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Thursday Nov 6 2014

European Policy

ETNO delegation visits Beijing: EU-China mission on telecoms/digital
ETNO (Nov 3, 2014) ETNO, representing Europe’s leading telecoms operators, started its visit to digital China.     read more...
Pierre Louette: Pour Orange, il est temps d’adapter la régulation des télécoms au marché
Les Echos (Nov 5, 2014) As a new telecom giant is borning with the merger of SFR and Numericable, Orange believes that regulation should evolve accordingly. The company also recalls its attachment to the fiber 'technology in future high-speed broadband'.     read more...
ETNO leaders seek business in China
Europolitics (Nov 5, 2014) The EU's leading telecom operators have launched a charm offensive in China, hoping to lure investment and build partnerships with Asia's new and fast-growing firms.     read more...
The European Commission’s new digital agenda duo
LSE (Nov 4, 2014) The new European Commission took office over the weekend, starting officially on 1 November, and I cannot resist pointing out that it seems new Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker realized it would take two men to do the job of one woman.     read more...
Oettinger befürwortet Urheberrechtsabgabe fürs Internet
Heise (Nov 1, 2014) The newly crowned European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Guenther Oettinger, has brought a kind of cultural contribution of all online users     read more...
EU-Digitalkommissar Oettinger zu Gast
Bundestag Deutschland (Nov 4, 2014) The new EU-Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Guenther Oettinger. wants to promote the Europeanisation of digital policy.     read more...
Outgoing Digital Commissioner: A lot more work is needed to clarify the ‘right to be forgotten’
Euractiv (Oct 31, 2014) The EU has to do quite a lot more work to make the “right to be forgotten” clear, says Neelie Kroes. In a wide-ranging interview, she also reflects on the new Juncker Commission and what’s missing from Europe’s digital economy.     read more...
New EU Digital chief floats tough anti-Google regulations
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 31, 2014) Incoming European Commissioner for the Digital Economy, Germany’s Günther Oettinger, seems to be champing at the bit to curtail Google’s power on the continent.     read more...
EU’s new Digital Economy Commissioner may hit Google with an IP tax
Silicon Republic (Nov 3, 2014) In what is becoming known as the ‘Google tax’, the incoming European Commissioner for the Digital Economy Günther Oettinger is considering implementing taxes that protect European content and intellectual property.     read more...
EU official criticizes Google meetings on right to be forgotten ruling
Reuters (Nov 4, 2014) A senior EU official criticized a series of public meetings held in Europe by Google on a landmark court ruling on the "right to be forgotten", saying the meetings were part of lobbying efforts against EU data protection rules.     read more...
Digital single market: Juncker’s ‘to do’ list
Europolitics (Nov 3, 2014) Jean-Claude Juncker had already announced his intention to address the European digital single market during the first days of his mandate. In order to get him off to a good start, heavyweights in competition law have come up with a ‘to do list’.     read more...
Europe shifts on priorities for telecoms
The New York Times (Nov 2, 2014) Less than a quarter of Europeans can connect to high-speed cellphone networks, compared with about 90 percent of Americans.     read more...
Le telecom europee possono ripartire, ma serve chiarezza
Borsa Italiana (Oct 27, 2014) 'Europe telecommunications is ready to go, but need certainty regulatory to attract international investors who are still at the window'. Luigi Gambardella, ETNO's chairman, the association of the major European telecom, is convinced that the old Continent has the opportunity to recover the competitiveness gap that has widened in recent years.     read more...
Enhanced confusion: The European Council and the Governance of the Internet
CircleID (Oct 31, 2014) The fact that the European Council adopted a resolution on Internet Governance underlines that the topic is meanwhile a high priority issue for the EU.     read more...
EU welcomes Orban's scrapping of Internet tax
Euractiv (Oct 31, 2014) After prompting huge mass protests in Budapest and being strongly condemned by the EU, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the tax 'in its current form can't be introduced.'     read more...

