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Thursday Jan 22, 2015

European Policies

EU leaders reach net neutrality compromise
Telecompaper (Jan 22, 2015) EU leaders have reached a compromise on the proposed net neutrality legislation, the Financial Times reports.     read more...
Agitation à Bruxelles autour de l’Europe du numérique
Les Echos (Jan 21, 2015) In Brussels, EU ministers are trying to save the reform of EU telecoms.     read more...
EU considers taxing Google, other U.S. Internet firms
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 19, 2015) The European Union is considering imposing a tax on U.S. Internet companies such as Google as part of a new plan to build a single digital market across the region, EU digital chief Günther Oettinger said.     read more...
E.U. official urges Google to offer greater concessions in antitrust inquiry
The New York Times (Jan 20, 2015) One of Europe’s top policy makers on Tuesday called on Google to offer more concessions in a long-standing antitrust investigation that the search giant is facing in the European Union.     read more...
Ansip: 'Digital Single Market strategy will be ready in May'
Euractiv (Jan 16, 2015) Andrus Ansip, the European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, says he will launch a new digital strategy this Spring, including milestones and methods for monitoring progress effectively in the member states.     read more...
EC to present digital single market plan in H1
Telecompaper (Jan 21, 2015) Reliable and safe access to the internet is of crucial importance to the EU economy, according to EU commissioner and vice chair Andrus Ansip.     read more...
Spain digital strategy as an inspiration for Europe?
The Digital Post (Jan 7, 2015) The combined efforts of promoting the digital sector and a sound tax policy appear to be stimulants that are helping Spain’s economy recover.     read more...
Oettinger playing ‘catch-up’ on EU digital infrastructure
Euractiv (Jan 15, 2015) During a visit to Berlin, Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger called for increased investment in Europe’s digital infrastructure, explaining that the economy alone will not be able to close the significant investment gap.     read more...
Günther Oettinger ist gegen Google und für eine “Netzneutralität”
Netzpolitik (Jan 20, 2015) Can some companies send their data faster through the Internet if they pay extra? Oettinger spoke out against it.     read more...
Neues EU-Gesetz soll Erfinder schützen
Die Welt (Jan 18, 2015) Günther Oettinger has big plans. He wants to fundamentally reform European copyright law and protect values of the Internet better.     read more...
Council of Ministers to mull the Telecoms Single Market bill: a clear chance to lobby
Telecom TV (Jan 20, 2015) The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) which, amongst other things organises the Eurovision Song Contest (above), is supporting a - perhaps final - push in support of European net neutrality as the Council of Ministers prepares to sit down to an informal dinner (as you do) before getting down to brass tacks tomorrow to discuss the crucial Telecoms Single Market legislation.     read more...
EU near agreement on roam like home allowance
Telecompaper (Jan 19, 2015) The EU is nearing an agreement on giving mobile customers a fair-use allowance for roaming in the EU at the same cost as national communications.     read more...
German minister hopes to bury EU roaming fees
Euractiv (Jan 20, 2015) The European Commission and Parliament have long been pushing for a removal of EU roaming fees. But a recent move by German Transportation Minister Alexander Dobrindt could bring Europe closer to phasing out costs for mobile phone users in other EU member states.     read more...
Konzept für gemeinsamen digitalen Markt im Mai
Die Welt (Jan 20, 2015) EU Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger wants to create a single digital market in Europe and present concrete plans for it in May.     read more...
Report urges internet user-friendly copyright law
Euractiv (Jan 20, 2015) EU copyright rules need to be rebalanced to give internet users more rights as compared to creators and rights holders according to a draft of European Parliament report.     read more...

