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Thursday Jan 15, 2015

European Policy

Belgacom exec starts ETNO chairmanship
Eurocomms (Jan 7, 2015) Belgacom’s regulatory chief has started his new role as Chairman of the European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO).     read more...
EU telecoms bosses, Oettinger meet on broadband investment
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 14, 2015) the European Commission published its proposals for a hefty investment package for the continent.     read more...
Oettinger plädiert für mehr Datenschutz in Europa
Bundestag (Jan 14, 2015) 'It is of great importance that Germans cross-link with the European research landscape' said Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, to the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment.     read more...
Digitale Spitzenspieler
Handelsblatt (Jan 15, 2015) Commissioner Oettinger wants to promote broadband deployment in Europe - and relies especially on corporations.     read more...
Arthur D. Little launches its observatory of the Belgian Telecom landscape
Belgacom (Jan 12, 2015) Arthur D. Little has released its first study on the Telecom sector in Belgium.     read more...
Why Europe's telecom sector needs regulatory modernization
Serentschy (Jan 2, 2015) The European telecom sector is faced with significant challenges in terms of rapidly emerging new technologies and new forms of competition and business models driven by these technology changes.     read more...
Will 2015 be the year for Europe’s Digital Single Market?
New Europe (Jan 5, 2015) Before we ended 2014, GSMA hosted its Mobile 360 – Europe regional conference in Brussels. European Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip spoke at the event – one of his first public presentations in his new role leading Europe’s Digital Single Market agenda.     read more...
Trade winds buffet Digital Single Market
Euractiv (Jan 12, 2015) A raft of new rules designed to launch the Digital Single Market set to be adopted or proposed this year are threatened by trade spats with the US.     read more...
Member states to discuss cutting roaming fees
European Voice (Jan 12, 2015) Telecoms experts from the European Union’s member states will discuss a proposal to dramatically cut roaming charges across the EU, but not remove them completely.     read more...
'Adapt or die – EU policies: Richard Feasey’s view on the way forward'
Broadband4europe (Jan 8, 2015) A growing chorus of discontent has been heard from the leaders of Europe’s telecoms operators since at least 2007, with criticism of the European Commission now a popular sport.     read more...
Jittery European leaders target Internet’s role in radicalization
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 12, 2015) European leaders have targeted the Internet as a key arena in the battle against violent radicalization, after the mass shootings at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the death of four hostages at a kosher supermarket in Paris last week.     read more...
EU lawmaker warns of data protection rules delay till 2016
Euractiv (Jan 8, 2015) With serious differences remaining between the European Parliament and the 28 member states, doubts remain over whether the EU’s new Data Protection Regulation (DPR) can be agreed before the end of the year.     read more...
Commission seeks unity on radio spectrum ahead of UN conference
Euractiv (Jan 14, 2015) The European Commission launched a consultation on radio spectrum in a bid to unify member states and stakeholders behind a common EU position on radio spectrum liberalisation ahead of a key UN conference in November.     read more...
Should spectrum hog TV give up its seat for broadband? You tell us – EU
The Register (Jan 13, 2015) The European Commission wants help in deciding whether or not to allow terrestrial TV to hang on to valuable spectrum.     read more...
Delivery of €315 billion Investment Plan on track: Commission presents law for the European Fund for Strategic Investments
European Commission (Jan 13, 2015) Just 50 days after announcing its ambitious Investment Plan for Europe to boost jobs and growth, the European Commission adopted the legislative proposal for the European Fund for Strategic Investments.     read more...