Global Policy

Shaping an interconnected world, sharing a China-EU common dream - Lu Wei
European Commission (October 2014) I learned at the ICANN 50 in London this June that 72 percent of the EU population regularly uses the Internet, and that the EU will be a Digital Single Market by 2015.     read more...
One million cyber attacks a day on Deutsche Telekom network
Euractiv (Nov 5, 2014) Nine out of ten companies in Germany are targeted by hacker attacks, driving loud calls for a “cyber-EU” that is also able to "deter" terrorists.     read more...
Estonia pushes for EU digital single market
Global Post (Nov 5, 2014) Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas is not satisfied with what the EU has achieved in terms of free movement of services and digital single market in the European Union member states.     read more...
Mobile telecom companies in Romania ask for better access rules to fixed networks
Balkans (Nov 3, 2014) Mobile telecom companies in Romania are pleading with the telecom watchdog ANCOM to regulate the access of mobile operators to fixed networks.     read more...
Hungary’s internet tax: continuing to undermine the country’s democratic principles
European Public Affairs (Oct 31, 2014) In the past week, Hungary’s government led by self-styled Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been faced with one of the biggest challenges since his accession to power in 2010.     read more...
Digital Poland programme to get EC backing by late November
Telecompaper (Nov 3, 2014) The state programme Digital Poland will probably be the first national operating programme to be approved by the new European Commission, Iwona Wendel, Poland's Vice-Minister for Infrastructure and Development (MIR) told the agency PAP.     read more...
ITU Plenipotentiary Conference: Internet Governance Diplomacy On Display
IP Watch (Nov 5, 2014) ITU member states gathered at the Plenipotentiary Conference in Busan, South Korea, passing a set of internet-related resolutions that will preserve the limited status quo of involvement of the UN organisation responsible for telecommunication and radio frequencies in internet-related public policy issues.     read more...
The FCC plays Russian roulette with network neutrality
Forbes (Nov 2, 2014) At its core, network neutrality is a struggle to see which, if any, federal agency has the legal authority to regulate the Internet.     read more...
No compromise: FCC should reject risky, confusing “hybrid” net neutrality
Electronic Frontier Foundation (Nov 3, 2014) Back in May the Federal Communications Commission proposed flawed “net neutrality” rules that would effectively bless the creation of Internet “slow lanes.” After months of netroots protests the FCC is now reportedly considering a new “hybrid” proposal.     read more...
Google, Amazon and Apple less transparent than Gazprom
Euractive (Nov 5, 2014) Google, Amazon, and Apple are among the least transparent multinationals in the world, worse than Russian state-owned energy companies Gazprom, and Rosneft, according to a report published by anti-corruption campaigners.     read more...
Google leads from behind on net neutrality
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 31, 2014) Winston Churchill quipped that the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. Dumb Internet regulation may be about to prove his point.     read more...
Ireland moves to close one tax break and opens another
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 4, 2014) As the Irish government moves to close one door to corporate tax avoidance, it is opening another.     read more...
Mobile security breaches hit more than 40% of UK businesses
Financial Times (Nov 4, 2014) More than 40% of UK businesses have suffered a security breach from work mobile phones in the past 12 months, according to BT, which has warned that companies are not taking the dangers of smartphones seriously enough.     read more...
Legislators should establish data protection legislation in line with EU law
International Law Office (Nov 4, 2014) While Turkey has certain sector-specific regulations, it does not yet have dedicated data protection legislation.     read more...
Divide opens up over internet privacy between UK and rest of Europe
Financial Times (Nov 4, 2014) Across Europe, where Edward Snowden’s revelations about spying triggered a public backlash against technology companies, many countries are reluctant to legislate in favour of greater powers for intelligence agencies to snoop on the public.     read more...