Global Policies

Silicon Valley has an unfair advantage, says Deutsche Telekom CEO
Business Day Live (Jan 19, 2015) Deutsche Telekom’s Ceo went on a tear against European regulators and US technology companies for creating an unfair playing field for European telecoms firms.     read more...
Broadband industry backs GOP’s proposed net-neutrality bill
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 21, 2015) Republican legislation to head off utility-like rules over broadband Internet service won support from the industry on Wednesday, but Democrats remained skeptical, saying regulators need to use the strongest-possible hand to ensure that the Internet isn’t divided into fast and slow lanes.     read more...
Net Neutrality draft circulated
Multichannel News (Jan 16, 2015) A discussion draft of new Republican-helmed network neutrality legislation is being circulated on Capitol Hill and it would define paid prioritization.     read more...
The curious case of Angela Merkel and her EU data retention ideas
Gigaom (Jan 15, 2015) In the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on the European Commission to deliver on its “promise” of a new EU-wide data retention directive to replace the one struck down by the EU’s highest court last year.     read more...
President's broadband push pits FCC against states
CNET (Jan 17, 2015) President Obama gave the FCC his blessing to use its regulatory authority to pre-empt state laws prohibiting cities and towns from building broadband networks, but the agency will face opposition.     read more...
Congressional Democrats are itching for a fight over net neutrality
The Washington Post (Jan 21, 2015) This week the center of gravity in the net neutrality debate shifts to Capitol Hill, where hearings in both chambers are pitting Democrats against Republicans over the future of the Internet.     read more...
EU details tax case against Amazon
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 16, 2015) Amazon’s 'cosmetic' tax arrangements in Luxembourg may give the U.S. online retailer an illegal advantage over competitors, European Union regulators said, marking the latest phase of a widening crackdown on alleged sweetheart tax deals for multinationals.     read more...
Broadband: The Electricity of the 21st Century
United States Department of Commerce (Jan 15, 2015) In order to help revitalize a struggling American economy in the post-Depression 1930s, the Rural Electrification Act called for a push to electrify rural areas.     read more...
Ofcom: BT must maintain ‘margins’ to keep superfast broadband market competitive
Techweek Europe (Jan 15, 2015) Ofcom says BT can still set wholesale fibre prices but not in a way that limits superfast competition.     read more...
5G could be used for real-time holographic video, says UK’s Ofcom
Gigaom (Jan 16, 2015) 5G is very much a future thing and, despite how much various mobile industry players want to push their own ideas, it’s currently very ill-defined. Nonetheless, the regulators of the airwaves need to think ahead, and the U.K.’s Ofcom is doing just that.     read more...
Latvia attempts another compromise on cyber security
Europolitics (Jan 16, 2015) The Presidency proposes a new text to reconcile the EP and Council positions on the internet service providers that will be concerned.     read more...
The digital arms race: NSA preps America for future battle
Spiegel Online International (Jan 17, 2015) The NSA's mass surveillance is just the beginning. Documents from Edward Snowden show that the intelligence agency is arming America for future digital wars -- a struggle for control of the Internet that is already well underway.     read more...
EU: WP29 seeks reform of cross border crime data sharing treaties
Dataguidance (Jan 15, 2015) The Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (WP29) recently sent a letter ('the Letter') to the Council of Europe (CoE) outlining its views on transborder access to personal data in criminal investigations.     read more...
New York governor wants statewide 100Mbps internet by 2019
Engadget (Jan 18, 2015) With a $1 billion plan, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hopes to have every New Yorker hooked up to high-speed internet by 2019.     read more...
Vince Cable calls for single EU market for Netflix
The Telegraph (Jan 20, 2015) Vince Cable will risk a clash with the film and music industries by calling for the creation of a single EU market for digital services such as Netflix.     read more...

