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Thursday Dec 11, 2014

European Policy

Steven Tas: 'We must have greater faith in the forces of the market'
Europolitics (Dec 5, 2014) The regulatory framework for telecoms needs urgent reform in order to take into consideration the new digital “ecosystem,” including networks and content, according to Steven Tas, vice-president of regulatory affairs at Belgacom and president of the European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) as of 1 January 2015.     read more...
European telecoms industry sees return of conditions for growth
Financial Times (Dec 10, 2014) The European telecoms industry will return to growth in 2016 after six years of declining revenues as investments in fibre broadband and 4G mobile begin to pay off for larger groups in the sector, according to new research from Etno, the group that represents Europe’s larger telecoms companies.     read more...
European telecoms firms see return to growth in 2016
Reuters (Dec 10, 2014) Europe's telecoms industry is forecast to return to growth in 2016 after six years of revenue declines, partly in response to consolidation and expansion in fixed broadband sales, a European industry body said in its annual report.     read more...
European telecoms firms see return to growth in 2016
RTE news (Dec 11, 2014) Europe's telecoms industry is forecast to return to growth in 2016 after six years of revenue declines, partly in response to consolidation and expansion in fixed broadband sales, ETNO Association said in its annual report.     read more...
EU Telecoms to grow but reform is needed
Neurope (Dec 11, 2014) ETNO, the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association, representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, has presented today its Annual Economic Report, prepared by the digital economy think-tank IDATE.     read more...
Walking the tightrope on telecoms infrastructure
European Voice (Dec 11, 2014) According to the 2013 annual report of the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association: 'We estimate that the shortfall in investment needed to meet EU digital agenda targets for broadband coverage and penetration will be between €110nm and €170bn, leading to an enormous missed opportunity for the broader EU economy.'     read more...
Accelerating growth through a connected Europe: speech by Vice-President Ansip at GSMA Mobile 360 conference in Brussels
European Commission (Dec 5, 2014) 'I have no illusions about the scale of the challenge ahead. It spans many areas that are technically and politically difficult, operationally demanding. And it's certainly not going to be a quick fix'.     read more...
EU digital chief tries to maintain single digital market momentum
Gigaom (Dec 8, 2014) European member states may be keen to water down current net neutrality proposals and push back against the centralization of radio spectrum policy in the EU, but new digital single market chief Andrus Ansip isn’t having any of it.     read more...
EU investment plan to boost digital technology
Euractiv (Dec 8, 2014) The European Commission's investment drive to boost the region's economy will include billions euros of spending on digital technology, EU Digital Economy Commissioner Günther Oettinger told a German magazine.     read more...
EU-Kommissar Oettinger plant Milliarden-Beihilfen
Focus (Dec 7, 2014) The German EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger will lure investors into digital technology with billions of euro.     read more...
EU is wrong to hesitate over digital future
European Voice (Dec 10, 2014) Some parts of the European Union dream of creating a digital economy; other parts work hard to prevent – or at least delay – its arrival.     read more...
Google case is about law, not politics, says Oettinger
European Voice (Dec 4, 2014) The warning comes in the wake of a controversial vote by the European Parliament suggesting that Google be broken up and a letter from the German government outlining radical reforms for the internet.     read more...
Merkel rallies EU member states to drive Europe's Industry 4.0
Euractiv (Dec 5, 2014) German Chancellor Angela Merkel is pushing EU member states to do more to digitise the European economy, saying governments cannot take care of the transition on their own and must agree on tax benefits to support IT firms as quickly as possible.     read more...
European Internet proposal under attack
The New York Times (Dec 8, 2014) Earlier this year, the European Parliament voted for strong rules that would prevent telecommunications companies from creating fast and slow lanes on the Internet.     read more...
Look at China to boost chronic-low investment rates and restore confidence
Euractiv (Dec 4, 2014) The center of gravity of the internet economy is gradually shifting eastward. The Juncker Commission should seize the opportunity to explore EU-China synergies for growth and innovation.     read more...

