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Thursday, October 16

European Policies

Europe’s big challenge: Creating a digital single market
Gigaom (Oct 11, 2014) Jean-Claude Juncker made expanding economic growth and jobs the number-one priority of his campaign platform. 'The key ingredient,' he declared, is to 'create a digital single market for consumers and businesses'.     read more...
Europe: Jean-Claude Juncker est décidé à abolir les frontières en faveur d’un marché unique numérique
Edition Multimedia (Oct 13, 2014) Avec un vice-président en charge du Marché unique numérique (Andrus Ansip) et un commissaire à l’Economie numérique et à la Société (Günther Oettinger), Internet devient une grande priorité pour l’Europe.     read more...
Digital future: a tale of two Europes
Euractiv (Oct 16, 2014) Wide variations in the predicted impact of the digital sector of the future European economy are challenging policymakers' preparation for a radically different jobs market.     read more...
Juncker takes another gamble
European Voice (Oct 16, 2014) The European Parliament will clear the way for a revised line-up of European commissioners to be approved next week in Strasbourg so that they can take up office on 1 November as initially planned.     read more...
European Commission and data industry launch €2.5 billion partnership to master big data
European Commission (Oct 13, 2014) The European Commission and Europe's data industry have committed to invest €2.5 billion in a public-private partnership (PPP) that aims to strengthen the data sector and put Europe at the forefront of the global data race.     read more...
EU data protection law on track for Juncker deadline
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 10, 2014) Progress is slowly being made on the European Union’s proposed new rules for data protection.     read more...
How to comply with the new EU data protection regulation
Information Age (Oct 13, 2014) For the first time in many years, the European Commission is reevaluating the European Union's data protection regulations.     read more...
Why the incoming EU data regulations represent a major opportunity for cloud providers
Techradar (Oct 14, 2014) New European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will change both how consumer data is stored and how organisations must respond if a data breach occurs.     read more...
Bruxelles déplafonne les tarifs du marché des télécommunications fixes
Les Echos (Oct 9, 2014) The European Commission approved the deregulation of the rates that the major telecommunications operators apply to their smaller counterparts so they can access their fixed networks.     read more...
Telecoms package: Hot potato for Oettinger
Europolitics (Oct 10, 2014) The next Commission will be accountable to the ombudsman for the flimsy impact assessment on the telecoms package presented by Neelie Kroes.     read more...
Axelle Lemaire prône une République numérique, plus politique que technique
L'Usine Digitale (Oct 9, 2014) Facing the telecoms regulator ARCEP and stakeholders gathered for its annual conference, the Secretary of State to digital agenda has renewed the government's commitment to the digital political.     read more...
'I am committed to find win-win solutions'
Europolitics (Oct 10, 2014) Interview with Andrus Ansip, Commission vice-president designate for digital single market.     read more...
#AskAnsip: Proposed EU digital chief to answer questions on Twitter
Mis-Asia (Oct 15, 2014) Anyone with a burning question about the European Union's upcoming tech agenda had the chance to get an answer during a Twitter chat that took place on Wednesday with Andrus Ansip, who could soon be the European Commission's Vice-President of the Digital Single Market.     read more...
EU, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft: We'll fight terrorists... with workshops
The Register (Oct 10, 2014) The EU, and several of the world's biggest and most powerful tech companies, made little progress in finding ways to combat terrorists' use of online media.     read more...
Landline deregulation: Big EU telcos have Skype to thank
The Register (Oct 9, 2014) Traditional telcos have caught a break from the European Commission with the fixed telephony and the wholesale fixed call markets set to be immediately deregulated.     read more...