Digital Economy

Mobile technology has created 11 million jobs and $3.3 trillion in revenues
VentureBeat (Jan 15, 2015) Mobile tech generated a value chain of $3.3 trillion in revenues in 2014, according to a report by The Boston Consulting Group.     read more...
Telecoms: Mergers abound in UK
Europolitics (Jan 19, 2015) Hutchison eyes up O2, a subsidiary of Telefónica, while British Telecom targets EE, a joint venture by Orange and Deutsche Telekom.     read more...
Telefónica considers link up with Hutchison Whampoa
Financial Times (Jan 18, 2015) Telefónica, has spoken to Hutchison Whampoa about merging their British businesses as the Spanish telecommunications group considers its options after missing out on a sale of its O2 UK subsidiary to BT.     read more...
Sky in tie-up talks with Telefónica over O2
Financial Times (Jan 20, 2015) Sky has approached Telefónica about a possible alliance with the Spanish telecoms group’s British mobile phone business, a move that would push the satellite group into the rapidly reshaping European mobile market for the first time.     read more...
O2 and 3: new maths
Financial Times (Jan 19, 2015) UK mobile consolidation is set to continue, if regulators allow it.     read more...
El interés de Deutsche Telekom por comprar KPN convulsiona el mercado de la telefonía
El Economista (Jan 20, 2015) Deutsche Telekom started indirectly the last movement towards business consolidation, in this case with Dutch KPN.     read more...
Tech City businesses get access to fast broadband
Financial Times (Jan 21, 2015) Thousands of companies in Tech City — the technology hub in east London — will be able to access fast broadband in a pilot scheme that aims to address complaints that the start-up hotspot has been starved of good internet access.     read more...
China, West need to settle Telecoms dispute
Forbes (Jan 20, 2015) China and the west should sign an agreement for telecoms networking equipment trade that creates a transparent and fair playing field for fair trade while protecting national security.     read more...
China ends 2014 with nearly 1.3 bln mobile subscribers
Telecompaper (Jan 20, 2015) The number of Chinese mobile subscribers topped 1.28 billion at the end of November. China Telecom ended December with a total of 185.62 million mobile telephony subscribers, up from 184.14 million in November.     read more...
Smartphones in pipeline that offer more for less
Financial Times (Jan 16, 2015) The smartphone market is set for lots of changes this year, but big, category-changing innovations are unlikely, according to telecoms executives who have knowledge of this year’s launch plans.     read more...
Xiaomi looks overseas after winning fans in China
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 16, 2015) A top Xiaomi Corp. executive on Friday renewed the Chinese startup’s pledge to sell its fast-moving phones in Russia, Brazil and parts of Southeast Asia.     read more...
Netflix adds 13 mln subs in 2014, plans global expansion
Telecompaper (Jan 21, 2015) Netflix announced plans to accelerate its international expansion, after adding 13 million new customers in the past year.     read more...
France leads in global hotspots with over 13 mln
Telecompaper (Jan 20, 2015) iPass announced a new milestone in public Wi-Fi, with over 50 million hotspots available worldwide, up by 80 percent since 2013.     read more...
Apple buys the British startup behind music analytics service Musicmetric
The Guardian (Jan 21, 2015) Company helps record labels track digital sales, streams and social stats, and could become part of Beats Music relaunch.     read more...
IBM profit forecast, fourth-quarter revenue below estimates
Reuters (Jan 20, 2015) IBM posted a new 2015 profit target and quarterly revenue that both missed analysts' estimates,     read more...

Tech & Services

Orange Polska has launched innovative IPv6 solution with SoftAtHome
Display+ (Jan 6, 2015) Orange Polska announced at the CES the successful migration of Orange Polska’s deployed ADSL, VDSL and FTTH gateways to IPv6, thanks to an innovative Dual-Stack Lite PCP solution powered by SoftAtHome.     read more...
Lisbon pins hopes on tech startup scene
DW (Jan 19, 2015) Cheap labor and sunny weather are attracting tech investors from around the world to the Portuguese capital - transforming the city into a European startup hub. But can Lisbon dethrone Berlin as the next IT boomtown?     read more...
What innovation will bring us in 2015
Telefonica (Jan 8, 2015) One of the characteristics of modern innovation is its recombinant character. The term comes after the paper of the economist Martin Weitzman 'Recombinant Growth' where the author describes a growth model in which new ideas arise as a recombination of existing 'seed ideas'.     read more...
Where next for the Internet of things?
E&T (Jan 19, 2015) With 2015 being hailed as a potentially pivotal year for the Internet of Things, privacy could easily become a victim of the competitive forces that drive its development.     read more...
3 reasons why the Internet of Things (still) doesn’t make sense
The Washington Post (Jan 16, 2015) If there was one big buzzword out of this year’s CES, it was the 'Internet of Things.'     read more...
Facebook/Whatsapp: Competition analysis in the new Digital Economy
Telefonica (Jan 15, 2015) Last 3 of October the European Commission unconditionally approved in Phase 1 the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook. Firstly, it is surprising that a concentration affecting 1,7 billion user worldwide and 300 million user in Europe could have not even been analyzed by Brussels.     read more...
Uber CEO strikes conciliatory tone In Europe
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 18, 2015) The chief executive of Uber struck a conciliatory tone when he took the stage at a tech conference on Sunday to say his company could have a positive effect on European cities, where Uber’s ride-hailing app has run into serious regulatory and competitive headwinds.     read more...
Smartphones in pipeline that offer more for less
Financial Times (Jan 16, 2015) The smartphone market is set for lots of changes this year, but big, category-changing innovations are unlikely, according to telecoms executives who have knowledge of this year’s launch plans.     read more...
Huawei is retiring the Ascend brand for future devices
GSM Arena (Jan 20, 2015) Ascend has essentially become synonymous with Huawei’s mobile devices, with dozens of the company’s products carrying the brand name.     read more...
Windows 10 preview to expand to mobile devices in February
Daily Tech (Jan 20, 2015) The buzz started when Windows smartphones received a new Microsoft app called 'Phone Insider', which replaces the previous 'Preview for Developers' app.     read more...
The two-day laptop battery is here
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 20, 2015) Laptops have a new talent: ultra-marathoning. Computers coming this winter can last up to 22 hours on a single charge.     read more...
The Big Data challenge
Forbes (Jan 20, 2015) A lot of the marketing and analytics software solutions available today do a great job of answering questions you have in their particular silo.     read more...
We asked Executives about The Internet Of Things
Business Insider (Jan 20, 2015) Concerns over security remain a big barrier to more widespread business adoption of the Internet of Things, according to a new BI Intelligence survey of technology executives.     read more...
7 ways mobile devices have changed e-commerce
MDG (Jan 20, 2015) We are all well aware that mobile devices are rapidly transforming business, in particular the world of e-commerce. However, pinning down which of these changes really matter, and why, is often a struggle.     read more...
Inmarsat opens its satellite broadband platform to all
Techcrunch (Jan 20, 2015) Inmarsat, the UK-based satellite company that provides voice and broadband services to users in the air and on land and sea, is today announcing that it will open its platform for all developers to access.     read more...

