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Thursday Jan 29, 2015

European Policy

Joint Open Internet Statement: Choice, quality, innovation and investment in an Open Internet
ETNO (Jan 26, 2015) The Open Internet is critical to the development of society as a whole. The European electronic communications industry is at the forefront of its development and invests heavily in quality networks and services, in the context of highly competitive markets.     read more...
Europe's telecoms heavyweights call for lighter 'net neutrality' rules
Reuters (Jan 26, 2015) The European Union should not force telecoms operators to treat all the traffic on their networks equally as it crafts rules on 'net neutrality', several industry bodies said.     read more...
ETNO: Reforming ePrivacy, improving consumer rights
ETNO (Jan 28, 2015) In today’s fast-moving world of technology, we are often confronted with examples of legislation for our sector which are no longer fit for purpose, having been conceived in a different era.     read more...
European operators and cable companies advocate for an Open Internet
Telefonica (Jan 28, 2015) The major European Internet Service and broadband providers have released a Joint Open Internet Statement.     read more...
EU telecom lobby groups oppose ban on zero rating
Telecompaper (Jan 27, 2015) The EU's main telecom lobby groups have issued a joint statement opposing a ban on 'zero rating'.     read more...
European industry bodies call for Open Internet
Advanced Television (Jan 28, 2015) A coalition of European communications industry trade bodies has stressed the importance for the sector of promoting real choice and quality for all customers, nurturing innovation and fostering network investment.     read more...
Mobile roaming fees should remain until 2018
Reuters (Jan 28, 2015) Mobile operators such as Vodafone and Orange would be allowed to continue levying roaming charges over the next three years, according to an EU document, defying European lawmakers' proposal to scrap the fees by the end of this year.     read more...
EU ministers drop talks on greater spectrum coordination
Telecompaper (Jan 26, 2015) The Latvian presidency of the EU has proposed abandoning negotiations on further coordination of EU spectrum policy.     read more...
Presidency proposes free roaming quota
Europolitics (Jan 28, 2015) The new compromise would aim to introduce a regulated quota of roaming without surcharges.     read more...
Data protection: Buttarelli sets out his priorities
Europolitics (Jan 28, 2015) The European data protection supervisor calls upon the member states to adopt a more focused approach to PNR     read more...
EC VP: Copyright restricts Single Digital Market
Advanced Television (Jan 22, 2015) Andrus Ansip has suggested that Europe’s rules on copyright need to be updated to make them fit for the digital age.     read more...
La CE confía en que la reforma de protección de datos esté lista este año
Negocios (Jan 28, 2015) Andrus Ansip and Commissioner for Justice, Consumer and Gender Equality, Vera Jourová, relied that reform of legislation Community data protection be completed this year.     read more...
Bruxelles détaille son 'agenda numérique'
Le Monde (Jan 28, 2015) The digital agenda is one of the priorities of the European Commission, headed by Jean-Claude Juncker. He wants to present it before the summer.     read more...
Less conservative and more pro-active regulator
Europolitics (Jan 26, 2015) Exclusive interview with Fatima Barros, BEREC chair.     read more...
Boost from ministers for neutrality and roaming
Europolitics (Jan 22, 2015) Commissioner Oettinger says he hasthe member states' blessing to wrap up the current telecoms package and prepare the next one in May.     read more...

