog- Andrus Ansip (Nov 18, 2015) Six months ago, I presented our plan for building a Digital Single Market for Europe. Since then, we haven't been sitting still. We now need to get things properly moving.     read more...
CCS’s yearly forecast sees telecoms mergers and rise of wearables
The Financial Times (Nov 19, 2015) CCS appears on relatively safe ground with a forecast that the European telecoms market could consolidate into six or seven major telecom providers by 2025, with companies including Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Vodafone, CK Hutchison, Altice and TeliaSonera expected to lead the deal making.     read more...
How should telco regulation evolve? Notes from TelecomsEU hearing
Google Doc (Nov 11, 2015) Richard Feasey outlines his ideas on possible policy options when reforming European telecoms policies     read more...
Italy set to pull ahead of Brussels on online platform regulation
Euractiv (Nov 19, 2015) A vote next week in the Italian Parliament could create Europe's first regulation on online platforms. The MP who proposed the bill is meeting officials in Brussels this week while the European Commission considers drafting its own legislation.     read more...
Telenor appoints Denmark CEO, still considering its future in market
Total Telecom (Nov 19, 2015) Operators that do not simplify their businesses will face a difficult future in Denmark, Jesper Hansen warns.     read more...
La CNMC fuerza a Telefónica a compartir su red de fibra
Cinco Dias (Nov 19, 2015) Tras conocerse la noticia, la teleco mandó un comunicado en el que anunciaba que pone “en revisión” sus planes de despliegue en fibra a la espera de una lectura en “profundidad” de la resolución de la CNMC.     read more...
Europe, Shaken by Paris Attacks, Weighs Security With Privacy Rights
The New York Times (Nov 18, 2015) As France comes to terms with its deadliest domestic attack since World War II, attention has quickly turned to whether European governments need to reassess how they collect, manage and use people’s digital footprint.     read more...
MEPs give digital firms hard time on tax
Politico (Nov 16, 2015) Digital companies continue to get a rough ride from the EU.Following a European Commission decision to open an investigation into Google for allegedly breaching antitrust rules, EU lawmakers Monday targeted 11 companies — including Google, Facebook and Amazon — for their tax policies in Europe.     read more...
Small telcos and consumer groups team up against former monopolies
Euractiv (Nov 17, 2015) Small telecoms, and consumers and civil liberties advocates launched the NetCompetition alliance on Monday (16 November), at the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) conference in Brussels.     read more...
Dutch Supreme Court seeks European clarification on Pirate Bay
Reuters (Nov 13, 2015) The Dutch Supreme Court referred a landmark case against the file-sharing website Pirate Bay to the European Court of Justice on Friday, a move that could lead to a precedent in efforts to curtail the sharing of copyrighted movies and music online.     read more...
Les enchères pour les fréquences télécoms s'annoncent en or pour l'Etat
L'AGEFI Quotidien (Nov 16, 2015) Le mécanisme devrait rapporter plus que le prix de réserve de 2,5 milliards d'euros. Les opérateurs ont besoin de ces fréquences pour la 4G.     read more...
Ofcom lifts wholesale obligation on Sky Sports
Total Telecom (Nov 19, 2015) Ofcom on Thursday lifted the 'wholesale must offer' (WMO) rule that requires Sky to supply Sky Sports 1 and 2 to rival TV providers at a regulated price, a decision met with consternation by BT.     read more...

US & Global Policies

Safe Harbor 2.0 framework begins to capsize as January deadline nears
Ars Technica (Nov 16, 2015) In a letter sent to the European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Věra Jourová, and to the US Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker, the 20 EU and 14 US NGOs instead urge the politicians "to commit to a comprehensive modernization of privacy and data protection laws on both sides of the Atlantic.     read more...
The FCC’s Open Internet order: A cautionary tale for regulators
The Digital Post (Nov 12, 2015) The FCC’s decision to adopt utility-style regulation to the Internet is resulting in less investment and reduced deployment and it will inevitably lead to less robust competition in the broadband market, argues Brendan Carr, legal advisor to FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai.     read more...
‘We were not ready for this’
Politico (Nov 17, 2015) The European obsession with data privacy is about to run headlong into the demands of national security.     read more...
The FCC’s Unforced Error
Recode (Nov 16, 2015) When Chairman Tom Wheeler and the four FCC commissioners appear before Congress on Tuesday, they will have to answer questions about the commission’s penchant for exceeding its lawful authority, skirting procedural niceties, and generally refusing to play fair.     read more...
Blaming Snowden for Paris
Politico (Nov 17, 2015) Friday’s attacks are reopening the debate on whether intelligence leaks and encryption have made it too easy for terrorists to hide online.     read more...
Encrypted Messaging Apps Face New Scrutiny Over Possible Role in Paris Attacks
The New York Times (Nov 17, 2015) The attack has revived vitriolic arguments between American intelligence officials and Silicon Valley over whether the government should be given the keys to decode “end-to-end” encryption technology.     read more...
Dangerous Waters in Safe Harbor: EU-U.S. Safe Harbor for Data Transfer is Safe No More
The National Law Review (Nov 18, 2015) While this creates a massive upset on how US companies do business, there are clear guidelines on actions to take in order to comply with the EU Data Protection Directive going forward.     read more...