Focus on

ETNO launches search for a new Director General
Brussels (Jan 19, 2015)
The Executive Board of ETNO, Europe’s leading telecoms association, announces that it started the hiring process for a new Director General. The search is assisted by a leading Executive Search firm, with the aim of finding a top level profile to represent the association of Europe’s most prominent telecom operators towards the European Union     read more...


Will there be more M&A in the EU telecom sector?
(Jan 15, 2015)

Press Releases

TeliaSonera’s Year-end Report 2014 (Jan 20, 2015)
TeliaSonera’s year-end report January-December 2014, will be announced on Thursday January 29, 2015

Türk Telekom group launches a new era in TV broadcasting with Tivibu (Jan 20, 2015)
The Türk Telekom Group broadcasting platform Tivibu will now be on satellite.

Belgacom: Proximus wins the best societal sponsorship award (Jan 20, 2015)
Our 'Safer Internet' project took home the

Elisa helps companies enter the IoT era (Jan 15, 2015)
Elisa IoT offers an easy, fast and secure platform that enables companies of different types move to the era of the Internet of Things.

Verizon releases transparency report for second half 2014 (Jan 15, 2015)
Verizon is pleased to release our Transparency Report for the second half of 2014.


Draft report on the implementation of Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament
European Parliament (Jan 14, 2015)

Network neutrality revisited: challanges and responses in the EU and in the US
European Parliament (December 2014)

Community-based broadband solutions
The White House (January 2015)

The mobile revolution: how mobile technologies drive a trillion-dollar impact
The Boston Consulting Group (Jan 15, 2015)

Standards and tools for exchange and processing of actionable information
ENISA (Jan 19, 2015)


What are communications providers focusing on in 2015?

Source: Cloud Sense

Next Week

CEM in Telecoms Global Summit 2015 (Jan 26-28, 2015)
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Telecoms fraud and revenue assurance (Jan 26-28, 2015)
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Metro Connect USA 2015 (Jan 27-28, 2015)
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TMT Finance & Investment Asia 2015 (Jan 28, 2015)

Digital divide in rural areas: satellite broadband solutions (Jan 28, 2015)
Brussels, BL


Warsaw, PL (Feb 10-12, 2015)

Mobile World Congress
Barcelona, ES (March 2-5, 2015)

Digital Regulation Forum
London, UK (April 28-29, 2015)

Ovum Smart Cities
London, UK (April 28-29, 2015)

M2M Conference World Congress
London, UK (April 28-29, 2015)

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