Global Policy

China puts cybersecurity squeeze on US technology companies
The Guardian (Jan 29, 2015) US business lobbies have responded with alarm after China’s government moved to force American companies selling technology to Chinese banks to hand over their software secrets and adopt encryption algorithms dictated by Beijing.     read more...
The battle for America’s broadband: The Internet debate taking the country by storm
Salon (Jan 25, 2015) As cities clamor to bolster their Internet connectivity, an ideological debate is brewing over how to get it done.     read more...
Why you should care that the FCC is trying to redefine broadband
Gizmodo (Jan 24, 2015) The FCC is trying to redefine 'broadband' as "internet which is actually fast enough to use", and telecoms companies don't like that one little bit.     read more...
Reactionary regulators vs. the Internet
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 25, 2015) When the Internet fully opened for commercial use during the Clinton administration, there was a remarkable bipartisan consensus that this new innovation should be permissionless     read more...
Privacy tsar to EC: Wrap up EU-US data exchange talks quickly or else
Techworld (Jan 28, 2015) The European Commission must soon strike a deal to regulate personal data transfers of EU citizens to the U.S., Germany's federal data protection commissioner warned, saying further delays could trigger a suspension of those transfers, with dire economic consequences.     read more...
Willis aborda en Barcelona la magnitud y el peligro de los delitos informáticos
Grupo Aseguranza (Jan 26, 2015) Willis Iberia met in Barcelona entrepreneurs and institutions to address the magnitude and danger of cybercrime, as evidenced by the recent cyber attacks to SonyPictures, Orange and Editorial Unit.     read more...
Die Telekom verdreht die Argumente
Handelslblatt (Jan 27, 2015) Interview with Vodafone Germany CEO about the market power of large competitor, the projects of his company in 2015 and the desire to divide the Internet into quality classes.     read more...
Net neutrality: 'Zero rating' banned in Slovenia
Europolitics (Jan 26, 2015) The Slovenian regulator bans two operators from favouring cloud storage and music streaming services, adding fuel to the Council's debate.     read more...
U.S. FCC warns against blocking personal Wi-Fi access
Reuters (Jan 27, 2015) The U.S. Federal Communications Commission warned hotels and other entities against blocking personal Wi-Fi access, or hot spots, saying it was illegal and could incur heavy fines.     read more...
Turkey proposes tighter internet law, pursues Twitter critic
Reuters (Jan 22, 2015) Turkey is pressing new legislation allowing ministers to temporarily ban websites and forcing Twitter to block an anonymous whistleblower as part of President Tayyip Erdogan's campaign to bring the internet to heel.     read more...
AT&T, Verizon fight to exclude mobile from Obama’s web rules
Bloomberg (Jan 27, 2015) Wireless carriers led by AT&T and Verizon are fighting to keep mobile broadband service excluded from strong open-Internet regulations backed by President Barack Obama.     read more...
How to avoid Spectrum crunch
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 22, 2015) America has enormous infrastructure needs that will require the federal government, together with local governments, to make significant, high-value investments in mobile broadband communications.     read more...
Hacktivists step up web attack volumes
BBC (Jan 27, 2015) Hacktivists and gamers are becoming big users of net attacks that knock sites offline by bombarding them with data, suggests a report.     read more...
Data protection regulation and the dangers to medical research
The Digital Post (Jan 27, 2015) The draft Data Protection Regulation (DPR), as it has been amended by the European Parliament, would seriously impair Europe’s competitiveness in medical research and innovation.     read more...