Global Policy

U.S. tech giants battle Europe’s sovereign states
The Wall Street Journal (Dec 8, 2014) From Berlin to Madrid, from London to Paris, U.S. technology companies are in a pitched battle with Europe’s sovereign states.     read more...
Internet firms push to be left out of EU cybersecurity law
Euractiv (Dec 10, 2014) Cisco and Google are seeking to be excluded from a new EU cybersecurity law that would force them to adopt tough security measures and report serious security breaches to national authorities.     read more...
Google News Spain to close in response to story links 'tax'
The Guardian (Dec 11, 2014) New Spanish law requires Google to pay for using publishers’ content but search provider says it makes no money from news service.     read more...
The U.S. leads the world in broadband
The Wall Street Journal (Dec 7, 2014) Has the U.S. fallen behind the rest of the world in broadband? The success of Google, Apple, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Dropbox, Twitch and a thousand other American-born Web firms and apps suggests not.     read more...
ITU gives final approval for standard
Telecompaper (Dec 8, 2014) ITU members have achieved final approval of, the new broadband standard designed to deliver access speeds of up to 1Gbps over existing phone lines.     read more...
Germany emerges as net neutrality antagonist
The Wall Street Journal (Dec 10, 2014) Germany, which is spearheading Europe’s fight against U.S. tech giants on everything from data privacy to Google's search engine monopoly, is hoping to scupper net neutrality too.     read more...
Tech companies and social networks need an ethics body to rebuild trust
The Guardian (Dec 8, 2014) We know that many in government failed to grasp the significance of Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations because they did not understand the technology that the security services were exploiting.     read more...
Data protection: Latvia aims for agreement in March
Europolitics (Dec 9, 2014) Without an agreement at the Justice Council in March, the regulation on data protection cannot be adopted in 2015, warns Albrecht.     read more...
EU-US cyber security dialogue against backdrop of spying
Europolitics (Dec 9, 2014) As Symantec confirms that the malware known as Regin is being used for systematic spying, the EU and US inaugurate a cyber dialogue.     read more...
Data collection by U.S. risks harming internet structure
The Wall Street Journal (Dec 8, 2014) The collection and retention of huge volumes of personal data by the U.S. risk fragmenting the Internet by increasing the likelihood that countries will require data to be stored and moved using only national infrastructure.     read more...
Rising star mandarin favourite to lead Ofcom
Financial Times (Dec 5, 2014) The civil servant overseeing the UK’s spending cuts has emerged as the favourite to become the next head of the communications regulator Ofcom.     read more...
NSA's surveillance a 'trade barrier' for EU companies
Euractiv (Dec 9, 2014) The US National Security Agency's mass surveillance is a trade barrier for European Internet companies trying to provide services in the United States,     read more...
UK privacy watchdog intervenes in hearing over Google’s use of web data
The Guardian (Dec 5, 2014) The UK’s privacy regulator, the information commissioner, has taken the unusual step of intervening in a court of appeal case in which Google is seeking to prevent British consumers from suing it.     read more...
Congress expected to reboot Internet tax issues in 2015
Reuters (Dec 9, 2014) The U.S. Congress is moving this week toward putting off until 2015 any conclusive action on a tangle of Internet tax issues, including online access taxes and online state sales taxes.     read more...
AT&T, one of the world’s largest communications companies, joins EUBrasil
EUBrasil (Dec 5, 2014) AT&T, one of the world’s largest communications companies, has joined the EUBrasil Association as a business member. The company will take part in the Association’s events and activities, and have a representative to EUBrasil’s Board of Directors.     read more...