Digital Economy

España sube en el ranking europeo de fibra con el tirón de Telefónica
Cinco Dias (Nov 3, 2014) Según los últimos datos publicados por la CNMC, el mercado español contaba en agosto con 1,098 millones de clientes de FTTH, de los que 990.000 correspondían a Telefónica.     read more...
Telefónica taps Comsearch as it seeks ot optimize wireless network performance
Business Wire (Nov 4, 2014) Global telecommunications operator Telefónica has chosen Comsearch, an industry leader in wireless spectrum planning and analysis, to help in creating the best performing wireless networks through highly optimized microwave backhaul systems.     read more...
Slovenia picks Deutsche Telekom, 4 funds to bid for telecoms firm
Reuters (Nov 3, 2014) Slovenia has narrowed the field of bidders for its largest telecoms provider to Deutsche Telekom and four buyout firms, several sources said, as the government presses ahead with a privatization plan.     read more...
Brazilian carve-up on the cards as AM, Telefonica, Oi prepare joint bid for TIM Brasil
Telegeography (Nov 3, 2014) Mexico’s America Movil (AM), Spain’s Telefonica and Brazil’s Grupo Oi have reportedly agreed to place a bid for and to break up TIM Participacoes (TIM Brasil).     read more...
Altice makes €7bn offer for Portugal Telecom
Financial Times (Nov 3, 2014) The holding company founded by billionaire Patrick Drahi has confirmed it will make an offer for the Portuguese telecoms group.     read more...
Bulgarian operator GloBul rebrands as Telenor
Telegeography (Nov 5, 2014) Bulgarian telecoms operator Cosmo Bulgaria (GloBul) has officially adopted the branding of its new owner, Norwegian telecoms group Telenor, while also revamping its subscription plans portfolio.     read more...
Former economy minister proposes to consider 'Lattelecom' merger
TechNews (Nov 5, 2014) In order to improve the company's competitive capacity, it would be useful to consider a merger between the telecommunications company 'Lattelecom' and one of the mobile communications operators, former Economy Minister Vjaceslavs Dombrovskis said in an interview with the LNT show '900 sekundes'.     read more...
Alibaba Q3 revenues jump 54% on mobile expansion
Telecompaper (Nov 4, 2014) Alibaba Group reported third-quarter revenues up 53.7 percent year-on-year to CNY 16.83 billion (USD 2.74 billion).     read more...
Verizon, AT&T partner to enable VoLTE interoperability
Telecompaper (Nov 4, 2014) Verizon and AT&T have announced the companies are enabling VoLTE-to-VoLTE connections between their respective customers.     read more...
Mozilla and GSMA partner to bring the mobile Web and content creation tools to the next 4 billion
The Next Web (Nov 5, 2014) Mozilla has announced that it is entering a partnership with the GSMA to help enable internet access and local content creation and delivery in geographies with poor Web connectivity.     read more...
Xiaomi makes $1bn push into creating television programming
Financial Times (Nov 4, 2014) Xiaomi has pledged to invest more than $1bn into developing its own television content in a further sign of the ambitions of the fast-growing Chinese technology group.     read more...
Apple sells bonds in euros
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 4, 2014) The iPhone maker issued its debut nondollar bond Tuesday, offering €2.8 billion in debt maturing in 8 and 12 years, following up on a plan outlined this year to broaden the number of investors from whom it can borrow money.     read more...
2014 Q3 shows tech deals and IPOs are stronger than ever
Venture Beat (Nov 4, 2014) According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) latest quarterly report on U.S. technology deals, 2014’s third quarter has remained strong, yielding 64 deals for a total of $31.2 billion in value.     read more...
Mobile technology investment to focus on Internet of Things
Midsize Insider (Nov 4, 2014) According to a recent CompTIA study featured in eWeek, almost a quarter of SMBs spent nothing on mobile technology last year, while 16 percent spent less than $800.     read more...
Ein bisschen Netzneutralität geht nicht
Wirtschafts Woche (Nov 3, 2014) In the US, Netflix has to pay money to the cable company to transfer the huge amounts of data.     read more...

