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Thursday Nov 13, 2014

European Policies

European telecoms groups enjoy strong run of results
Financial Times (Nov 11, 2014) Almost £16bn has been added to the value of the European telecoms sector after an unexpectedly strong run of results, slowing a long-term decline in revenues at some of the region’s largest groups.     read more...
Andrus Ansip blog: First impressions
European Commission (Nov 7, 2014) This is a time of great change - and the start of the next five years of working together to build a genuine digital single market for Europe.     read more...
EC targets digital single market plan by May 2015
Telecompaper (Nov 12, 2014) European Commissioner Andrus Ansip has invited 13 fellow commissioners to a meeting to discuss plans for developing the digital single market in the EU.     read more...
Luigi Gambardella: what Juncker, Ansip and Oettinger should do for the telecom sector in Europe
Broadband4europe (Nov 10, 2014) The European Commission should carry out a whole review of the digital sector regulatory regime as soon as possible, because of the following reasons: 1) The telecom industry is a strategic sector for Europe.     read more...
Incoming EU antitrust chief: Google probe won't end overnight
ZDNet (Nov 11, 2014) Europe's new antitrust chief isn't taking the ongoing Google probe lightly.Despite the investigation now in its fourth year, European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager that it will take time to consider the next step.     read more...
Let ISPs lock their customers into longer contracts, new EU digital economy chief suggests
Gigaom (Nov 7, 2014) The European Union’s new digital economy commissioner, Günther Oettinger, has already made the dubious claim that big telecoms providers need to make more money following his predecessor’s focus on improving things for consumers. Now we know one way he intends to make this happen.     read more...
Guenther Oettinger: 'Wir sind noch nicht ehrlich genug'
Stuttgarter Zeitung (Nov 6, 2014) The interview takes place on the evening of the first meeting of the new Commission. Günther Oettinger talks about Europe (digital) future.     read more...
Anreiz zum Netzausbau: Oettinger will Wechsel des Internetanbieters einschränken
Der Spiegel (Nov 7, 2014) Günther Oettinger wants telecom companies to put more money in network expansion.     read more...
Oettinger defends telecoms monopoly
Europolitics (Nov 7, 2014) The commissioner says that broadband will receive a 'large slice of Juncker’s cake'.     read more...
Europe: le debut de mandat d'Oettinger placé sous le signe du copyright
ZDNet (Nov 7, 2014) Günther Oettinger, officially began his term last week. His first measure announced is to address the issue of copyright, this means for the Commissioner to deal with Google.     read more...
ETNO, rapporti più stretti tra Europa e Cina nell’Ict
Key4biz (Nov 6, 2014) The European telcos seek new sources of business in China. The aim is to involve the major players in the Chinese debate on the European single market for telecoms. Luigi Gambardella (ETNO): 'Soon we will have a digital single market in the EU'.     read more...
Internet: Italy to defend EU’s position in Washington
Europolitics (Nov 10, 2014) Italy's Telecoms Minister Antonello Giacomelli is to meet his American counterpart, Lawrence Strickling.     read more...
Breko warns of EU 'remonopolisation' of telecoms market
Telecompaper (Nov 11, 2014) Breko, the German association for broadband communication, warns of a 'remonopolisation' of the European telecommunications market as a result of efforts by the new EU commissioner Guenther Oettinger to rely on "national players" for the globalisation of telecoms services.     read more...
Cybersecurity? Nothing to do with us, mate – Google and Facebook
The Register (Nov 12, 2014) In an open letter to Europe’s telco ministers last week, CCIA (the Computer & Communications Industry Association) said the proposed Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive should excluding internet enabling services and focus on “truly critical infrastructure”.     read more...
EU soll Telekombranche gegen Google und Facebook helfen
Reuters (Nov 7, 2014) The European telecommunications industry demands the new EU Commission's help to compete against American Internet giants like Google and Facebook.     read more...