Global Policy

Obama calls for broadband competition
Financial Times (Jan 14, 2015) President Barack Obama will launch a drive to break the stranglehold of a few companies on internet access in many parts of the US as the White House seeks to help more Americans get online.     read more...
U.S. Chamber statement on president Obama’s announcement regarding municipal broadband
US Chamber (Jan 14, 2015) U.S. Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President for the Environment, Technology, and Regulatory Affairs Bill Kovacs issued the following statement on President Obama’s speech.     read more...
Obama aims to unleash broadband boost
Politico (Jan 13, 2015) President Barack Obama will push for an end to laws that keep cities and towns out of the high-speed Internet business.     read more...
Obama to propose legislation to protect firms that share cyberthreat data
The Washington Post (Jan 12, 2015) President Obama plans to announce legislation Tuesday that would shield companies from lawsuits for sharing computer threat data with the government in an effort to prevent cyber­attacks.     read more...
Obama to outline new cybersecurity measures
CNET (Jan 10, 2015) In a lead-up to the State of the Union address on January 20, the president will announce ideas to increase privacy and identity protection, improve cybersecurity for both private companies and the government and boost access to broadband Internet.     read more...
Les cinq principaux opérateurs télécoms belges plaident pour un 'New Deal' numérique
La Libre (Jan 12, 2015) Proximus, Mobistar, Base, Telenet and Voo require for a more equitable and transparent legislative framework in the telecommunications sector, both at Belgian and European level.     read more...
ICO calls data protection Directive 'scarcely fit for purpose'.
CBR (Jan 13, 2015) The Information Commissioner responsible for safeguarding British citizens' data has called the directive on which his office is based "scarcely fit for purpose".     read more...
Privacy advocates: A national data breach notification standard might actually make things worse
The Washington Post (Jan 12, 2015) The President announced a fleet of proposals aimed at improving the data privacy of U.S. consumers. But some privacy advocates worry that one aspect, the push for a national data breach notification standard, might actually leave some consumers with fewer protections.     read more...
FCC: Broadband needs to have 25Mbps minimum speed
Ubergizmo (Jan 8, 2015) Tom Wheeler proposed that the definition of broadband would need to be revised – after all, we are in 2015 already.     read more...
FCC chair seems to be siding with the president on net neutrality
Financial Times (Jan 8, 2015) Under Mr Wheeler, the Federal Communications Commission has spent several years trying to write a set of rules to preserve a free and open internet, so that traffic from small start-ups is assured the same access to customers as behemoths such as Google.     read more...
Hacker fakes German minister's fingerprints using photos of her hands
The Guardian (Dec 30, 2015) It’s an old cliché of security researchers: fingerprints might appear more secure than passwords. But if your password gets stolen, you can change it to a new one; what happens when your fingerprint gets copied?     read more...
Pro-Russian group claims cyber attack on German government websites
Reuters (Jan 7, 2015) German government websites, including Chancellor Angela Merkel's page, were hacked on Wednesday in an attack claimed by a group demanding Berlin end support for the Ukrainian government, shortly before their leaders were to meet.     read more...
5 things David Cameron said about Internet surveillance
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 13, 2015) U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has sparked controversy by saying that should he win the upcoming general elections, his government would push through new legislation allowing law enforcement access to the content of private, encrypted Internet communications.     read more...
British Prime Minister suggests banning some online messaging Apps
The New York Times (Jan 12, 2015) Popular messaging services like Snapchat and WhatsApp are in the cross hairs in Britain.     read more...
Latvian compromise postpones roaming like at home to post-2018
Europolitics (Jan 8, 2015) A proposal by the Presidency would settle the issue of wholesale prices in three years by maintaining roaming surcharges until then.     read more...

