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September 25, 2014

European Policy

EU regulators plan to scrap phone call price caps to help telcos
Euractiv (Sept 18, 2014) EU telecoms regulators plan to scrap price caps on fixed phone calls in Europe in a move likely to give a revenue boost to Orange, Telecom Italia and other operators.     read more...
Telecom Social Partners call for more gender equality in ICT
Uni Network International (Sept 22, 2014) During the Plenary Meeting of the European Social Dialogue Committee on Telecommunications, the social partners UNI Europa and ETNO (the European Telecommunication Network Operators’ Association) signed a Joint Declaration on gender equality.     read more...
Almunia struggles to defend Google case
European Voice (Sept 25, 2014) By trying to strike a deal with Google, the competition commissioner has laid himself and the Commission open to accusations of political interference.     read more...
Giving European citizens the data protection rules they deserve
European Commission (Sept 19, 2014 ) The ruling on the right to be forgotten is a milestone in the enforcement of European citizens' fundamental right to data protection.     read more...
2012 accounts: EU ministers fail committee test, but telecoms regulators pass
European Parliament (Sept 23, 2014) Parliament should not sign off spending by the European Council and the Council of Ministers for 2012, due to their repeated failure to co-operate with its efforts to check the accounts, the Budgetary Control Committee unanimously advised.     read more...
MEPs prepare to hear 27 commissioners-designate
European Voice (Sept 25, 2014) The European Parliament will begin a series of 27 confirmation hearings of the nominated European commissioners on Monday 29 September. The hearings will take place over six days in Brussels.     read more...
MEPs load their guns for EU commissioner hearings
Euractive (Sept 23, 2014) European parliament committees expressed their concerns about the structure, portfolios and competences of candidates in written questions to the 27 commissioners-designate.     read more...
National parliaments raise the pressure on data protection
Euractiv (Sept 22, 2014) Parliamentary delegations from 16 different EU member states have called upon the EU to rapidly adopt the legislative package on the protection of personal data.     read more...
Neelie Kroes: a transatlantic digital single market?
European Commission (Sept 19, 2014) 'Today I want to talk about the relations between EU and US. About what opportunities new technology brings for that relationship. And about how we can share and work together to bring digital benefits to each other – and to the whole world'.     read more...
The Open Innovation 2.0 Yearbook 2014: giving you stimulus and ideas
European Commission (Sept 19, 2014) We already see the influence of open innovation 2.0 which is taking the full advantage of strong seamless interactivity across all stakeholders, including users, across the whole innovation ecosystems.     read more...
Further smart city and broadband investment needed - Kroes
Telecompaper (Sept 25, 2014) Europe needs to make further massive investments to secure its digital future, according to Neelie Kroes, the outgoing EC vice-president and digital commissioner.     read more...
Telecoms: Subtleties of Italian compromise
Europolitics (Sept 24, 2014) The telecoms circle in Brussels is pondering the reactions of member states to the proposal for a compromise on the telecoms package by the Italian EU Presidency.     read more...
Right-to-be-forgotten 'dashboard' to help EU's data protection authorities
PCWorld (Sept 18, 2014) An electronic case-handling dashboard and a network of specialists will be created to help EU data protection authorities deal with complaints filed by people whose requests to delete search results based on a recent 'right-to-be-forgotten' ruling is denied.     read more...
New EU antitrust head not swayed by anti-Americanism, bullies
Reuters (Sept 23, 2014) Margrethe Vestager says that neither "loud people" in business and government nor "anti-Americanism" will sway her rulings on antitrust cases when she becomes the European Union's new competition commissioner.     read more...
Mobile operators set to get reprieve on EU roaming rates
Financial Times (Sep 23, 2014) Neelie Kroes, the outgoing commission vice-president who announced the original proposals to look at roaming rates, said: 'We feel the Italian presidency text has all the essential building blocks needed to push the telecoms market forward'.     read more...