Global Policies

Ireland considers closing corporate-tax loophole
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 12, 2014) Ireland has announced changes to its tax code that could eventually close one of the world’s most famous corporate-tax loopholes.     read more...
Italian parliament publishes internet bill of rights
Telecompaper (Oct 14, 2014) A commission made up of 13 experts and 10 members of parliament set up by Laura Boldrini, the speaker of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, has published a draft version of an internet bill of rights designed to protect the freedom of all citizens online and regulate internet use.     read more...
Iliad faces a bumpy route back home
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 15, 2014) Iliad must redraw the map in France, having dropped plans for U.S. expansion. Abandoning a costly bid for T-Mobile US leaves the French telecom firm with more financial flexibility to try to win market share at home.     read more...
iSight: Ukraine crisis intensifies Russian cyber-espionage
Euractiv (Oct 14, 2014) Russian hackers exploited a bug in Microsoft Windows and other software to spy on computers used by NATO, the European Union, Ukraine and companies in the energy and telecommunications sectors, according to cyber intelligence firm iSight Partners.     read more...
Google denies half of all Europeans’ ‘forgotten’ requests
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 10, 2014) People in Estonia and Liechtenstein are most vigorously taking advantage of their new right to be 'forgotten' from Google search results, while Germans are most successful at getting links removed.     read more...
Obama makes FCC’s tight spot on net rules even tighter
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 13, 2014) Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is in a tight spot as he writes rules for how broadband companies can treat traffic on their networks.     read more...
The FCC's proposal to expand Wi-Fi spectrum is a good start
Forbes (Oct 14, 2014) According to a recent ACI analysis, wireless data traffic doubled in 2013, with 3.2 trillion megabytes traveling on wireless networks.     read more...
Aereo to the FCC: Let us join the cable companies we tried to replace
The Washington Post (Oct 13, 2014) The Federal Communications Commission is weighing whether to extend regulations for satellite television providers, cable companies and other "multichannel video providers" to Aereo and other "linear" online video distributors.     read more...
Ads tied to web searches criticized as deceptive
The Wall Street Journal (Oct ) FTC has pressed Google, Yahoo, Microsoft to comply with requests to highlight paid links.     read more...
Washington wants to become a hub for cybersecurity companies. Can it be done?
The Washington Post (Oct 12, 2014) Montgomery County will be home to the first federally funded research and development center focused solely on advancing cybersecurity technology.     read more...
Google cyber team discovers ‘Poodle’ bug
Financial Times (Oct 15, 2014) A new vulnerability in the basic software used to secure the web has been discovered by cyber security researchers at Google, who have dubbed the flaw “Poodle”.     read more...
Coding moves firmly into the mainstream
Euractiv (Oct 13, 2014) Europe Code Week started this week. A packed schedule of events, discussion, competitions and debate, it will raise awareness about this vital skill.     read more...
Five-years-olds learn coding in schools to prepare for future labour market
Euractive (Oct 14, 2014) Some German states have introduced coding for high school students while Denmark is considering doing the same. Meanwhile, some schools in Estonia are teaching programming to pupils as young as six.     read more...
Edward Snowden: state surveillance in Britain has no limits
The Guardian (Oct 12, 2014) The UK authorities are operating a surveillance system where 'anything goes' and their interceptions are more intrusive to people’s privacy than has been seen in the US, Edward Snowden said.     read more...
A comment is not a vote: will the FCC actually pay attention to the public’s thoughts on net neutrality?
LSE (Oct 10, 2014) The Federal Communications Commission in the US is currently formulating new rules for how broadband providers must treat traffic on their networks.     read more...