Global Policies

Obama calls on FCC to issue rules protecting ‘Net Neutrality’
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 10, 2014) President Barack Obama called on the Federal Communications Commission to declare broadband Internet service a public utility, saying that it is essential to the economy and that the 'strongest possible rules' are needed to ensure that the Internet doesn’t become divided into fast and slow lanes.     read more...
Obama net-neutrality stance may spur fight with GOP
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 11, 2014) President Barack Obama ’s call Monday for strong net-neutrality rules has hardened the political and ideological lines on government regulation of Internet traffic and increased the likelihood of a standoff with newly ascendant congressional Republicans.     read more...
Political and public pressure mounts on F.C.C. head over open internet rules
The New York Times (Nov 12, 2014) Even before President Obama issued his forceful call this week for “the strongest possible rules” to protect an open Internet, Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, was in a tight spot.     read more...
President Obama's net neutrality plan to regulate Google and internet content providers
Forbes (Nov 10, 2014) President Barack Obama decided to weigh in on the years-old Internet neutrality debate this week. Like all “net neutrality” proponents, he continues to falsely distinguish between the hyper-shuffling, synergistic businesses of “content” and “infrastructure,” and uses rhetoric portraying them as enemies in order to excuse government control over both.     read more...
Our view on President Obama’s statement on Net Neutrality: We need to preserve the Open Internet, but regulation is not the way forward
Public Policy Telefonica (Nov 12, 2014) Even for veterans of policy making, this week provided an unusual surprise: The President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama, announced the intentions of his government to preserve the Open Internet by asking the FCC, the independent regulator for communication, to implement the strongest possible rules to protect Net Neutrality by reclassifying it as a consumer broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.     read more...
Cisco CEO: Obama's plan will end high speed internet as we know it
Business Insider (Nov 12, 2014) If internet companies can't make money on high speed internet, they aren't going to invest billions to build faster networks, Cisco CEO John Chambers warned when talking to Wall Street analysts.     read more...
President Obama: Don’t mess with “our” Internet!
Techpolicy daily (Nov 12, 2014) A veritable storm of debate has erupted in the US in the wake of President Obama’s November 10 announcement urging the FCC to regulate broadband as a public utility under Title II.     read more...
Comcast loves Obama’s net neutrality plan, except for that Title II part
Arstechnica (Nov 12, 2014) Comcast said it supports President Obama's entire network neutrality proposal—except for that part about reclassifying broadband as a utility.     read more...
EUBrasil: Encouraging competition and investment is one of the priorities of the VII EU-Brazil Dialogue on the Information Society
EUBrasil (Nov 7, 2014) Creating an attractive environment for investment and competitiveness in the telecommunications and information technology industry is the largest commitment by Brazil and the European Union (EU) during the VII EU-Brazil Dialogue on the Information Society, held on 10 and 11 November, in Brussels.     read more...
Governance advocates see crowd-sourcing as way to fix Internet ills
Reuters (Nov 6, 2014) Three organizations - Brazil's Internet Steering Committee, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF)- said they were setting up a new group to find solutions to Internet governance issues, instead of waiting for governments to agree.     read more...
U.S. and China strike trade deal to cut tech tariffs
Time (Nov 11, 2014) China and the U.S. have succeeded in hammering out an agreement that will allow for the expansion of a trade deal aimed at removing myriad tariffs on high-tech goods.     read more...
Important accord dans les technologies de l’information entre la Chine et les Etats-Unis
Les Echos (Nov 11, 2014) China and United States have agreed to the lifting of tariffs on a wide range of products in the information technology, game consoles and GPS systems .     read more...
Ofcom unveils plans for new spectrum auction
WiredGov (Nov 10, 2014) Ofcom has taken a further step towards releasing valuable new spectrum that could be used to meet the growing demand for mobile broadband services.     read more...
Google urges US government to extend the US privacy act to EU citizens
Computer World UK (Nov 12, 2014) The U.S. government should give European citizens whose personal data is sent to U.S. authorities the same privacy protections that American citizens already enjoy in the EU.     read more...
Netherlands to refarm 700 MHz band for mobile
Telecompaper (Nov 7, 2014) The Dutch government has confirmed plans to devote the 700 MHz band to mobile communication.     read more...

