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July 24

European Policies

New report on state of EU Telecommunications markets
European Commission (July 22, 2014) The European Commission published a report on the telecommunications market and regulation in the EU. The report covers 2012 – 2013 years.     read more...
Statement by Commissioner Andor on Microsoft's announcement of large-scale job cuts
European Commission (July 17, 2014) 'All sectors of the economy are undergoing changes as technology develops and consumer demand evolves', declares Commissioner Andor. 'Company restructuring is a fact of life but it should be done in a socially responsible way, based on social dialogue and with due respect for applicable legislation on the information and consultation of workers and on collective redundancies'.     read more...
Rome seeks consensus on internet governance
Europolitics (July 22, 2014) Italy will try to draw up a consensus among the member states on internet governance, the country’s Under-Secretary for Economic Development in charge of telecommunications, Antonello Giacomelli, said during a conference organised by ETNO in Rome, on 21 July.     read more...
European Commission's actions to better protect and enforce Intellectual Property Rights
JDSupra (July 22, 2014) To better protect and enforce IPRs, the European Commission adopted on 1st July 2014 two communications on (i) an Action Plan to address infringements of IPRs in the EU and (ii) a Strategy for the protection and enforcement of IPRs in third countries.     read more...
Brussels considers reopening Google antitrust settlement
Financial Times (July 22, 2014) Brussels is weighing whether to reopen its draft antitrust settlement with Google, in a move that leaves the carefully crafted deal in danger of collapsing amid political backlash in Europe.     read more...
Einigung der EU mit Google auf der Kippe
Sueddeutsche (July 23, 2014) Half a year ago, the European Commission had agreed with the Internet giant about its predominancy on the engines search - now the compromise could tip though. Because competitors make a lot of pressure.     read more...
Governance di internet: l'Ue parli con una sola voce
RaiNews (July 21, 2014) Ethno has organized in Rome the conference 'From Sao Paulo to Istanbul: Towards Better Internet Governance', with the presence of the Speaker of the House Laura Boldrini and the Undersecretary for Communications Antonello Giacomelli. From the standpoint of telecom operators, it is time for the EU to speak about Internet governance with one voice.     read more...
Commission to meet Microsoft over mass redundancies
Euractiv (July 18, 2014) The European Commission has asked to meet Microsoft to discuss the layoff of thousands of EU workers, as the tech giant trims its newly-acquired Nokia subsidiary     read more...
EU's new cybercrime taskforce set to launch
SC Magazine (July 21, 2014) Andy Archibald, deputy head of the UK's National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), is to chair a new cyber-crime taskforce based out of the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) in The Hague in Netherlands.     read more...
EU funds project to boost European cloud computing market
Computer Weekly (July 21, 2014) A European Union-funded project called Cloudcatalyst has been set up to assess the current cloud computing market in Europe, identify barriers to cloud adoption and provide tools to boost its growth in the region.     read more...
EU prepares its 'open data' platform
Europolitics (July 18, 2014) The European Commission launches a call for tenders to open a pan-European public data portal.     read more...
European Parliament approves new delegations for relations with Brazil and Mercosur
Broadband4europe (July 18, 2014) The names of MEPs to sit in Parliament’s interparliamentary delegations, which maintain relations and exchange information with parliaments in non-EU countries, were approved in a plenary vote on Thursday. For the new legislative term, Parliament will have 44 interparliamentary delegations, including a new one for relations with Brazil, as well as the one to Mercosur.     read more...
Digital and energy reforms head business wish-list
European Voice (July 24, 2014) As new policymakers arrive in Brussels, European business's wish-list includes deepening the single market, making EU energy policy more coherent, cutting labour market rules and EU red tape. But will the new Commission be able to deliver on these demands?     read more...
European Commission reports on implementation of EU telecoms regulatory framework in Malta
Di-Ve (July 23, 2014) The European Commission has just published its annual report on the implementation of the EU regulatory framework. This report includes a country chapter which provides an overview of the European Commission’s assessment of the work carried out by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) during 2013.     read more...
ETNO-FT Summit: Telco e OTT a confronto sulla nuova agenda digitale Ue (July 17, 2014) It will be held in Brussels on October 1 under the Italian Presidency of the EU, the fourth edition of the ETNO / Financial Times Summit. At the center of the most important European event of the telecom sector, the challenges of the next European Commission for the new digital agenda.     read more...