Global Policy

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt: Embracing a new digital era in Europe
European Commission (Sept 19, 2014) 'New technologies require more risk-taking and the ability to launch new products with speed and scale. There is no doubt that Europe is poised to embrace the new, digital world'.     read more...
Google’s recipe for EU’s digital agenda
The Wall Street journal (Sept 22, 2014) As the European Commission trains its laser beams on Google Inc. on privacy and antitrust matters, the search giant is extending a high-tech olive branch to another unit of the European Union’s executive body.     read more...
Sharing economy faces patchwork of guidelines in European countries
The New York Times (Sept 21, 2014) Start-ups like Uber and Airbnb want European consumers to embrace their companies. Yet when it comes to persuading policy makers, these companies have run into regulatory hurdles that have exposed the European Union’s uneven response to technological innovation.     read more...
The FCC wants to police your Internet provider. But so does the FTC.
The Washington Post (Sept 23, 2014) The Federal Trade Commission wrote to the Federal Communications Commission about how it regulates Internet service providers (ISPs).     read more...
Preparation needs to start now for imminent European data protection changes
Computerweekly (Sept 18, 2014) The forthcoming European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes signal a major opportunity for cloud providers to deliver EU-wide services under a single operations model.     read more...
Spanish govt approves new digital dividend plan
Telecompaper (Sept 22, 2014) The Spanish government has approved the country’s new national technical plan for digital terrestrial television (DTT), resulting in the release of the 800 MHz band frequencies currently used by DTT channels for 4G deployment by 01 January 2015.     read more...
FCC questions how to enforce net neutrality rules
Computer World (Sept 19, 2014) The U.S. Federal Communications Commission needs to create explicit rules that tell broadband providers what traffic management techniques they can and cannot use if the agency has any hope of enforcing its proposed net neutrality rules,     read more...
Wolff: nobody's neutral in net neutrality debate
Usa Today (Sept 21, 2014) Net neutrality, the FCC's effort to govern broadband providers who supply Internet access, enters a new chapter as the commission, closing its heated comment period last week, tries again to formulate rules acceptable to the courts and to a set of vehement antagonists.     read more...
Newscorp slams Google
European Voice (Sept 18, 2014) Newscorp, the media company that owns the Wall Street Journal as well as British newspapers The Sun and the Times, has added its powerful voice to the chorus of multinationals calling on Joaquín Almunia, the European commissioner for competition, to throw out a contentious antitrust settlement with Google.     read more...
Google, Apple and Amazon under fire in OECD war on tax evasion
Euractiv (Sept 18, 2014) The OECD wants to force businesses to declare their turnover and number of employees in each country where they are active. Among the multinationals targeted are digital giants Google, Apple and Amazon.     read more...
What’s next for net neutrality? 5 things we learned from the debate ahead of the FCC’s decision
Gigaom (Sept 22, 2014) After 3.7 million public comments and an orgy of lobbying, do we know what the FCC will decide on net neutrality?     read more...
Mobile industry makes the pro-goodies case for non-neutral networks
The Washington Post (Sept 22, 2014) Meredith Attwell Baker is the president and CEO of the wireless industry group CTIA. At GSMA Mobile 360 event in Atlanta, she declared that mobile Internet service providers aren't backing away from the idea that key to surviving in the wireless marketplace is the digital bonuses they offer.     read more...
Microsoft urges FCC to approve AT&T DirecTV bid
Telecoms (Sept 19, 2014) Microsoft has written to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) urging for its approval of AT&T’s bid for US and Latin American pay TV provider DirecTV.     read more...
Microsoft vs the long arm of US law: Straight outta Dublin
The Register (Sept 23, 2014) The US government can get access to your data stored outside the United States. A controversial ruling by the New York District Court made it clear earlier this year just how far US warrants can extend.     read more...
AT&T and Verizon defend data caps on home Internet service
Arstechnica (Sept 23, 2014) AT&T and Verizon have been fighting to preserve 4Mbps as the nation’s definition of 'broadband', saying the Federal Communications Commission should abandon plans to raise the minimum to 10Mbps.     read more...