Blogs & Opinions

Les cyberattaques isolées contre Daesh ne sont pas forcément efficaces... Mais conjointes ?
L'Usine Digitale (Nov 18, 2015) Depuis les attentats qui ont frappé Paris le 13 novembre, des cyberattaques ciblent l'Etat Islamique, notamment les comptes Twitte liés à l'organisation terroriste. Mais ces opérations sont-elles vraiment efficaces ? Rien n'est moins sûr…     read more...
The Annual Data Summit analyses how we can maximise the full potential of the digital wave in Europe
Telefonica Blog (Nov 17, 2015) Digitalisation has transformed our society and our economy, with digital technologies forming a fundamental part of all our industries. The ever growing data produced, offers huge business opportunities and social improvements, giving us better knowledge of consumers, their needs and behaviour.     read more...
WSIS+10 Series: Reflections on the Internet Governance Forum
LSE Media Policy Project Blog (Nov 13, 2015) With the mandate of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) up for renewal in December this year, the 10th annual IGF taking place this week in João Pessoa, Brazil, is happening at an interesting time for the future of the Internet governance landscape.     read more...
Saving the climate and driving economic growth at the speed of light.
ETNO ThinkDigital Blog Post (Oct 19, 2015) ETNO is well aware of the importance of the outcome of the UN Climate Change Conference COP21, on which great expectations are placed by businesses, governments and civil society. COP21 is expected to mark a milestone in the global fight against climate change.     read more...
Telefónica muestra la transformación hacia una ciudad 100% conectada en el smart city expo world congress 2015 de Barcelona
Telefonica Blog (Nov 12, 2015) Telefónica presenta en la edición 2015 del Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) algunas de las soluciones más innovadoras del mundo para llevar a cabo la transformación de las ciudades hacia unas auténticas urbes conectadas.     read more...

Digital Economy

Telefónica and Huawei sign a strategic MoU to define the requirements of future 5G networks
Huawei (Nov 17, 2015) Based on the MoU, which was inked in Hong Kong on Nov.5, the two companies will undertake joint evaluation and research into the requirements of a 5G network environment investigating the 5G network architecture needed to deliver the ambition of superlative data connection speeds with low latency.     read more...
France raises €2.8bn from 700-MHz sale
Total Telecom (Nov 18, 2015) Orange, Free Mobile win most spectrum in French auction, positions on frequency band yet to be determined.     read more...
Telefónica to focus on fixed, mobile video services
RCR Wireless News (Nov 17, 2015) Within the next five years, Spanish telecommunications operator Telefónica will focus its efforts on the development of mobile technology in order to improve the quality of its video offering in its mobile and fixed networks.     read more...
Enabling high end connected car features for everyone - TeliaSonera unwraps smart solution for connecting your car
Teliasonera (Nov 19, 2015) As the first operator in the world, TeliaSonera is introducing a cloud based solution enabling high end car features for the cars of today and tomorrow.     read more...
Ericsson predicts 150m 5G subscriptions by 2021
Total Telecom (Nov 17, 2015) There will be 150 million 5G subscriptions worldwide by 2021, just one year after the first networks are expected to go live, predicted Ericsson on Tuesday.     read more...
Liberty Global to buy C&W for $8.2 billion
Total Telecom (Nov 17, 2015) Liberty Global has agreed to buy Cable & Wireless Communications in a cash and stock deal worth around US$8.2 billion     read more...
Microsoft building data centers in Germany that US government can’t touch
Ars Technica (Nov 12, 2015) Microsoft has launched a new kind of cloud service in Germany where user data is controlled by a "data trustee" operating under German law. Microsoft is unable to access user data without the permission of the data trustee or the customer, even if it is instructed to do so by the US government.     read more...
Vodafone Netherlands tests LTE CA with 5GHz unlicensed band
Telecom Paper (Nov 18, 2015) Ericsson, Vodafone and Qualcomm have conducted the world's first live testing of advanced LTE Carrier Aggregation (CA) of LTE in licensed and unlicensed bands on a commercial mobile network.     read more...
Connected Car: Regulatory Renewal for the Next Great Device
NewEurope (Nov 5, 2015) More and more drivers across the globe understand what a connected car enables them to do – from voice-controlled apps and infotainment to advanced diagnostics.     read more...
Revolution in UK is paramount to deliver broadband consensus
The Financial Times (Nov 15, 2015) If there is one thing on which pretty much everyone agrees, it is that Britain needs faster broadband.     read more...