Digital Economy

AT&T suspends superfast broadband plans
Financial Times (Nov 12, 2014) The biggest fixed-line telecoms group in the US on Wednesday said it would suspend plans to roll out superfast fibre broadband in 100 American cities, in the first significant corporate retaliation to President Barack Obama’s calls for tough new rules to enshrine net neutrality.     read more...
Europe’s new giant VC: Deutsche Telekom announces $620 million tech investment fund
Venture Beat (Nov 11, 2014) German telecom giant Deutsche Telekom announced it is creating a $620 million investment fund for new and mature startups in an effort to 'considerably expand the scope and volume of its investments in venture capital and technological innovation.'     read more...
Telefonica slows German revenue decline to 0.5% in Q3
Telecompaper (Nov 10, 2014) O2 Germany added 143,000 postpaid customers and 70,000 new prepaid customers in the third quarter to take its mobile base to 19.65 million at the end of September.     read more...
Brazil’s ICT sector among those with most growth in the world despite slowing economy
EUBrasil (Nov 5, 2014) The report, “Brazil and EU digital economies: recent developments”, indicates that despite Brazil’s modest economic growth in recent years, its telecommunications market has been growing steadily, with gross revenues reaching €43bn in 2013.     read more...
Deutsche Telekom AG's (DTEGY) CEO Timotheus Höttges on Q3 2014 Results
Seeking Alpha (Nov 6, 2014) 'Let start today's call on a very solid quarter here from Deutsche Telekom and give you a brief summary at the beginning what we have achieved in that respective quarter'.     read more...
Telekom Austria launches €1bn capital increase
Total Telecom (Nov 7, 2014) Telekom Austria launched its €1 billion capital increase. The operator said it plans to issue up to 221.5 million new shares priced at €4.57 to new and existing stakeholders.     read more...
Telekom Austria to merge Vip Operator Macedonia
Vanilla Plus (Oct 23, 2014) Telekom Austria Group and Telekom Slovenije Group have agreed to merge their subsidiaries Vip Operator and One, both operating in the Republic of Macedonia.     read more...
Terra Peregrin in €1.2bn Portugal Telecom bid
Financial Times (Nov 9, 2014) Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angola’s president, has launched a takeover bid for Portugal Telecom SGPS that values the holding company at €1.2bn and would not disrupt a planned merger between the Portuguese group and Brazil’s Oi.     read more...
Telecom Italia ready to consider Oi merger
Telecompaper (Nov 10, 2014) Telecom Italia has no option but to consider a potential merger with Brazilian operator Grupo Oi as it seeks to strengthen its local unit TIM Brasil, according to the Italian company’s CEO Marco Patuano.     read more...
Telefónica aims to sell $875m China Unicom stake
Financial Times (Nov 10, 2014) Telefónica wants to sell close to half its stake in China Unicom, the Chinese mobile operator, for as much as $875m, as the Spanish group rebuilds its financial position ahead of potential deals in Latin America.     read more...
Vodafone to battle for dominance of UK residential broadband
Financial Times (Nov 10, 2014) Vodafone is planning to introduce residential broadband services in the UK next year to take on BT as the British telecoms group continues to increase investment in its network services to counter steep competition in core markets.     read more...
AT&T to take on Slim’s telecoms empire
Financial Times (Nov 7, 2014) AT&T is taking on Carlos Slim’s Mexican telecoms empire by buying one of his main rivals and competing aggressively for his customers, as it seeks to capitalise on a big shake-up of the country’s wireless industry.     read more...
AT&T expands into Mexico with $2.5 billion acquisition of Iusacell
Techi (Nov 10, 2014) AT&T has agreed a deal to expand into Mexico with the acquisition of local carrier Iusacell. The $2.5 billion move will create the first ever 'North American mobile service,' AT&T says, and it will serve more than 400 million people across the U.S. and Mexico.     read more...
Alibaba Now Bigger Than P&G, GE and Wells Fargo
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 13, 2014) What do Facebook Inc., Chevron Corp., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Procter & Gamble Co. and General Electric Co. have in common? All are among the 25 largest companies in the S&P 500, and all are currently smaller than Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.     read more...
Alibaba Singles' Day hits new record as sales surge past £4bn
The Guardian (Nov 11, 2014) Chinese online retailer Alibaba said more than £4bn of goods have been sold so far during its annual Singles’ Day online shopping frenzy, as customers jumped on heavily discounted goods to send sales surging past 2013’s record high.     read more...