Tech & Services

Comsearch to help Telefonica optimise network performance
Telecompaper (Nov 4, 2014) Telefonica has signed a deal with Comsearch, a CommScope company, to use the latter's iQ.linkXG microwave backhaul planning tool to maximise its network resources and performance.     read more...
Vodafone to offer Sky channels to mobile customers
Financial Times (Nov 4, 2014) Vodafone has struck a deal to offer BSkyB’s NowTV services to its mobile customers, in the latest sign of a strengthening relationship between the two British groups.     read more...
Verizon, AT&T partner to enable VoLTE interoperability
Telecompaper (Nov 3, 2014) Verizon and AT&T have announced the companies are enabling VoLTE-to-VoLTE connections between their respective customers.     read more...
AT&T to offer HTC One (M8) for Windows on 7 November
Telecompaper (Nov 4, 2014) AT&T has announced plans to offer the HTC One (M8) for Windows online and in AT&T retail stores beginning 7 November.     read more...
Another important Microsoft app is about to launch: Skype translator
Business Insider (Nov 3, 2014) Microsoft has begun taking requests for people who want to try out Skype Translator, a service that will translate a Skype conversation between two languages in real time.     read more...
Google releases open source Nogotofail network traffic security testing tool
Venture Beat (Nov 4, 2014) Google introduced a new tool for testing network traffic security called Nogotofail.     read more...
Google builds new ‘freeways’ to its data centers for cloud push
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 4, 2014 ) Google unveiled three types of express lanes for corporate customers to connect to its “cloud” computing services, part of an effort to close the gap with industry leaders Amazon and Microsoft.     read more...
New app ‘Hash’ attempts to better organize tweets around events
The Wall Street Journal (Nov 4, 2014) A former Twitter developer has launched “Hash,” a pared down version of Twitter’s app limited to a list of the world’s biggest news events of the day combined with the most notable tweets mentioning those stories.     read more...
Study supports EBU spectrum stance
Advanced Television (Nov 3, 2014) A study into the future use of radio spectrum – the finite resource essential to free-to-air TV access – concludes that its most valuable use for at least the next 15 years is digital terrestrial broadcasting (DTT).     read more...
KPN wins 5-year IT, hosting contract at NS
Telecompaper (Nov 3, 2014) Dutch rail operator NS has awarded a contract to KPN for delivery and management of various IT services.     read more...
China to launch hack-proof quantum communication network
The Economic Times (Nov 4, 2014) China will complete and put into service the world's longest quantum communication network stretching 2,000km from Beijing to Shanghai by 2016, say scientists leading the project.     read more...
WiFi Growth Map says we’ll have one hotspot for every eight people
CBNCO (Nov 4, 2014) The WiFi Growth Map is an interactive tool with a slider that allows users to see how the growth of WiFi will happen on each continent until 2018.     read more...
IoT may be bigger than the internet
IBM (Nov 4, 2014) Amazon Web Services is reshaping the big data community, along with Netflix and YouTube, by plugging into and accessing the Internet of Things—and seeing results.     read more...
Donald Pels, telecoms entrepreneur and benefactor, 1928-2014
Financial Times (Oct 31, 2014) On spotting John McCaw in the lobby of the George V hotel in Paris, Donald Pels cracked a smile. The pair had lately grown close while hatching a plan to combine Pels’ Lin Broadcasting with McCaw Cellular into a group with scores of US television channels.     read more...
Your mobile device can last all day long with the BookMark battery
Cult of Mac (Oct 31, 2014) Constantly afraid you’ll run out of power before the day is out? Then say goodbye to your worries forever with The BookMark Battery, just $34.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.     read more...

Focus on

ETNO Digital Interview: Hélène Barnekow, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at TeliaSonera
Bruxelles (Nov 6, 2014)
Telecom markets are changing. Which leading trends do you identify between now and 2020? 'The trend is pretty clear, it’s data, data and more data! Primarily driven by video traffic within the network, but we will also see the huge growth of connected devices that will rely on high quality, always on connectivity and I think we will also see that the reliance on the network will not just be for consumer devices such as wearable’s and entertainment'.     read more...


FT-ETNO Summit 2014, Daniel Thomas, Telecoms Editor, Financial Times
(Oct 1, 2014)

Press Releases

Telefonica and Telenor interconnect globally and boost their LTE Roaming reach through IPX Peering agreement (Nov 4, 2014)
Telenor Global Services (TGS) and Telefonica Global Solutions have announced the signature of an IPX peering agreement.

Deutsche Telekom: Top decision-makers want European counterparts to Google, Facebook, etc. (Oct 30, 2014)
Telekom presents Cyber Security Report 2014 for top executives from business and politics

'Never Alone' Orange Business Services reconnects with image campaigns (Oct 30, 2014)
For all of life’s major experiences, would you rather be by yourself or have company? This is the question that Orange Business Services (Orange’s B2B division) is asking all companies.

Telecom Italia: transfer of 17% of Sofora to Fintech (Oct 29, 2014)
Telecom Italia announces that, for Telecom Argentina shares, the first closing has taken place.

JAMES Study: smartphones are becoming increasingly important to young people (Oct 30, 2014)
The Internet and mobile phones are an indispensable part of young people's lives, infact 97% of young mobile phone users in Switzerland own a smartphone.


The Economics of Transition to Internet Protocol version 6
OECD (Nov 6, 2014)

The performance of fixed-line broadband delivered to UK residential consumers
OFCOM (October 2014)

Latvia telecoms market report 2014
Analysys Mason (Oct 21, 2014)

The cost of connectivity 2014
Open Technology Institute (Oct 30, 2014)

United Kingdom Telecommunications Report Q4 2014
CNBC (Oct 30, 2014)


82% of IT leaders consider security a top priority

Source: ZDNet

Next Week

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