Technology Trends

Top Mobile Trends to Watch in 2016
Campus Technology (Nov 10, 2015) Two visionary IT experts discuss the biggest trends in mobile for the coming year, from 3D touch and virtual reality to wearables and the Internet of Things.     read more...
Why YouTube Music could be bigger than Spotify
USA Today (Nov 14, 2015) YouTube's new stand-alone music app debuted this week, and while you may not have heard of it, or even downloaded it yet, don't worry--you will.     read more...
YouTube Kids app hits 10 million downloads as it expands overseas
Mashable (Nov 18, 2015) The app is free on Android and iOS devices, with advertisements — which run in between videos — helping drive revenue.     read more...
Android Wear's first luxury smartwatch is the $1,500 Tag Heuer Connected Watch
Nov 9, 2015 (The Verge) Inside, the Connected features Intel processing power, which is a departure from the Qualcomm chips that are found in most Android Wear watches so far.     read more...
Is it worth buying a silent, fanless PC?
The Guardian (Nov 19, 2015) Recent innovations in the PC market have been devoted to producing cheaper fanless PCs, though that wasn’t actually the goal. The focus was on producing thinner laptops and tablets, but these have huge problems dissipating heat. Intel tackled this problem by gradually reducing the amount of power its chips consume.     read more...

Focus on

The Industrial Internet Era, a Politico event presented by ETNO
Brussels (November 26, 2015)

Don't miss out this chance. Register for the event!     read more...


Connectivity: The key to growth in Europe. Interview to Steven Tas
(Oct 13, 2015)

Press Releases

Deutsche Telekom Pushes Smart City Transformation in Europe (Nov 16, 2015)
Deutsche Telekom launches white paper “Connected Cities” at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, November 17 to 19

Enabling high end connected car features for everyone - TeliaSonera unwraps smart solution for connecting your car (Nov 19, 2015)
As the first operator in the world, TeliaSonera is introducing a cloud based solution enabling high end car features for the cars of today and tomorrow.

Orange is proud to obtain two blocks of 700MHz in French spectrum auction (Nov 17, 2015)
Orange welcomes the results of the spectrum auction in France and is proud to announce that it has obtained two blocks of 5MHz, or a total of 10Mhz, in the 700Mhz band.

Swisscom appeals Competition Commission decision (Nov 19, 2015)
'We believe that our conduct was correct', says Swisscom’s CEO Urs Schaeppi. 'We put a priority on compliance with the Federal Cartel Act'.

Telefónica strengthens its Big Data capabilities with the integration of Synergic Partners (Nov 12, 2015)
Synergic Partners is a Spanish consulting firm specialising in advanced data analytics and a pioneer in the development of Big Data strategic solutions worldwide.


Deutsche Telekom's Cyber Security Report
Deutsche Telekom (Nov 17, 2015)

Ericsson Mobility Report
Ericsson (November 2015)

India to Become World’s Second-Largest Internet User Base
Internet and Mobile Association of India (November 2015)

The mobile distribution report
BI Intelligence (November 2015)

2016 Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card
Tenable Network Security (Nov 17, 2015)


Increasing customer loyalty on mobile


Next Week

Mobile Convention Brussels (Nov 24, 2015)

The Industrial Internet Era (Nov 26, 2015)

Cloud Asia World Forum (Nov 24 - 25, 2015)
Hong Kong

Wi-Fi Innovation Summit Europe (Nov 24 - 26, 2015)

Cloud Law European Summit (Nov 26, 2015)


IoT Security Foundation Conference
London (Dec 1, 2015)

12th Annual Summit on Mobile Healthcare
Toronto (Jan 26 - 27, 2016)

Mobile World Congress
Barcelona (Feb 22 - 25, 2016)

FTTH Conference 2016
Luxembourg (Feb 16 - 18, 2016)

MobileTech Conference Spring 2016
Munich (Mar 14 - 17, 2016)

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