Digital Economy

Why are telecom operators unable to profit from the resurgence of Dotcom companies?
Telefonica (Jan 22, 2015) Internet businesses seem to know how to create and deliver value, and how to monetize that value. And this translates into a continuous increase in stock value, especially of the most eminent exponents referred to above.     read more...
Portugal Telecom shareholders approve EUR 7.4 bn sale to Altice
EUBusiness (Jan 22, 2015) Portugal Telecom shareholders on Thursday overwhelmingly approved the 7.4-billion-euro ($8.4 billion) sale of the operator's Portuguese assets to France's Altice.     read more...
Orange goes on the hunt for the next big thing
Total Telecom (Jan 23, 2015) Orange has launched a venture capital division that aims to identify and fund promising tech start-ups.     read more...
EE to dispose of Orange brand ahead of BT’s £12.5bn takeover
Financial Times (Jan 23, 2015) The Orange and T-Mobile brands in the UK will be phased out ahead of the acquisition of Britain’s biggest mobile group, EE, in a £12.5bn takeover by BT.     read more...
Telefónica’s O2 sale sees it switch focus to Brazil
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 23, 2015) Telefónica's retreat from the U.K. market would see the Spanish telecom giant pivoting further toward South America, where it is trying to cement its leading position in another fast-changing market: Brazil.     read more...
Verizon CFO Fran Shammo reiterates the dangers of Title II for jobs and investment
Verizon (Jan 22, 2015) Verizon announced its Q4 earnings results, and Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo was asked by an analyst about the impact that Title II regulation would have if applied to broadband service.     read more...
Un secteur des télécommunications en pleine ébullition
Les Echos (Jan 26, 2015) If 2014 was a turbulent year in telecoms in Europe, 2015 promises to be an equally vibrant vintage.     read more...
Google’s next telecom move: becoming a wireless carrier
The Information (Jan 21, 2015) Google is preparing to sell mobile phone plans directly to customers and manage their calls and mobile data over a cellular network, according to three people with knowledge of the plans.     read more...
Verizon warns on Google mobile plans
Financial Times (Jan 22, 2015) Google’s plan to sell mobile phone packages directly to consumers runs the risk of leaving millions with a substandard service, the largest US telecoms group has warned.     read more...
L'espace, nouvelle frontière des géants du Web américain
Le Figaro (Jan 23, 2015) US Internet groups have eyes riveted to the sky because they know that their future is no longer only on their land. More than fifteen years after the creation of Google, ten years after that of Facebook, the Web giants have conquered most Internet users in the West and their progression margin is shrinking.     read more...
Netflix predicts that it will wrap up its global expansion in two years
Techcrunch (Jan 20, 2015) In the shareholder letter accompanying its most recent earnings report, the company writes, 'We now believe we can complete our global expansion over the next two years.'     read more...
Apple announces record quarterly revenues of USD 75 bln
Telecompaper (Jan 28, 2015) Apple posted record quarterly revenue of USD 74.6 billion for its fiscal first quarter to December, up from USD 57.6 billion a year earlier.     read more...
Facebook earnings rise on mobile growth
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 28, 2015) Facebook isn’t signing up new users the way it once did, but the social network is generating a lot more revenue from each user.     read more...
Nokia Networks and SK Telecom pair up on millimeter-wave 5G
Gigaom (Jan 22, 2015) Nokia Networks and South Korean carrier SK Telecom have signed a new collaboration deal around the development of 5G, which will see the companies work on the mobile broadband technology at SK’s Bundang facility near Seoul.     read more...
Sony to cut 1,000 additional jobs in smartphone operations
Bloomberg (Jan 28, 2015) Sony plans to eliminate another 1,000 jobs in its smartphone operations as the company cuts costs to try to return the business to profit, according to a person familiar with the matter.     read more...

