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Thursday Nov 20, 2014

European Policy

Guenther Oettinger: connected Europe? Broadband for all is the answer
European Commission (Nov 14, 2014) In rural areas across the EU, over 4 homes in 5 do not have fast internet connection. We need new, fresh ideas and open discussions to push investments.     read more...
Tim Höttges: 'Wir wollen die gleichen Rahmenbedingungen wie Google'
RP (Nov 18, 2014) Tim Höttges leads since January Deutsche Telekom the largest telephone company in Europe. He has followed his friend René Obermann who had signed the Dutch cable company Ziggo deal.     read more...
Lex in-depth: European telecoms
Financial Times (Nov 18, 2014) The door is open. Europe’s telecoms need only step through it. Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, wants a single market in digital communications to spark growth in employment and output.     read more...
ETNO European Voice Wrap
ETNO (Nov 20, 2014) Today’s edition of the European Voice, the leading source of EU news and analysis delivered to the European Commissioners and Director Generals, European Council, MEPs offices and member state Perm Reps, included an extra four-page wrap-around summarising ETNO's Agenda for Europe.     read more...
Copyright reform priority for Digital Single Market VP
Advanced Television (Nov 14, 2014) Andrus Ansip, the incoming European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, has revealed details of how the European Commission plans to move ahead with building a connected Digital Single Market.     read more...
Copyright: old rules in a digital age
European Voice (Nov 20, 2014) A curiosity of the EU’s single market is that it is highly fragmented when it comes to copyright.     read more...
La UE amenaza a Google con regular su actividad
Cinco Dias (Nov 19, 2014) Europe's patience with Google runs out at times. And having wasted four years in an investigation into the alleged abuse of the Seeker, Brussels is prepared to stop the expansion of the US company through legislation.     read more...
Five things the EU’s new digital chief wants his own organization to do
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 18, 2014) Guenther Oettinger spoke to an internal conference at the the European Commission on all things Digital and IT-related within the commission.     read more...
Ansip to present legislative agenda for digital economy in May
Europolitics (Nov 14, 2014) The vice-president launches work on the digital single market at a seminar with 13 commissioners.     read more...
EU leans towards stricter broadband ISP contracts and closed networks
ISPReview (Nov 17, 2014) The European Commission’s (EC) new Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Günther Oettinger, has hinted that he might be about to adopt a distinctly less pro-consumer position on home broadband services and open access network flexibility than the person that he is effectively replacing, Neelie Kroes.     read more...
European Commission could overhaul planned telecom legislation
Computer World (Nov 14, 2014) The new European Commission is taking a fresh look at the long-planned overhaul of EU telecom legislation, possibly making fundamental changes to legislative proposals for strict net neutrality rules -- a move that would be welcomed by operators.     read more...
Italy pushes for breakthrough on telecoms reform
European Voice (Nov 20, 2014) Italy is making a frantic push for member states to reach agreement on a landmark reform of EU telecoms rules before the end of November.     read more...
Rip it up and start again: the plan for EU telecoms legislation?
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 14, 2014) The new European Commission looks like it could seriously change direction in some policy areas, according to a letter sent from new commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and his sidekick Frans Timmermans to the other commissioners, including a major reworking of the Digital Single Market package.     read more...
EU to water down net neutrality rules
Euractiv (Nov 19, 2014) European Union governments are considering less stringent rules on how internet service providers manage traffic on their networks, according to a draft seen by Reuters, a move that could be welcomed by Europe's large telecoms operators.     read more...
Gegen Lobbyismus: Brüssel startet Transparenzoffensive
Die Welt (Nov 20, 2014) There is a small revolution, which belongs to the 28 European Commissioners: they have to "publish all contacts".     read more...