Digital Economy

Mobile internet worth EUR 92 bln a year to EU5 economies
Telecompaper (Dec 10, 2014) The mobile internet economy generates annual revenues of EUR 92 billion and a consumer benefit of around EUR 770 billion in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain (the EU5), according to a BCG report, commissioned by Google.     read more...
Deutsche Telekom and FireEye create cyber security service
Financial Times (Dec 9, 2014) Deutsche Telekom has formed a joint cyber security venture with FireEye, the Silicon Valley cyber security group, focused on offering security services to European companies.     read more...
Elisa owns 26% of Anvia
Telecompaper (Dec 9, 2014) Elisa said it has informed the Finnish Competition and Consumer Protection Office, KKV, that it now owns 26 percent of Anvia's outstanding shares, in a statutory merger control notification. It said this does not have a direct impact on Anvia's business.     read more...
Huawei, Telenor sign deal to supply RAN across Europe, Asia
MVNBlog (Dec 10, 2014) Chinese infrastructure vendor Huawei has announced a five-year agreement with Norwegian telco Telenor to supply radio access networks (RAN) across Europe and Asia.     read more...
Oi OKs €7.4bn deal to sell Portuguese ops to Altice
Total Telecom (Dec 9, 2014) Oi will sell its Portuguese assets to France's Altice in a deal worth €7.4 billion, freeing it up to concentrate on the M&A opportunity in its home market.     read more...
Oi approves PT Portugal sale to Altice
Telecompaper (Dec 9, 2014) Brazilian operator Oi's board has approved the sale of PT Portugal to Altice.     read more...
Nouvelle fusion en vue dans les télécoms européens
L’Agefi Quotidien (Dec 5, 2014) TDC, the leading Danish telecom is considering a bid for the Swedish cable operator Com Hem to extend its business in the North of Europe.     read more...
Orange Moldova, Moldcell migrate 2G networks to new frequencies
Telegeography (Dec 8, 2014) Moldova’s telecoms watchdog – the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) – has revealed that domestic telecoms operators Orange Moldova and Moldcell have migrated their 2G networks to the 900MHz band.     read more...
SWAN dives into Slovakian mobile market
Telegeography (Dec 8, 2014) The Slovakian telco SWAN is expected to soft launch its first Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G wireless services later this week.     read more...
Alibaba: Alipay processing more transactions through mobile devices
The Wall Street Journal (Dec 7, 2014) Alibaba disclosed new data that showed its payment affiliate is increasingly processing more transactions through mobile devices.     read more...
Big service providers turn to the cloud
Financial Times (Dec 9, 2014) Revolutions in corporate IT systems tend to take years. But even in slow motion, the effects can at times be startling.     read more...
Mobile internet contributes £73bn to economies of EU5
The Telegraph (Dec 10, 2014) The mobile internet economy is worth €92 billion a year to the economies of the EU5, according to a new report.     read more...
US telecoms price war takes a toll on profits
Financial Times (Dec 9, 2014) A cut-throat price war started by Sprint, the number three US wireless operator, has led to some of the most generous holiday deals in recent history.     read more...
Zuckerberg, Cook meet China’s Internet Minister in U.S.
Bloomberg (Dec 8, 2014) The head of China’s Internet regulator met with the chief executives of Facebook,Apple and Amazon during a recent visit to the U.S., according to a government-run website.     read more...
Wind is against Telecom Italia takeover of Metroweb
Telegeography (Dec 8, 2014) The CEO of the Italian fixed and mobile service provider Wind Telecomunicazioni has suggested that fibre network operator Metroweb should be transformed into an open access partnership between the government and the country’s telcos.     read more...