Digital Economy

Telefonica finalises GVT deal
Total Telecom (Sept 19, 2014) Telefonica announced it has inked a formal agreement to acquire Vivendi's Brazilian broadband business GVT. The Spanish incumbent entered exclusive talks with Vivendi in late August, securing preferred bidder status ahead of European peer Telecom Italia.     read more...
Eircom decides against IPO
Telecompaper (Sept 22, 2014) Irish operator Eircom announced that it has concluded a strategic review begun in April and decided to not proceed with an IPO at this time.     read more...
Telekom Slovenije could get new owner in February
Telecopaper (Sept 22, 2014) The confirmation of the new Slovenian government, led by Miro Cerar, will mean a continuation of the sale of Telekom Slovenije, reports     read more...
Slovenian mobile telephony penetration reaches 112.1% in Q2
Telecompaper (Sept 23, 2014) The mobile telephony penetration rate in Slovenia reached 112.1 percent in the second quarter of 2014, from 111.7 percent in the first quarter and 109.1 percent the year before, according to Slovenia's Agency for Communications Networks and Services (Akos).     read more...
Swisscom expands M2M portfolio
Telecompaper (Sept 22, 2014) Swisscom said that it has expanded its M2M portfolio launching a new product called Application Enablement Platform.     read more...
Iliad will decide next T-Mobile move by mid-Oct
Smartbrief (Sept 21, 2014) France's Iliad reportedly will drop its attempt to buy T-Mobile US by mid-October if it fails to work out a deal with banks to put together a higher bid than its original $33-a-share offer for T-Mobile.     read more...
T for two: Romtelecom and Cosmote undergo German regeneration
Business Review (Sept 23, 2014) With a EUR 15 million budget, a coordinated international effort and ample dedicated resources, the new identity of Cosmote and Romtelecom into Telekom Romania stands out as the rebranding of the year.     read more...
EE snaps up Phones 4u stores for £2.5m
The Guardian (Sept 22, 2014) Phone network EE is to pay £2.5m to buy 58 Phones 4u stores – safeguarding 359 jobs – in a deal with administrator PwC.     read more...
Vodafone and Liberty should consider merger
Business Day Live (Sept 19, 2014) If Vodafone Group and Liberty Global really want to dominate the phone, cable and wireless market in Europe, they should quit competing and try merging.     read more...
Huawei to invest $4 billion in fixed broadband R&D in next three years
Reuters (Sept 25, 2014) Huawei Technologies, the world's largest telecommunications equipment maker, said it would invest more than $4 billion in fixed broadband technology research and development in the next three years.     read more...
Can Alibaba keep growing without sacrificing high profit margins?
The Wall Street Journal (Sept 21, 2014) The real success of Alibaba's initial public offering will depend on whether it can keep growing without sacrificing its high profit margins of more than 40%. That means deftly shifting its business model to mobile while fending off stiff competition from Chinese rivals.     read more...
The new Apple wristop computer: a missed opportunity to define the Internet of Things
Forbes (Sept 21, 2014) MIT Media Lab cofounder Nicholas Negroponte observed at a recent TED event that 'I look today at some of the work being done around the Internet of Things and it’s kind of tragically pathetic.'The 'tragically pathetic' label has been especially fitting for wearables, considered the hottest segment of the Internet of Things.     read more...
Los operadores ofrecen 'más por menos' para competir con WhatsApp y Skype
El Economista (Sept 22, 2014) Traditional telecom operators have to solve the most complicated equation of their lives. In an environment of low income and increased tax burdens, companies are required to make substantial investments (fiber optic and 4G networks), while competing fiercely among themselves.     read more...
Common misconceptions about Alibaba
The Wall Street Journal (Sept 22, 2014) Alibaba Group is attracting tons of press coverage and social media comments after pulling off the world’s largest initial public offering in history     read more...
Seamless buys mobile prepaid airtime line of Micro Mobility
Telecompaper (Sept 22, 2014) Payment service provider Seamless has acquired Ingram Micro Mobility's mobile prepaid airtime line of business in Sweden and Denmark.     read more...


Slovak Telekom offers bonus for number porting
Telecompaper (Sept 22, 2014) Slovak Telekom launched a promotion offering a bonus for porting a number to the operator.     read more...
Orange launches exclusive pink Ascend P7 smartphone in Spain
Telecompaper (Sept 22, 2014) Orange Spain has started selling the new Huawei Ascend P7 smartphone at its stores throughout the country and online.     read more...
Telefonica, Huawei testing 1 Gbps fibre service - report
Telecompaper (Sept 22, 2014) Telefonica and Huawei have carried out initial trials on the operator’s Spanish network with a view to offering a 1 Gbps download and upload fibre service by 2015.     read more...
New releases will be key to success of Eircom’s on-demand film service
The Irish Times (Sept 25, 2014) The market for on-demand film entertainment might feel crowded, but Eircom believes its new video-on-demand service for eVision and eFibre customers will benefit from having access to new release rentals in the traditional DVD rental window, or three to four months after theatrical release.     read more...
Samsung's first Tizen phone may finally launch in November
Adispel (Sept 23, 2014) Tizen - Samsung’s in-house operating system already helps power most of its wearable devices, but the company’s first Tizen smartphone remains out of sight.     read more...
Huawei, China Mobile complete 400G TN tests
Telecompaper (Sept 23, 2014) Huawei and China Mobile have announced that successful tests on a 400G optical transport network (OTN) have taken place in China.     read more...
Microsoft Lumia 735 arriving in UK on October 2 with Cortana digital assistant in tow
The Next Web (Sept 24, 2014) Microsoft has announced that the Lumia 735 will be available in the UK from October 2, and it’ll be the first handset to arrive running Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant.     read more...
Samsung launched its new gigantic smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4, ahead of schedule
Business Insider (Sept 24, 2014) South Korea's Samsung launched the latest version of its oversized Galaxy Note smartphone earlier than expected after US rival Apple reported record sales of its latest iPhone 6.     read more...
Apple sells over 10 million new iPhones on first weekend
The Wall Street Journal (Sept 22, 2014) Apple said it sold more than 10 million of its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices during the first weekend of sales, a new high for the company even though the devices have yet to go on sale in China.     read more...
Tuscany unveils new e-government portal
Telecompaper (Sept 23, 2014) The Italian region of Tuscany has inaugurated a new portal,, aimed at simplifying the region's relationship with residents and local businesses.     read more...
PayPal integrates Bitcoin processors BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin for merchants in the US and Canada
The Next Web (Sept 23, 2014) Pal announced partnerships with three leading Bitcoin payment processors: BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin.     read more...
Will your next broadband connection be an Ethernet connection?
ITProportal (Sept 23, 2014) Although Ethernet has been the standard networking system for corporate networks since the end of the 1980s, providing fast connectivity between business systems within a company's building, whether small or large, the connection to the outside world has lagged far behind.     read more...
Reflected smartphone transmissions enable gesture control
R&D Magazine (Sept 22, 2014) With almost all of the U.S. population armed with cellphones—and close to 80% carrying a smartphone—mobile phones have become second-nature for most people.     read more...
Types of Internet access technologies explained, and what you should expect
Makeuseof (Sept 22, 2014) What kind of Internet access do you really have? Broadband? High Speed? Wireless? Satellite? Fibre? There are so many different names for selling Internet access, but most of them don’t tell you how you are connecting to the Internet.     read more...
Making gigabit broadband a reality with DOCSIS 3.1
Intel blog (Sept 23, 2014) Do you remember the old days when, to get the internet, you used a dial-up modem in your computer that used your home’s telephone wires? We’ve come a LONG way since then.     read more...