Global Policy

Obama’s gone ‘old-school net neutrality’: A Tim Wu Q&A
The Washington Post (Nov 13, 2014) Tim Wu is the Columbia law professor who first coined the phrase "net neutrality" back in a 2003 law journal article, and he has since become one of the most influential voices in favor of applying greater regulation to portions of the broadband Internet.     read more...
Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet would do more harm than good
The Washington Post (Nov 14, 2014) resident Obama’s call last week to regulate the Internet as a public utility is like pushing to replace the engine of a car that runs perfectly well.     read more...
Not neutral about net neutrality
The Economist (Nov 15, 2014) American presidents rarely tell agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) publicly what to do.     read more...
Telecoms poised to fight Obama's net-neutrality proposal
National Law Journal (Nov 17, 2014) When President Barack Obama last week urged the Federal Communications Commission to implement the "strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality" by regulating broadband Internet service as a utility, it sounded like a simple solution to a long-running fight.     read more...
Net neutrality debate raises big questions for Comcast’s big deal
Financial Times (Nov 13, 2014) Last week the president stunned Comcast, the largest cable and broadband operator in the US, and other broadband providers such as AT&T and Verizon, when he waded into the debate about net neutrality.     read more...
Swiss govt plans telecom law reforms
Telecompaper (Nov 19, 2014) Switzerland's Federal Council has adopted a report on proposed changes to telecom policy in the country.     read more...
Ofcom decides to refarm 700 MHz for mobile
Telecompaper (Nov 19, 2014) UK communications regulator Ofcom has decided to use the 700 MHz frequency band for mobile broadband services following a consultation earlier this year.     read more...
Retailers demand Federal cybersecurity legislation, financial services firms fire back
Tripwire (Nov 13, 2014) In a letter addressed to Congressional leaders of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, dozens of retail groups across the United States demanded the implementation of federal data protection legislation that would establish clear guidelines for businesses in the event of a breach.     read more...
Internet Society statement on the NETmundial Initiative
Internet Society (Nov 16, 2014) This new and different NETmundial Initiative has been organized by the partnership of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and the World Economic Forum.     read more...
Wheeler proposes $ 1.5 billion E-rate Cap increase
Communications Daily (Nov 18, 2014) The 1.5 billion increase in E-rate's funding cap that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler will propose in an NPRM to be circulated in time to be voted at the FCC's dec 11 meeting immediately ran into partisan opposition.     read more...
No one actually knows how to regulate the Internet
Harvard Business Review (Nov 18, 2014) Here’s a little secret: Nobody actually knows what the economic and societal ramifications will be if the Federal Communications Commission heeds President Obama’s call to classify broadband internet as a utility (more precisely, a “telecommunications service”).     read more...
Feds quietly slip Twitter a win
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 17, 2014) In April, Twitter asked the Justice Department to let it tell users how often it turns over information to the government for national security purposes. The government declined. They went back and forth. Last month, Twitter sued.     read more...
Finnish govt aims to speed up Broadband for All scheme
Telecompaper (Nov 17, 2014) The Finnish Government has reviewed the decision in principle for the Broadband for All 2015 project.     read more...
Facebook, Microsoft, Apple make year-end lobbying push to curb NSA spying
Bloomberg (Nov 15, 2014) Trade groups representing Facebook Inc. (FB), Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and Apple Inc. (AAPL) are pushing the Senate to pass legislation limiting National Security Agency spying before the Republican majority takes control of the chamber.     read more...
China stops censoring the web—for three days, in one city
Bloomberg (Nov 19, 2014) This week in China, there is a place where you can tweet to your heart's content, Facebook your friends, or Google a YouTube video.     read more...