Orange co-fonde un think tank dédié au big data dans la santé
L'Usine Digitale (Nov 10, 2014) Orange has teamed up with several players, including a large pharmaceutical lab, to create the Healthcare Data Institute.     read more...
LinkedIn open sources Cubert, a big data computation engine that saves CPU resources
Gigaom (Nov 11, 2014) Linkedin said on Tuesday that it open sourced a framework called Cubert that uses specialized algorithms to organize data in a way that makes it easier to run queries without overburdening the system and wasting CPU resources.     read more...
Apple in legal soup over missing text messages
The Next Web (Nov 11, 2014) Following a ruling in a California court on Monday, Apple may face a class action lawsuit over the loss of ‘countless’ text messages, caused by the company’s iMessage service.     read more...
Apple blocks malicious software Wirelurker on iPhones
The Guardian (Nov 7, 2014) Apple says it has blocked Wirelurker, the first piece of malware able to infect iOS devices and applications which have not been jailbroken.     read more...
Double trouble for Apple, as two software security flaws discovered
The Guardian (Nov 6, 2014) Users of Apple’s Mac OS X are being warned to watch out for not one, but two new weaknesses in the platform which can be used in attacks – one of which is already in the wild.     read more...
Apple just fixed the most annoying thing about iMessage
The Washington Post (Nov 10, 2014) Apple has rolled out a remedy to solve the most annoying thing about iMessage: the fact that you can't get away from it, even if you leave your iPhone behind.     read more...
Internet of Things smart furniture unveiled by SK Telecom, Hyundai
CNET (Nov 9, 2014) New smart home furniture powered by Internet of Things technology is the product of an unlikely partnership between South Korea's largest mobile carrier, SK Telecom, and South Korean furniture maker, Hyundai Livart.     read more...
WhatsApp evidence used to divorce nearly half of Italian adulterers
The Independent (Nov 10, 2014) Forty per cent of adulterous divorce cases in Italy cite WhatsApp messages as evidence of unfaithfulness, the Italian Association of Matrimonial Lawyers has reported.     read more...
Which is the best tablet for gift-giving?
The Guardian (Nov 10, 2014) Tablets can do almost anything a desktop computer can and in some cases more. But the number of tablet computers available is dizzying. So here’s our guide to six of the best, covering all budgets and needs.     read more...
Microsoft releases first Lumia smartphone without Nokia label
CNET (Nov 10, 2014) The Microsoft Lumia 535 made its debut, notable for being the first Lumia handset to lose the Nokia label.     read more...
Facebook Messenger now used by more than 500M people
CNET (Nov 10, 2014) Despite initially raising the ire of many Facebook Messenger users, the new standalone messaging app has managed to win acceptance by nearly half of the social network's users.     read more...
Make your own computer: world's first 3D-printed laptop
The Telegraph (Nov 10, 2014) For anyone who has spent hours on the phone to a technical support helpline, it is the ideal Christmas present: a computer you can make – and fix – yourself.     read more...
A touch-free smartphone the disabled can control with their heads
Wired (Nov 11, 2014) Shortly after appearing on Israeli television with a new computer game you control merely by moving your head, Oded Ben Dov got a phone call.     read more...
The 'infosphere': where philosophy meets technology
BBC (Nov 12, 2014) Luciano Floridi is an Oxford University academic with an intriguing title: professor of philosophy and ethics of information. He works at the Oxford Internet Institute and has just written a book which takes a wide view of the great connectivity disruption of our times.     read more...
The Tor Project wonders how the feds took down hidden websites
Techi (Nov 10, 2014) Little is known about how US and European law enforcement shut down more than 400 websites, including Silk Road 2.0, which used technology that hides their true IP addresses.     read more...