Focus on

Financial Times-ETNO Summit 2014: Towards a Digital Renaissance - Telco leaders’ summit to take place next week in Brussels
Brusselles, Belgium (Oct 1, 2014)
Since the launch of the Digital Agenda for Europe, the telecoms sector has experienced change beyond any expectation. The paradigm shift is clear: ICT today is not only about communicating; rather it is the main driver of life-improving services.     read more...


FCC Open Internet Roundtable - Policy Approaches, with ETNO Director Daniel Pataki
(Sept 17, 2014)

Press Releases

Telefónica buys GVT and reinforces its leadership in Brazil (Sept 19, 2014)
Telefónica S.A. and Vivendi signed today the final agreement for the sale of Global Village Telecom, GVT, to Telefónica.

eircom to launch Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (Sept 22, 2014)
eircom Group, which operates the Meteor and eMobile brands, today announced it will offer the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to customers on Friday, 26th September.

Belgacom expands relationship with Cisco to offer innovative mobile Internet services (Sept 18, 2014)
Cisco announced that Belgacom has broadened its relationship with Cisco and purchased additional Cisco mobile Internet products

Swisscom opens one of Europe's most advanced and efficient data centres in Berne-Wankdorf (Sept 16, 2014)
Swisscom is now ready to open its new data centre in Berne-Wankdorf.

Laurentino Lavezzi named Director of Public Affairs of Orange (Sept 16, 2014)
Laurentino Lavezzi has been appointed Group Director of Public Affairs.


The state of Broadband 2014: Broadband for all
Broadband Commission for Digital Economy (September 2014)

Gigabit Availability = $1.4 Billion in GDP
FTTH (Sept 18, 2014)

Telus issues first ‘transparency’ report on requests for customer information
The Star (Sept 18, 2014)

Israel telecoms market report 2014
Analysys Mason (Sept 18, 2014)

The Technology Report
Telecom Reseller (September 2014)


The population of the internet, in one map

Source: Vox

Next Week

FT-ETNO Summit 2014 (Oct 1, 2014)
Brusselles, Belgium

TC3 2014: Telecom Council Carrier Connections (Oct 1-2, 2014)
Mountain View, CA Usa

Next generation mobile security for today and tomorrow (Sept 30, 2014)
Santa Clara, CA Usa

CDN World Summit (Sept 30- Oct 2, 2014)
London, UK

Self-Organizing Networks (Oct 1-2, 2014)
Amsterdam The Netherlands


IIC Communications Policy & Regulation Week
Vienna, Austria (Oct 6-9, 2014 )

LTE Voice Summit
London, UK (Oct 7-8, 2014)

WI-FI Global Congress
San Francisco, CA Usa (Oct 6-10, 2014)

Telco Cloud World Forum North America
Dallas, TX Usa (Oct 7-8, 2014)

Broadband World Forum
Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Oct 21-23, 2014 )

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