Digital Economy

Telekom Austria eyes 'decisive' role in 5G
Total Telecom (Nov 17, 2014) Telekom Austria said it hopes to play a decisive role in the development of 5G after joining the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance.     read more...
TalkTalk and Telefónica UK to launch mobile service
Financial Times (Nov 16, 2014) TalkTalk has struck a deal with Telefónica UK to launch mobile services over its network as the group aims to build a bundled TV and telecoms business.     read more...
Look for European mobile telco consolidation
Imarket (Nov 17, 2014) European mobile telco consolidation seems to be in the cards this coming year, as analysts say the new European Commission administration will be more investor-friendly and ease merger rules.     read more...
Nokia turns to Silicon Valley for its next pitch to consumers
Financial Times (Nov 18, 2014) Nokia wants to rebuild its once-world beating technology business as an incubator for the next generation of smart consumer devices, using innovations such as virtual reality and low-cost carbon sensors.     read more...
Telecom Italia submits offer for Metroweb stake
Telecompaper (Nov 19, 2014) Telecom Italia has submitted an expression of interest for a controlling stake in Milan-based broadband provider Metroweb.     read more...
Dutch broadband penetration grows to 90% of households
Telecompaper (Nov 19, 2014) The share of Dutch households with broadband connections reached the milestone of 90 percent during the third quarter of this year, according to the latest quarterly report on the Dutch broadband market by Telecompaper.     read more...
Apple now bigger than Russia's stock market
The Telegraph (Nov 14, 2014) Technology giant Apple is worth more than the combined value of all Russian public companies for the first time.     read more...
Apple strikes China mobile payment deal
Telecoms (Nov 17, 2014) Smartphone giant Apple has announced the addition of UnionPay, the dominant Chinese debit and credit card payment organisation, as a payment option for Chinese App Store users.     read more...
Google to spend $250 million to boost ad compliance plan
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 17, 2014) Google has agreed to spend $250 million to boost its online advertising and compliance measures to settle a shareholder lawsuit over years-old charges that the search giant knowingly accepted illegal advertisements from online pharmacies.     read more...
Google’s Project Loon woos telecom giants
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 17, 2014) Some telecom analysts view Project Loon, Google’s effort to beam Internet signals from high-altitude balloons, as a threat to incumbent carriers. But Google wants to partner rather than compete, and some large wireless players have stepped forward.     read more...
Intel to combine PC, mobile chip groups
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 17, 2014) Intel plans to combine operations that handle chips for personal computers with those targeting smartphones and tablets, according to an email sent to employees by Chief Executive Brian Krzanich.     read more...
Vodafone chief admits to feeling forced to bid for TV rights
Financial Times (Nov 19, 2014) Vittorio Colao said Vodafone may be forced to bid for TV rights to keep pace with competitors in the UK and elsewhere.     read more...
Midas prepares for various scenarios for LTE auction
Telecompaper (Nov 18, 2014) Midas is preparing for various scenarios for access to the 800 MHz band, according to an interview in with Piotr Owdziej, who is responsible for investor relations at Midas.     read more...
Ventocom wants to fill gap for new mobile network provider
Telecompaper (Nov 18, 2014) Some 1.8 million customers are ready to change their mobile network provider within the next six months because of price increases, according to the study 'Austria is ready for new mobile network providers' conducted by the virtual network Ventocom.     read more...
Yahoo’s Mayer faces choice between investors, herself on Alibaba
Bloomberg (Nov 17, 2014) Yahoo! Ceo Marissa Mayer may find ducking a multi-billion-dollar tax bill forces her to choose between making impatient shareholders happy or running a larger company.     read more...