Focus on

ETNO statement on recent developments of the U.S. Open Internet debate
Bruxelles (Nov 11, 2014)
'Telcos ability to innovate and invest in new networks and services is key to citizens and businesses. Adding layers of regulation where it is unnecessary will frustrate innovation and investments in the digital value chain. This would also set the stage for more countries across the world to over-regulate the Internet' said Luigi Gambardella, ETNO chairman.     read more...


FT-ETNO Summit 2014, Fátima Barros, Incoming Chair 2015, BEREC, Chair, ANACOM, Portugal
(Oct 1, 2014)

Press Releases

Telefónica acceletates its growth and reaches a net income of 2,849 million euros until September (Nov 12, 2014)
César Alierta, has emphasised the important advances in the third quarter in Telefónica's transformation process

Magyar Telekom results for the third quarter of 2014 (Nov 6, 2014)
Magyar Telekom reported its consolidated financial results for the third quarter

Swisscom: Net neutrality - ICT companies guarantee an open Internet (Nov 7, 2014)
Swiss ICT companies act to dispel uncertainties about net neutrality. Swisscom, Sunrise, upc cablecom, Orange and the cable network companies' association Swisscable have formulated a code of conduct on net neutrality.

Telekom Austria Group announces capital increase of up to EUR 1 bn net proceeds (Nov 7, 2014)
The management board of Telekom Austria Aktiengesellschaft has resolved on a capital increase targeting net proceeds in the amount of up to EUR 1.0 bn

Prolonged review of TeliaSonera’s acquisition of Tele2 in Norway (Nov 11, 2014)
The Norwegian Competition Authority prolongs its review of TeliaSonera’s acquisition of the Norwegian operations of Tele2.


Report on Cyber Crisis Cooperation and Management
ENISA (Nov 6, 2014)

Infonetics survey respondents rate Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google and Cisco top cloud service providers
Infonetics (Nov 10, 2014) Intelligence 2014 Global Industry Survey Report
Telecoms (November 2014)

Satellite Telecommunications Report
Futron (November 2014)

Global Mobile Broadband Market in Public Safety 2014-2018
Research and Markets (October 2014)


The Rise of Internet of Things

Source: Best Infographics

Next Week

Telecom Italia and OECD: Internet, jobs & skills, an opportunity for growth (Nov 18, 2014)
Rome, Italy

LTE North America 2014 (Nov 18-20, 2014)
Dallas, TX Usa

Global Mobile Broadband Forum (Nov 18-21, 2014)
Shanghai, China

MVNOs Industry Summit (Nov 19-20, 2014)
Dallas, TX Usa

Precise Timing & Synchronization Summit 2014 (Nov 19-20, 2014)
Dallas, TX Usa


Internet of Things World Forum 2014
London, UK (Nov 25-26, 2014)

Telecoms TechWorld
London, UK (Nov 26-27, 2014)

Mobile Roaming World Summit 2014
London, UK (Dec 2-3, 2014)

Mobile Network Security Strategies 2014
New York, NY Usa (Dec 3, 2014)

Carrier Network Virtualization
Palo Alto, Ca Usa (Dec 9-11, 2014)

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