Digital Economy

Deutsche Telekom, China Mobile launch connected-car joint venture
4 Traders (Oct 10, 2014) Deutsche Telekom and China Mobile signed an agreement for a joint venture offering telecommunication services in China's connected-cars business.     read more...
Croatia's HT to decide on prices for public tenders
Telecompaper (Oct 9, 2014) Croatian operators Hrvatski Telekom, Iskon and Optima Telekom, all part of the HT group, have received the regulator's green light to take part on public tenders for fixed telephony services,     read more...
Ziggo keeps FY guidance as revenues lift 3% in Q3
Telecompaper (Oct 16, 2014) Ziggo said revenues for its third quarter rose 2.9% to EUR 402.6 million, thanks to its April price hike. EBITDA lifted 3.4% to EUR 228 million while the net profit fell to EUR 2.7 million from 86.5 million on the back of impairment charges.     read more...
Vodafone wins rare legal victory in Indian tax dispute
Financial Times (Oct 10, 2014) Vodafone has won a long-running Rs30bn ($490m) Indian tax dispute, providing a rare spot of good news for a company that has suffered a series of bruising battles with the country’s revenue authorities.     read more...
Nuestra oferta para comprar Jazztel es muy atractiva, no la subiremos
El Pais (Oct 12, 2014) Stéphane Richard is since 2011 Orange President and CEO. He has used a visit to Spain to explain the reasons of the bid for Jazztel for 3,400 million euros.     read more...
EE agrees to acquire final part of Phones 4U
Financial Times (Oct 14, 2014) EE has agreed a deal to acquire the Phones 4U mobile business, which has continued to operate across the UK after the demise of its retailer owner.     read more...
Intel ships over 100m chips for first time
Financial Times (Oct 15, 2014) Intel reported record revenue and, for the first time, shipped more than 100m chips in a quarter.     read more...
Xavier Niel’s Iliad drops bid to take control of T-Mobile US
Financial Times (Oct 13, 2014) Iliad, the French telecoms group controlled by billionaire Xavier Niel, has withdrawn its offer to acquire a majority stake in T-Mobile US, the US telecoms business controlled by Deutsche Telekom.     read more...
CSR agrees to Qualcomm takeover
Financial Times (Oct 15, 2014) CSR has agreed to a takeover by Qualcomm of the US, the world’s largest maker of mobile chips, in a deal that values the equity of the UK chipmaker at £1.56bn.     read more...
As mobile device privacy hits the spotlight, Silent Circle zips ahead
The Washington Post (Oct 12, 2014) Blackphone, the mobile device that Silent Circle developed with Madrid-based Geeksphone, hit the market in June.     read more...
Netflix ups its prices for ultra high-definition streaming
The Washington Post (Oct 13, 2014) Since August, Netflix has been requiring new customers to get its $11.99 per month plan in order to access ultra high-definition streams, rather than the basic $8.99 plan.     read more...
Amazon is our biggest search rival, says Google’s Eric Schmidt
Financial Times (Oct 13, 2014) Google’s Eric Schmidt claimed on Monday that his company’s biggest rival in search is Amazon.     read more...
Mexico’s telecoms market seeks new signal
Financial Times (Oct 15, 2014) Mr Slim and Ricardo Salinas, who bought out television powerhouse Televisa’s share in Iusacell, the country’s third-biggest mobile operator, are looking for new investment.     read more...
What’s all that Data worth?
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 12, 2014) What groceries you buy, what Facebook FB posts you 'like' and how you use GPS in your car. Companies are building their entire businesses around the collection and sale of such data.     read more...
Northern European web shoppers spent €1,780 each in 2013
Euractiv (Oct 9, 2014) Northern Europe’s 19.7 million shoppers last year spent €200 more online than other EU consumers, about €1,780 each in total.     read more...

Tech & Services

Putting broadband on the road
Blogactiv (Oct 13, 2014) No single technology that can be used for vehicle connectivity. Huawei is thus in favour of hybrid, cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), where the cellular network plays a fundamental role.     read more...
Samsung Electronics sets 5G speed record at 7.5Gbps, over 30 times faster than 4G LTE
Samsung (Oct 15, 2014) Samsung Electronics announced two industry first milestones in the development of 5G telecommunications networking technology, as the company clocked 7.5Gbps, or 940MB per second.     read more...
Alipay mobile app to offer car rental service
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 15, 2014) For the past year, Alibaba’s Alipay electronic payment service has transformed into a mobile payment tool that allows smartphone users to pay for all kinds of services offered by both online and brick-and-mortar businesses.     read more...
Latest Amazon move brings online store to brick and mortar
Techzone (Oct 10, 2014) Amazon is planning to open up a brick-and-mortar outlet of its own.     read more...
Toshiba Glass gets an edge on Google Glass with missing part
Techzone (Oct 9, 2014) Smartglasses are a still comparatively new sector of the wearable technology market, but for many, Google Glass is the top of the heap when it comes to assigning rank in this ever-changing market.     read more...
O2 Czech Republic measures technology literacy
Telecompaper (Oct 15, 2014) O2 Czech Republic has tested the technology literacy of the nation. The TQ test was launched on 15 July. The results so far indicate the average quotient of Czechs is 116.5.     read more...
Wi-Fi hotspots to reach 44 million by 2018 across US and Canada
PCC Mobile Broadband (Oct 12, 2014) The number of Wi-Fi hotspots in the US and Canada are expected to reach 44 million by 2018.     read more...
Google testing medical chat service
Telecompaper (Oct 13, 2014) Google is testing a medical video chat service, Engadget reported, saying the company has confirmed the report.     read more...
A surprisingly large share of people shop online in the middle of the night
The Washington Post (Oct 10, 2014) If it’s not unusual for you to burn the midnight oil scouring the Web for the perfect handbag or a cozy pair of boots, new data from Google show you’re far from alone.     read more...
Humanoid robot Robi to launch in Hong Kong
The Wall Street Journal (Oct 14, 2014) Robi, a humanoid robot that can chat and control your TV, will be available in Hong Kong later this month, its fifth market after Japan, Italy, Taiwan and the U.K.     read more...
Twitter’s top team starts to fly the nest
Financial Times (Oct 14, 2014) Dick Costolo, Twitter’s chief executive, has transformed the San Francisco-based company’s management in recent months with one goal: to get 1bn people tweeting.     read more...
Nobel prize-winner Jean Tirole's ideas could make your Internet cheaper
Fortune (Oct 13, 2014) If the U.S. regulated broadband Internet as a utility, Tirole’s ideas could help encourage low prices and competition.     read more...
Smile! Marketing firms are mining your selfies
The Wall Street journal (Oct 9, 2014) A new crop of digital marketing companies are searching, scanning, storing and repurposing these images to draw insights for big-brand advertisers.     read more...
Wikileaks meets Surveillance Valley: an interview with Julian Assange
Pandodaily (Oct 12, 2014) 'The problem,' says Julian Assange, is that 'a lot of groups that would normally criticize Google, the nonprofits that are involved in the tech sector, are funded directly or indirectly by Google'.     read more...
Facepalm! HP cert used to sign malware
The Register (Oct 12, 2014) HP accidentally signed some malware, according to Krebs on Security.     read more...