Tech & Services

World Economic Forum – who do we trust in a post-Snowden digital world? (part 1)
Diginomica (Jan 23, 2015) Do you trust Marc Benioff’s company Salesforce to handle your personal data?     read more...
World Economic Forum – who do we trust in a post-Snowden digital world? (part 2)
Diginomica (Jan 23, 2015) 3 US CEOS – Salesforce’s Marc Benioff, Yahoo!’s Marissa Mayer and Liberty Global’s Mike Fries – tackled issues of trust in the age of the cloud and the internet of everything.     read more...
The big data mistake in the Internet of Things
Forbes (Jan 27, 2015) It is hugely fashionable just now to “partner on an IoT initiative” and you will see these tech industry love-ins cropping up every week now.     read more...
Technology does not possess a divine right
Financial Times (Jan 25, 2015) The technology industry likes to regard itself as the future while governments and rival industries remain stuck in the past.     read more...
Google Ceo: ‘The Internet will disappear’
Business Insider (Jan 25, 2015) Google’s chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt was asked about the future of the web during a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.     read more...
Why Microsoft is willing to give away Windows 10
The Motley Fool (Jan 28, 2015) The majority of the iPhone and iPad user base all use the most recent version of iOS. Android, comparatively, is highly fragmented.     read more...
Microsoft is bringing Windows 10 to all compatible Lumia devices
Techi (Jan 26, 2015) Now that Microsoft has acquired Nokia’s handset division and is currently working on what is shaping up to be the company’s most impressive operating system ever, Microsoft might actually have a shot at becoming a major player in the mobile market.     read more...
Top 10 Internet law developments of 2014
Forbes (Jan 23, 2015) It’s time for my annual recap of the top Internet Law developments of the year.     read more...
It’s time to lay firm foundations for a flexible future
Telecoms (Jan 23, 2015) There’s no denying that the telecommunications industry is at a crossroads. With revenues from core services at a standstill, most are facing a stark choice – move into new markets or accept a controlled decline into eventual oblivion.     read more...
Google fiber expands into South Eastern U.S.
The Time (Jan 27, 2015) Google’s high-speed broadband service will soon be available to consumers in four metropolitan areas in the Southeastern U.S.     read more...
Spanish court orders Google to respect right to be forgotten
Europolitics (Jan 26, 2015) Google must delete links, in line with EU case law of May 2014     read more...
Apple watch coming in April, Cook says
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 27, 2015) Apple Watch is coming in April. That was the message from Apple Ceo Tim Cook, as he clarified the timing of the company’s first all-new product since it introduced the iPad in 2010.     read more...
Good technology, mobile management and IPO ambitions
Forbes (Jan 28, 2015) Question: With mobile use becoming ubiquitous, is mobile device management (MDM) best delivered as part of a broader management and security platform, or is it sufficient to have simply a standalone MDM tool?     read more...
Mobile BI success: having the right technology helps, but isn't enough
Forrester (Jan 28, 2015) Between 2012 and 2014, mobile BI adoption shot up: Forrester survey data shows that the percentage of technology decision-makers who make some BI applications available on mobile devices has nearly quadrupled.     read more...
Misfit aims to control smart home
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 28, 2015) The Misfit Flash fitness tracker is set to become a wearable button that sends simple commands to apps and devices such as Spotify and the August Smart Loc.     read more...

Focus on

ETNO Digital Interview - Net Neutrality: 'We need balance, proportionality and common sense'
Brussels (Jan 29, 2015)
J. Scott Marcus talks to us about his very timely study entitled 'Network Neutrality Revisited: Challenges and Responses in the EU and Us'. The study was prepared for the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee (IMCO) and was intended to be a preparatory exercise for what the EP rightly sees as very important issue. It was done by the EP’s policy department, which prepares some of the best and most objective studies around.     read more...


EU’s Oettinger sees compromise on possible Google tax
(Jan 19, 2015)

Press Releases

Deutsche Telekom: Ten-points program for increased cyber security (Jan 28, 2015)
Extensive surveillance by foreign intelligence services as well as the ever-increasing amount of cyber crime are endangering digital development.

TeliaSonera year-end report January–December 2014 (Jan 29, 2015)
TeliaSonera maintained an EBITDA margin despite some revenue headwind.

Proximus and Huawei innovate together to enhance the customer experience (Jan 21, 2015)
Proximus and Huawei today launched a strategic partnership focused on innovation that matters to customers.

Telefónica enters into exclusive negotiations with Hutchison Whampoa to sell O2 UK for £10.25 billion (Jan 23, 2015)
Telefónica has entered into an exclusivity agreement with Hutchison Whampoa in relation to Hutchison’s potential acquisition of O2 UK.

Swisscom Emergency Service: state-of-the-art technology increases safety for the elderly (Jan 26, 2015)
The Swisscom Emergency Service provides an enhanced emergency alert device for use at home.


Network Neutrality Revisited: Challenges and Responses in the EU and in the US
European Commission (December 2014)

Mapping of Broadband and Infrastructure Study - SMART 2012/0022
European Commission (Jan 27, 2015)

IDC: Internet of Things to dramatically transform manufacturers products, services and operations in 2015
IDC (Jan 26, 2015)

Asia - Telecom Forecasts
Budde (January 2015)

70 per cent of consumers swayed by mobile ads in 2014
Mobile Magazine (Jan 23, 2015)


Big Data trends for 2015

Source: Big Data Analytics

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