Global Policies

EU and US mull digital economy chapter in TTIP
Euractive (July 18, 2014) European Union and US negotiators will discuss whether to devote a chapter of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) to the digital economy, as they have done for small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).     read more...
Google in fight to stop global removal of sensitive links
Financial Times (July 23, 2014) Google is braced for a showdown with European privacy watchdogs over demands the continent’s 'right to be forgotten' online is extended across the world, with sensitive links stripped from all global versions of the search engine.     read more...
Move to give governments more say on domain names policy
Europolitics (July 18, 2014) California-based ICANN is grappling with how to become more accountable without being directly controlled by governments.     read more...
The NSA in Germany: Snowden's Documents Available for Download
Spiegel Online International (July 18, 2014) Snowden documents indicate that Germany's foreign intelligence agency, the BND, and its domestic intelligence agency, the BfV, work closely together with the NSA in sites around Germany.     read more...
Netzneutralität in den USA: Bürger schicken eine Million Zuschriften an Aufsichtsbehörde
Der Spiegel (July 18, 2014) The U.S. cable supervision is very busy: they received more than a million comments on net neutrality that citizens sent to the authority - as many as never before in a planned rule change.     read more...
Italy Gives Google Deadline to Change Data-Use Policies
Time (July 21, 2014) Italy is one of several European countries that have been jointly investigating Google’s consolidation of 60 different privacy policies into one last year, Reuters reports. The Italian watchdog said in a statement that Google’s disclosures about data use were insufficient, despite the company’s efforts efforts to abide by local laws.     read more...
U.S. Judge grants investigators access to Gmail accounts in criminal probes
Time (July 21, 2014) A New York federal judge ruled that prosecutors have a legal right to access Gmail-based emails in criminal probes that involve money laundering, a sharp turnaround from previous rulings in comparable cases and an alarm bell for privacy advocates.     read more...
Congress heads for internet tax showdown, as Senate ties controversial sales levy to ISP tax
(July 21, 2014) A new Senate bill may force lawmakers this week to make a tough choice on internet taxes: they must agree to expand the reach of sales taxes on out-of-state retailers, or else see the end of a law that forbids states and cities from imposing a tax on internet access.     read more...
FFTelecoms joins Open Internet Project
Telecompaper (July 22, 2014) The Federation Francaise des Telecoms (FFTelecoms) has joined the Open Internet Project (OIP), a Brussels-based lobby group advocating net neutrality and protection for the European digital sector founded in May.     read more...
Microsoft Tangles With Justice Department
The Wall Street Journal (July 18, 2014) U.S. technology companies are battling to repair their reputations after leaks from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden revealed their roles in U.S. electronic-surveillance programs. Mr. Smith, Microsoft's general counsel since 2002, has placed himself at the center of the post-Snowden offensive.     read more...
AT&T supports a “fast lane” ban as long as it contains a giant loophole
Arstechnica (July 18, 2014) The FCC can't issue stronger rules unless it re-classifies broadband as a telecommunications service.AT&T has vehemently argued against Internet service being treated like a utility. And now, despite the court ruling, AT&T claims that the FCC can ban fast lanes or 'paid prioritization' without reclassifying broadband.     read more...
Digital age for European future: openness is a key to success
The Baltic Course (July 19, 2014) The European Commission for long has been active in “digitalizing” European socio-economic spheres. Now it is the turn for greater openness. Numerous EU institutions urge the member states to open for greater public both the results of scientific research and work of public administration. There will soon be €80 million available for that openness under the EU’s new FI-WARE initiative.     read more...
After receiving $47k from ISP’s in 2014, Blackburn wants to block competition
Android Authority (July 18, 2014) This week, Marsha Blackburn (R – Brentwood) introduced legislation that would have barred the Federal Communications Commission from helping community-owned Internet service providers compete against private companies. Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved the proposal in a 223 – 200 vote.     read more...
Ofcom launches internet of things consultation
Computer Weekly (July 23, 2014) Communications regulator Ofcom has launched a consultation on the internet of things (IoT), seeking to explore how the UK can invest and innovate in the connected world. The consultation will run until October 2014, with input sought over how Ofcom should proceed in policy areas relating to the IoT.     read more...
UK ISPs to alert customers suspected of unlawfully downloading copyrighted material
Gigaom (July 21, 2014) Major British internet service providers will start sending out alerts to subscribers they believe to be unlawfully downloading copyrighted material. But there won’t be any consequences beyond that.     read more...