Tech & Services

Telco cloud upgrade for Telefonica coming from HP
RCRWireless (Nov 14, 2014) With an eye on increasing customer retention, Spanish-based global telecommunications services provider Telefónica Global Technologies announced a deal with Hewlett-Packard to upgrade the company’s global telco cloud systems.     read more...
EE launches next gen in-car wifi solution
Telecoms (Nov 14, 2014) EE, the UK joint venture between T-Mobile and Orange, has announced the launch of its connected car solution based on 4G technology.     read more...
Telstra to help Google test Internet balloons
Total Telecom (Nov 17, 2014) Google has partnered with Telstra in order to test its Internet-connected balloons over Australia.     read more...
Data is Uber’s business. But protecting it may be its biggest weakness.
The Washington Post (Nov 18, 2014) Collecting and analyzing information on its drivers’ and riders’ movements is how Uber gets rides to appear in the right part of town at exactly the right time, which is precisely what many people love about the ride-hailing app.     read more...
Facebook spins ‘groups’ into separate app
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 18, 2014 ) Facebook in its continuing effort to unbundle its core features into standalone services, is launching an app dedicated to Groups.     read more...
Facebook seeks foothold in your office
Financial Times (Nov 16, 2014) Facebook is secretly working on a new website called “Facebook at Work” to get a foothold in the office that will see the social network of more than 1bn people compete directly with Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn.     read more...
Another twist in the tale
The Economist (Nov 14, 2014) The bits of the electromagnetic spectrum dedicated to communications, from radio to Wi-Fi to the light flashing down optical fibres, are fairly crowded.     read more...
European Digital Forum: new ebook offers opinions on how to address Europe’s digital challenges
Broadband4europe (Nov 14, 2014) The European Digital Forum launched a new ebook called ‘Digital Minds for a New Europe’, a collection of 44 essays by “leading thinkers” on the many and diverse digital challenges ahead.     read more...
Viacom launches French channel Nickelodeon 4Teen
Telecompaper (Nov 18, 2014) Viacom launched Nickelodeon 4Teen, a new French channel for pre-teens aged 8 to 12-14.     read more...
Apple and others encrypt phones, fueling government standoff
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 18, 2014) The No. 2 official at the Justice Department delivered a blunt message last month to Apple Inc. executives: New encryption technology that renders locked iPhones impervious to law enforcement would lead to tragedy.     read more...
Apple adds China’s most popular card as app store option
Bloomberg (Nov 17, 2014) Apple said customers in China can now use the country’s most popular payment card for transactions on the App Store.     read more...
IBM launches business e-mail that integrates social media
Reuters (Nov 18, 2014) International Business Machine Corp on Tuesday launched a new e-mail application for businesses that integrates social media, file sharing and analytics.     read more...
Using mobile technology to better prepare, communicate, and keep informed during emergencies
Techchange (Nov 17, 2014) During an emergency, it is important to have ample information.     read more...
Evernote chief sees change as challenge
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 17, 2014) Evernote Ceo Phil Libin is focused on making people more productive during a time of rapid technological change. His company’s note-taking app, used by more than 100 million people globally, allows users to store and sync text and other material across computers and their various gadgets.     read more...
New York City hangs up pay phones, plans ‘LinkNYC’ digital hubs
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 17, 2014 ) NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office announced Monday that the city’s 6,400 pay phones—all coin-operated with an attached handset—will soon be historic relics.     read more...

Focus on

ETNO Digital Interview: Welcome to the data-hungry world
Bruxelles (Nov 20, 2014)
Good public policies require the right information. For all digital policy and regulation geeks, this is a cheerful week: Ericsson has just released its 7th Mobility Report, coming up with an exciting array of facts & figures that will shake up talk on today’s telecom markets.     read more...


(Oct 1, 2014)

Press Releases

Deutsche Telekom: Social Performance Report 2014 (Nov 17, 2014)
Deutsche Telekom carried out the yearly Social Performance Report between October 2013 and September 2014.

Elisa enables contactless payments with the SIM card in Finland (Nov 13, 2014)
Elisa enables contactless payments by introducing the first SIM card payment service in the Finnish market.

Enhanced Swisscom TV 2.0 light now included in the new basic offering (Nov 17, 2014)
With Swisscom TV 2.0 light, you can now pause shows that are currently playing and watch over 100 channels.

eircom Board appoints CEO (Nov 17, 2014)
The Board of eircom is pleased to confirm the appointment of Richard Moat as CEO.

Slovak Telekom Group announces 584 million EUR revenues in the first three quarters and strong results in ICT and TV business (Nov 5, 2014)
The first three quarters were successful for our company as we effectively managed the declining revenue trend.


Measuring mobile broadband performance in the UK 4G and 3G network performance
OFCOM (Nov 13, 2014)

Virtualization: The secret to a better-performing business
Techweek Europe (November 2014)

The economics of transition to Internet protocol version 6
OECD (Nov 6, 2014)

Ericsson Mobility Report
Ericsson (November 2014)

BuddeComm Intelligence Report - OTT and Industry Transformation
Budde (November 2014)


The History of #Hashtags

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Telcoms Tech World (Nov 26-27, 2014)
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1st International Conference on 5G for Ubiquitous Connectivity (Nov 26-27, 2014)
Levi, Finland


2nd Annual Transatlantic Digital Economy Conference
Bruxelles (Dec 2, 2014)

Mobile Roaming World Summit 2014
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Mobile Network Security Strategies 2014
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Broader way Forum 2014 - Enabling the digital future
Doha, Qatar (Dec 7, 2014)

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Warsaw, Poland (Feb 10-12, 2014)

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