Digital Economy

Telefónica closes Mediaset Premium deal, names content exec to board
Digital TV Europe (Jan 14, 2015) Telefónica has completed its acquisition of a stake in Mediaset’s Italian pay TV arm, Mediaset Premium, and has named Luis Velo Puig-Durán as its board representative.     read more...
Les télécoms européens recommencent à parler de croissance
L'Agefi (Jan 13, 2015) After five years of continuous decline, the turnover of operators should be close to balance in 2015, helped by the move to 4G.     read more...
Orange Poland runs promotion for Neostrada, mobile internet
Telecompaper (Jan 12, 2015) Orange Poland is running an advertising campaign for Neostrada with free mobile internet and a device for PLN 1.     read more...
Telecom Italia issues EUR 1 bln bond at lowest ever rate
Telecompaper (Jan 13, 2015) Telecom Italia has announced the successful issue to institutional investors of a EUR 1 billion fixed rate bond as part of a plan to repay portions of four other bonds.     read more...
Telecom Italia: i tre fronti aperti per l’inizio dell’anno
Key4biz (Jan 7, 2015) Beginning of the year in the spotlight for Telecom Italia that starts 2015 with several dossiers to be evaluated.     read more...
Telefónica supera los 80 millones de clientes de móvil en Brasil
Cinco Dias (Jan 13, 2015) According to data released by regulator Anatel, Telefonica's subsidiary Vivo ended November with 80.25 million mobile accesses.     read more...
Telefónica combate a Google y a los gigantes de internet
Lavanguardia (Jan 8, 2015) The chairman of Telefónica, César Alierta, has embarked on a crusade to combat what he meant by unfair competition from companies over the top (OTT).     read more...
Orange looks again to French telco consolidation after EE sale
Reuters (Jan 13, 2015) Orange hopes to close a deal to sell its stake in UK mobile operator EE soon and will look the potential for further consolidation in the French telecoms market once the deal is done.     read more...
Orange mise sur une nouvelle consolidation du marché français
L'Agefi (Jan 14, 2015) Orange CEO considers inevitable a transition from four to three mobile operators in France. But Orange will not launch the movement.     read more...
Orange en 2020 : pleins feux sur les startups et objets connectés
La Tribune (Jan 14, 2015) Stéphane Richard has revealed that he will present on March 17 its future business plan for the next five years, succeeding "Conquests 2015".     read more...
Smartphones boost Huawei revenue by a fifth
Financial Times (Jan 13, 2015) Huawei, the privately-held Chinese telecoms equipment giant, says revenue grew by a fifth in 2014 to Rmb287-289bn ($46-$47bn), led by its smartphones division.     read more...
Huawei dials up slower growth
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 13, 2015) Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei said its operating profit rose less than 18% last year, marking a slowdown in growth.     read more...
T-Mobile Netherlands adds 'roam like home' to postpaid plans
Telecompaper (Jan 12, 2015) T-Mobile Netherlands is reducing the cost of roaming, so customers can use their mobile phones at domestic rates when traveling in the EU. Incoming calls, as well as sending and receiving SMS will be free, the same as when in the Netherlands.     read more...
T-Mobile US comes out on top in bitter price war
Financial Times (Jan 7, 2015) T-Mobile US, the smallest of the main US mobile phone networks, won a record number of customers in 2014, cementing its place as the biggest winner in a bitter price war that is hurting profits across America’s telecoms sector.     read more...
Alibaba to Invest About $575 Million in Indian Online-Shopping Service, Paytm
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 10, 2015) Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and its financial-services affiliate have agreed to jointly invest about $575 million in India’s One97 Communications Ltd.’s online-payment and marketplace businesses.     read more...