Digital Economy

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and More: a Big Week of Earnings
The Wall Street Journal (July 21, 2014) Last week, Google set the table with an earnings report that showed little wear and tear on the company’s profit machine. (Yahoo, not so much.) Can the other tech giants keep it going?     read more...
Netflix startet im September in Deutschland
Die Welt (July 22, 2014) The popular U.S. video streaming site Netflix will be on air in September in Germany too. At the same time Netflix will launche in Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.     read more...
Why Microsoft's Layoff Is Much More Sweeping Than The 18,000 Cuts
Forbes (July 20, 2014) According to an internal memo leaked and obtained by Geekwire, the company plans to reduce 'external staff' and limit their ability to work for the company in the short term, and possibly in the longer term. With the new policy, these contractors, including vendors and temporary 'a-dash' workers will have limited access to Microsoft resources after 18 months.     read more...
Microsoft profits fall after Nokia handsets acquisition
Telecompaper (July 23, 2014) Microsoft reported pressure on quarterly profits in its fiscal fourth quarter after completing the acquisition of Nokia's handset business. Earnings for the three months to June fell 7 percent from a year earlier to USD 0.55 per share, including a loss of USD 0.08 per share from the phone business.     read more...
Huawei H1 sales up 19% to CNY 136 billion
Telecompaper (July 21, 2014) Huawei announced revenues of CNY 135.8 million for the first half of 2014, up 19 percent from a year earlier. The company recorded an operating margin of 18.3 percent.     read more...
Huawei backs British tech company XMOS
Financial Times (July 20, 2014) Huawei has made its first equity investment in a British technology company as the Chinese networking and telecommunications group looks to grow its operations in the UK while facing hostility in other markets around the world.     read more...
Vodafone, Portugal Telecom ink fibre sharing agreement
European Communication (July 21, 2014) Vodafone Portugal and Portugal Telecom have signed an agreement to deploy and share fibre networks. The agreement, which begins in December 2014 and runs for 25 years, will enable each company to offer high-speed data services to an additional 450,000 homes and businesses throughout Portugal.     read more...
Telefonica boasts more than 250 M2M partners
Total Telecom (July 2e, 2014) Telefonica said that its M2M partnership programme has reached its target of more than 250 members six months ahead of schedule. 170 partners have joined since February, including device manufacturers, solution providers and distributors from Europe and the U.S. A further 100 companies are on the verge of joining up, the telco said.     read more...
Facebook führt neues Internetgedächtnis ein
Die Welt (July 24, 2014) Facebook is expanding its basic functions. The members of the service can now also store references to films, locations and much more for later use.     read more...
Consumer authorities warn Apple over apps
European Voice (July 18, 2014) Apple is doing too little to resolve concerns that the apps it sells take advantage of children and could be in breach of European Union consumer law, national consumer authorities warned the company     read more...
Apple's Big Opportunity in China in 2 Mind-Boggling Charts
The Motley Fool (July 19, 2014) One of the biggest criticisms for Apple stock as a long-term investment is the company's size. With $176 billion in trailing-12-month revenue, some investors worry the company will run out of room for growth or, even worse, run out of ways to sustain current levels of sales.     read more...
New regulations hit América Móvil earnings at home
Financial Times (July 22, 2014) América Móvil, the telecoms empire of Mexican mogul Carlos Slim, is feeling the pain of new regulations, with second-quarter earnings showing a 9 per cent year-on-year drop in mobile revenues in the group’s home market.     read more...
Panasonic to sell mobile phone base station division to Nokia
Eurotechnology (July 20, 2014) Panasonic, after years of weak financial performance, is focusing on core business. Nikkei reports that Panasonic is planning to sell the base station division, Panasonic System Networks, to Nokia.     read more...
Yahoo Pays to Play in Mobile Ad Market With Deal for Flurry
The Wall Street Journal (July 21, 2014) Yahoo Inc. said it is acquiring mobile app analytics provider Flurry Inc. in a bid to boost advertising revenue from smartphones.     read more...
More AT&T customers switch to paying for their phones
Computer World (July 23, 2014) A majority of AT&T's new smartphone customers are now choosing a plan where they pay for their phones over time, helping to drive strong second-quarter financial results.     read more...