Tech & Services

Elisa resumes Alcatel smartphone, tablet sales in Estonia
Telecompaper (Dec 5, 2014) Estonian mobile operator Elisa has resumed sales of tablets from Alcatel, and sales of Alcatel smartphones are planned to resume in the course of December.     read more...
HP will release a “revolutionary” new operating system in 2015
MIT Technology Review (Dec 8, 2014) Hewlett-Packard’s ambitious plan to reinvent computing will begin with the release of a prototype operating system next year.     read more...
4G to account for 91% of US wireless connections by 2020
Telecompaper (Dec 5, 2014) The share of US 4G wireless connections has seen steep growth since its initial availability in late-2011. Now, 4G accounts for over 40 percent of total wireless subscriptions and Quantum-Web predicts that 4G will represent 91 percent of all US wireless connections by 2020.     read more...
Congratulations to the 2014 awards winners
Telecoms (Dec 5, 2014) The Awards, which took place in London’s Barbican, recognised innovations from 16 categories that covered the most topical areas of the industry.     read more...
Microsoft's brilliant move to make money from arch rival Google
Business Insider (Dec 8, 2014) Google made a startling announcement: under a new partnership, Microsoft will let customers move their Windows apps to Google's cloud for free.     read more...
Fifty U.S. cities bond together to home-grow broadband
The Washington Post (Dec 9, 2014) There is a club of U.S. mayors fixated on improving the way broadband Internet works in their cities. And, while it's new, it's growing.     read more...
Why cyber armies are a good investment for countries like North Korea
The Washington Post (Dec 8, 2014) Somewhere deep inside North Korea is a cell of sophisticated cyber warriors known as Bureau 121.     read more...
Smartphones will become our electronic assistants
Financial Times (Dec 10, 2014) The debate about the size and shape of the mobile phone could well be coming to end, as more manufacturers focus on the benefits that connectivity brings to users.     read more...
iRobot's latest bot lets you test your programming chops
CNET (Dec 9, 2014) When I first caught a glimpse of the $200 Create 2, I thought iRobot was about to revolutionize the robot vacuum industry.     read more...
Nokia claims 10 times faster upload with C-RAN for Ooredoo
Telecoms (Dec 9, 2014) Finnish vendor Nokia Networks and Qatari telco Ooredoo claimed they have made uploading 10 times faster with the Nokia centralised RAN.     read more...
The best keyboards for iPad and Android tablets
The Wall Street Journal (Dec 9, 2014) On the list of life’s annoyances, typing on glass tablet screens could rank up there with full airplane overhead bins, misbehaving smoke alarms and security tags I find on my newly purchased clothes after I bring them home.     read more...
China Internet company seeks license to make electric car
Bloomberg (Dec 10, 2014) Jia Yueting, chairman and founder of Leshi Internet Information & Technology, said that he has spent the past year developing an electric car and will seek a license to manufacture them in China.     read more...
Intel unveils its IoT platform for businesses everywhere
Slashgear (Dec 10, 2014) After failing to take the mobile device industry by storm, Intel is starting to look elsewhere for its next big break.     read more...
Build your own mobile device with Google’s Ara, Puzzlephone
Smallbitz Trends (Dec 9, 2014) Interchangeable components may be the key to a new smartphone revolution. Soon, you’ll likely be able to swap out a lagging processor for an upgraded version.     read more...
Cox, Comcast, Time Warner create ‘CableWiFi’ Alliance so you have free WiFi while traveling
Zagg (Dec 8, 2014) CableWiFi is a roaming alliance, of sorts, built by these five operators, and made available to all of their customers, at no extra charge.     read more...

Focus on

Telecoms - Return to growth in sight, reform is needed to support investments
Brussels (Dec 11, 2014)
ETNO, representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, has presented today its Annual Economic Report, prepared by the digital economy think-tank IDATE. The Report describes the state of the art for the European telecoms sector and includes figures from 2013, as well as projections on 2014 and the coming years.     read more...


ITU TELECOM WORLD 2014 INTERVIEW: Houlin Zhao, Deputy Secretary - General, ITU
(Dec 7, 2014)

Press Releases

Huawei signs five year agreement with Telenor Group to supply Radio Access Networks throughout Europe and Asia (Dec 9, 2014)
Huawei announced today that it has signed a global agreement with Telenor Group, one of the world’s major providers of mobile communications, to supply radio access equipment and professional services over a five year period.

Expansion of the 4G network continues. Preparing for the future: Telekom tests the LTE-Advanced tech (Dec 3, 2014)
Connection of new base stations on the 4G network of Telekom is in progress, enabling 80 percent of the Hungarian population to use the superbly fast mobile internet service by early next year.

Telefónica announces partnership with Qustodio to deliver next generation online family safety (Dec 9, 2014)
Telefónica reinforces its commitment to a safer internet in today's multi-device world and adds Qustodio's unique service to its consumer security portfolio.

Elisa first in Europe to test new coverage-enhancing technologies (Dec 9, 2014)
Elisa has become the first operator in Europe to test two new technologies that significantly improve network coverage.

Introducing the Verizon Powerful Answers Award Winners for 2014 (Dec 8, 2014)
Touch-free smartphones, organized organ donations, a mobile-enabled energy distribution grid and a “smart” approach to public transportation are just a few of the winning ideas.


Annual economic Report 2014
ETNO (Dec 11, 2014)

China and Technical Global Internet Governance: Beijing's approach to multi-stakeholder governance within ICANN, WSIS and the IGF
Social Science Research Network (Dec 1, 2014)

LTE market to peak in 2015
Infonetics (Dec 4, 2014)

The Technology Report December 2014
Telecom Reseller (Dec 6, 2014)

Freedom on the net 2014
Freedom House (December 2014)


The Unprotected Connected

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