Focus on

Neelie Kroes: eID - unlocking confidence and convenience in a Digital Single Market
Bruxelles (Oct 14, 2014)
'Today, overall, availability of eGovernment is at 72%; but across borders it's just 42%. This is a missed opportunity! Even within our single market'.     read more...


FT-ETNO Summit 2014, Daniel Pataki, Director, ETNO
(Oct 1, 2014)

Press Releases

China Mobile and Deutsche Telekom sign an agreement to establish a joint venture in the field of connected cars (Oct 10, 2014)
Board members of China Mobile and Deutsche Telekom signed a connected car cooperation agreement

A1 Internet für Alle on Tour in Oberösterreich (Oct 13, 2014)
A1 comes with its Austria-wide initiative

Grameenphone reaches 50 million customers (Oct 14, 2014)
Telenor Group today announced that Grameenphone Ltd, its business unit in Bangladesh, has become the first ever mobile telecommunications operator to cross the 50 million subscriber milestone in the country.

TeliaSonera’s Interim Report January-September 2014 (Oct 8, 2014)
TeliaSonera’s Interim report January-September 2014, will be announced on Friday October 17

Swisscom launches the next step in LTE technology (Oct 8, 2014)
After having introduced 4G/LTE at the end of 2012 and 4G+ (LTE advanced) in mid-2014, Swisscom is now testing 4G/LTE bandwidths of up to 450 Mbps.


Telco 2015 Five telling years, four future scenarios
IBM (Oct 15, 2014)

By 2017, 50% of Internet of Things solutions will originate in startups that are less than 3 years old
Gartner (Oct 9, 2014)

Internet players invest 100 billion in the physical Internet over 3 years
Analysis Mason (Sept 30, 2014)

Opportunities for CSPS in WebRTC and embedded communications
Analysis Mason (Oct 7, 2014)

Worldwide and Regional Public IT Cloud Services 2014–2018 Forecast
IDC (Oct 2014)


Internet of things will have 24 billion devices by 2020

Source: Gigaom

Next Week

5G Global Conference 2014 (Oct 21-22, 2014)
Berlin, Deutschland

Broadband World Forum 2014 (Oct 21-23, 2014)
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Customer Experience Management in Telecoms North America (Oct 21-23, 2014)
Atlanta, GE Usa

Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit (Oct 21-22, 2014)
Munich, Deutschland

2nd Enterprise Mobility China Summit 2014 (Oct 23-24, 2014)
Shangai, China


Telecoms Social Network Summit
London, UK (Oct 28-29, 2014)

Powering the Cloud
Frankfurt am Mein, Deutschland (Oct 28-29, 2014)

Wifi World Summit
Barcelona, Spain (Oct 28-29, 2014)

Telematics West Coast 2014
San Diego, Ca Usa (Oct 30-31, 2014)

Internet of Things World Forum 2014
London, UK (Nov 25-26, 2014)

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