Tech & Services

EE, BBC, Qualcomm and Huawei Collaborate on 4G Broadcast Trial
LTEWorld (July 18, 2014) Huawei announced EE, the BBC, Qualcomm Technologies and Huawei are collaborating in to exploring the role that 4G can play in the future of broadcasting.     read more...
9 things Google needs to fix in Android Wear immediately
Greenbot (July 21, 2014) Android Wear does a lot of things right even at this early stage in its development, but there are glaring usability problems too. You can’t use a Wear watch for more than a few minutes without getting annoyed by some of Google’s decisions.     read more...
Dude, you're getting a Dell, with Bitcoin
PC World (July 18, 2014) Just like Expedia,, Dish TV, and the boutique PC builders at Xidax (who also accept Dogecoin), Dell is partnering with Coinbase to provide a Bitcoin payment option on     read more...
Apple iPhone 6 release date may be in September; clones go for sales
Gizmorati (July 20, 2014) Apple‘s iPhone 6 release date is rumored to be in late September as clones of the much awaited smartphone have already appeared in the Chinese market. There have been rumors floating around recently, however, that the release of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could be delayed until 2015     read more...
Hidden network packet sniffer in millioons of iPhones and iPads
The Register (July 21, 2014) The vast majority of iThing owners are unaware of lax mechanisms protecting their data. Data forensics expert and author Zdziarski wrote an academic paper on his findings in March, and gave a related talk at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference in New York.     read more...
iPhone 'backdoors' can be used for surveillance, warns researcher
The Guardian (July 23, 2014) Research released by iOS exploitation expert Jonathan Zdziarski at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference in New York last week showed there were a number of previously undocumented 'forensic services' and 'surveillance mechanisms' within iOS.     read more...
Chrome's been eating your laptop's battery for years, but Google promises to fix it
PCWorld (July 17, 2014) Google is just now responding to a bug in Chrome for Windows that may have been sapping users' batteries for years. Chrome's battery drain problem was brought to wider attention by Forbes contributor Ian Morris, who noticed that Chrome for Windows was using considerably more power than other browsers.     read more...
Subtweeting: what is it, and how to do it well
The Guardian (July 23, 2014) Subtweeting: it’s the internet equivalent of talking about someone behind their back – or at least that’s how people usually explain it. But in truth, the art of subtweeting consists of many different strokes. It’s not something that can be so succinctly defined.     read more...
SFR to add LTE to Red 3 GB plans on 5 August
Telecompaper (July 20, 2014) French operator SFR has announced on Twitter that its Red 3 GB subscription, which costs EUR 19.99 a month, will support 4G LTE from 5 August.     read more...
HTC France to release Desire 516 at end-July
Telecompaper (July 19, 2014) HTC France has announced that the HTC Desire 516 smartphone will become available in the retail channel at the end of July for EUR 179. The phonemaker is offering a EUR 20 money-back deal until the end of August.     read more...
SK Telecom, Ericsson demo Elastic Cell technology for 5G
Telecompaper (July 21, 2014) South Korean telecoms operator SK Telecom, in partnership with Ericsson, has demonstrated the Elastic Cell technology. This technology is expected to become a key enabler for 5G.     read more...
So verlängern Sie die Laufzeit Ihres Smartphones
Die Welt (July 22, 2014) Smartphone battery is once again much too soon empty, and the phone must connected to the grid? With onboard tools and apps you extend the term for Android devices noticeable - and turn off power-hungry.     read more...
Next iPhone Will Offer Bigger Screens
The Wall Street Journal (July 21, 2014) The Cupertino, Calif., company is asking suppliers to manufacture between 70 million and 80 million units combined of two large-screen iPhones with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays by Dec. 30,     read more...
Here’s What William Shatner Thinks of Facebook’s New Celebs-Only App
Time (July 22, 2014) Actor William Shatner, an outspoken Twitter rights activist, took to Tumblr Tuesday to review Facebook Mentions, the new celebrities-only app meant to boost public figures’ interactions with their fans. And he isn’t too amused.     read more...
How your electronic DNA could be the secure login of the future
The Guardian (July 18, 2014) New research could allow our physical behaviour to be used as a secure way of logging in to our computers and smartphones, a team at the University of Oxford say, claiming that they can also detect when a person is drunk or has had sex.     read more...