Tech & Services

Elisa launches HD Voice
Telecompaper (Jan 7, 2015) Estonian mobile operator Elisa has introduced HD Voice technology for its subscribers, using AMR WideBand technology.     read more...
Verizon introduces Verizon Vehicle connected-car service
Telecompaper (Jan 13, 2015) At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Verizon announced Verizon Vehicle, a new connected-car service available directly to consumers in the US designed to modernise traditional roadside assistance while also enhancing driver safety, convenience and savings.     read more...
The future of wearable technology is not wearables – it's analysing the data
The Guardian (Jan 6, 2015) The future of wearable technology in fitness and health isn’t about the fitness bands and health monitors – it’s about what can be done with the data they collect, according to the founder of health firm LifeQ.     read more...
Here’s what I learned by trying on almost every single wearable on the market
VentureBeat (Jan 8, 2014) I tried on 56 wearables. Fifty-six. And, unsurprisingly, most left me wanting more.     read more...
CES 2015: Unleash the Drones!
MIT Technology Review (Jan 7, 2015) At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it sometimes felt as if an army of drones had been released and was looking for something useful to do.     read more...
Best of CES: some truly amazing products and one killer keynote
Techzone (Jan 7, 2015) I’ve been in Las Vegas and have some ideas, at least with regard to what I was looking for, for who is doing best at the show so far.     read more...
Ten things from CES you may actually want to buy
The Washington Post (Jan 12, 2015) Part of the fun of the annual International CES tech show is seeing all the prototypes and concepts that will never see the light of day, but do contain the grains of ideas that will show up in products down the line.     read more...
Sights, sounds and gadgets from CES 2015
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 7, 2015) The Journal’s team at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas captured slices of the energy and buzz on video while hunting for the coolest stuff. Here are some of clips.     read more...
IBM moves to refresh mainframe line
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 13, 2015) Tech giant unveils z13 computer, which cost $1 billion over five years to develop.     read more...
Apple might make computers you control with hand gestures
The Time (Jan 13, 2015) Apple has patented a motion-control technology that would let people control a computer with hand gestures.     read more...
AT&T trials live LTE broadcast for mass content delivery
Telecoms (Jan 14, 2015) AT&T has confirmed it has undertaken a trial of LTE broadcast technology in Texas, USA.     read more...
Six essential skills for mastering the Internet of connected things
Techweek Europe (Jan 12, 2015) Users are connected to their smartphones (and the apps on those phones), devices are connected to each other (like smart meters), and health care devices such as MRI machines in a hospital may connect to an emergency dispatching center.     read more...
CNN seeks to fly its own drones
The Wall Street Journal (Jan 12, 2015) CNN was a pioneer in round-the-clock cable TV news. Now it wants to pioneer how to use drones in newsgathering—legally.     read more...
Trivia Crack, an app to quiz yourself and show off your smarts
The Washington Post (Jan 10, 2015) Are you a trivia buff? Do you live to prove your knowledge of the little things? Then it may be time for you to try Trivia Crack.     read more...
How to value spectrum – the current challenges in spectrum valuation
Telecoms (Jan 13, 2015) In order to successfully participate in a spectrum auction, the importance of correctly valuing spectrum cannot be overstated.     read more...

Focus on

EU telcos: market trends
Brussels (December 2014)
As the policymakers kick-off their work on future digital policies, ETNO and IDATE provide an extensive set of figures on revenues, investments and market trends in the EU telecoms industry. Find out more about how telcos performed in the past years and how the sector is expected to evolve in the future. Read our Annual Economic Report 2014 here.     read more...


U.S. Telecoms Symposium Panel Discussion - Policy Priorities for 2015
(December 2014)

Press Releases

ESA private cloud from Orange Business Services helps scientists do rocket science instead of IT (Dec 15, 2015)
The European Space Agency (ESA), an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the exploration of space, has chosen Orange Business Services to deploy and manage its private cloud.

Magyar Telekom: Renewed channel assortment, numerous novelties in Telekom TV (Jan 7, 2015)
Telekom welcomes TV watchers to the screen with a substantially simplified, transparent and unified mini tariff package assortment.

Swisscom ensures secure recording and archiving of financial transactions by telephone (Jan 12, 2015)
Swisscom launches its Mobile Voice Recording managed service.

Telecom Italia announces tender offers (Jan 12, 2015)
Telecom Italia S.p.A. (the Company) hereby announces that it is inviting eligible Noteholders of its €750,000,000 4.625 per cent.

Telefónica and the Movistar Team present their squad for the 2015 season (Jan 9, 2015)
The Movistar Team aspires to achieve further titles -116 since Telefónica became their sponsor.


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Deciphering the landscape for Privacy by Design
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The Developed Asia–Pacific telecoms market: interim forecast update 2014–2019
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The global state of information security® Survey 2015
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