Focus on

ETNO's Chairman Luigi Gambardella speech at 'From Sao Paulo to Istanbul: towards better internet governance'
Roma, Italy (July 21, 2014)
The debate on Internet Governance is crucial. But why do European telecom operators think so? It is crucial because the Internet has become too important to citizens and society at large to be dominated by a selected elite of players.     read more...


ETNO-MLex Regulatory Summit 2014: Interview with Freenasp Mobedjina, Vice President, Group Strategy & Business Development, TeliaSonera
(June 25, 2014)

Press Releases

Neelie Kroes: Embracing the open opportunity (July 17, 2014)
Information can long sit in dusty drawers – but it only gains value when opened up. Turning data into jobs; dust into gold.

Commission encourages re-use of public sector data (July 17, 2014)
European Commission is publishing guidelines to help Member States benefit from the revised Directive on the re-use of public sector information (PSI Directive).

Orange will co-finance the construction of Sea-Me-We 5, a very high-speed submarine cable connecting France and Singapore (July 17, 2014)
Orange agreement for Sea-Me-We 5, a new submarine cable that will link France and Singapore.

Telenor’s second quarter results 2014 (July 23, 2014)
Telenor presented its financial results for the second quarter on Wednesday 23 July

Telefonica: driver demand for connected cars grows (July 17, 2014)
Consumer awareness of Connected Car products and services around the globe is high and is now influencing purchasing decisions.


2014 Report on Implementation of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications
European Commission (July 22, 2014)

Reforming Europe's Telecoms regulation to enable the digital single market
The Boston Consulting Group (July 2014)

4G LTE: Subscribers, Smartphones, Base Stations & Service Revenue 2014-2019
Juniper Research (July 16, 2014)

The 2014 State of Digital Transformation
Altimeter Group (July 21, 2014)

Cumulative $1 trillion to be spent on telecom and datacom equipment and software over next 5 years
Infonetics research (July 21, 2014)


Implementation of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications - 2014

Source: European Commission

Next Week

Tech Tuesdays at the Seaport (July 29, 2014)
Net Neutrality in a Non-Neutral Net


Federal Mobile Computing Summit
Washington DC, USA (Aug 19-20, 2014)

Las Vegas, USA (Sept 9-11, 2014)

The Conference on the Emerging Technologies That Matter
Cambridge, MA, USA (Sept 23-25, 2014)

FT ETNO Summit 2014
Bruxelles, Belgium (Oct 1, 2014)

SEMICOn Europa 2014
Grenoble, France (Oct 7-9, 2014)

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