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June 26, 2014

European Policies

ETNO MLex Summit, Luigi Gambardella: “Innovation and investments need significant changes to the regulatory environment”
Broadband4Europe (June 25, 2014) 'We need to review the regulatory framework for electronic communications. The choice in our view is clear: either regulation evolves to allow operators to respond to new challenges and unlock a new season of investments, or it will become an obstacle to doing this'.     read more...
Is it time to repeal telco regulation?
Digital-using economy (June 23, 2014) Later this year, a new European Commission President will make digital a top priority. As this blog argues more generally, their plan must mark a switch from supply side thinking (e.g. broadband deployment) to promoting adoption and use of information technology across the entire private and public sector.     read more...
Neelie Kroes’ campaign to kill net neutrality
EDRI (June 18, 2014) Two months have passed since the European Parliament adopted amendments to enshrine net neutrality in EU law. The Telecoms Single Market proposal is now being reviewed by the Council (Member States) of the EU. Rather than sitting back and waiting for the Council to carry out its work, Vice President of the Commission Neelie Kroes has been working hard to dissuade Council members from supporting net neutrality.     read more...
Spectrum “lifeblood of the mobile industry”. Interview with Luigi Gambardella (ETNO)
Broadband4Europe (June 23, 2014) During the GSR (Global Symposium for Regulators) that was held in Bahrain we discussed the issues concerning spectrum licensing with Luigi Gambardella, Chairman of the executive board of ETNO, association representing Europe’s leading telecom operators.     read more...
EC extends investigation into German termination rates
Telecompaper (June 23, 2014) The European Commission has opened a phase two investigation into German mobile termination rates. The EC objected to the method Germany used to set the rates and has suspended the Bundesnetzagentur's decision until it can discuss the case further.     read more...
Google’s European Antitrust Woes Are Far From Over
The New York Times (June 23, 20'14 ) Google has struggled for years to settle an antitrust investigation in the European Union, to avoid a huge fine and the stigma that would come with breaking the law. Now it appears there may be no end in sight to the Internet search giant’s antitrust problems in Europe even if it does finalize a tentative accord reached in that case, according to a letter from Joaquín Almunia.     read more...
EU sets deadline for Germany to scrap mobile rate plan
Reuters (June 20, 2014) The European Commission gave Germany three months to abandon its plans to hike the fees mobile operators can charge each other for connecting calls, saying they lead to rates more than 80 percent higher than in other countries.     read more...
Roaming charges slashed by half on 1 July - and more to come
Europolitics (June 24, 2014) The Eurotariff will be reduced on 1 July, and the Commission says 'it's not the end of the story'. From 1 July 2014, the EU will cut the price caps for data downloads by more than half: down from 45 cents per megabyte to 20c/MB.     read more...
EU warns Ireland it could expand tax probe beyond Apple
Euractive (June 20, 2014) The European Commission has told Ireland it may investigate more companies as part of a probe into the country's tax practices, after announcing a formal probe into Apple's Irish subsidiaries, a person familiar with the matter     read more...
Dods EU Alert: A modern internet governance model should be universal and respectful of fundamental freedoms
The Parliament Magazine (June 23, 2014) The efforts of the European Union (EU) to build an integrated model of internet governance and data protection should be complemented by an effective reform of the EU’s own legal framework and the swift adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation.     read more...
TV vs internet: First results of consultation
Europolitics (June 20, 2014) Video on demand services, such as Netflix or Amazon, telecoms operators that are becoming content providers, such as Orange or Deutsche Telekom. The frontiers of the European audiovisual landscape are currently really taking off whilst connected televisions are set to make their way into more than half of European households in 2016.     read more...
Lobbyists increasingly look online to influence EU policy
Euractive (June 23, 2014) In three years, the number of MEPs on Twitter has soared. In 2011, only 34% of them were on the ‘micro-blogging’ platform. By March 2014, the number rose to 68%, possibly thanks to the campaigns for the 2014 EU elections.     read more...
Who's going to get the EU's top jobs?
Eu Commision blog Neelie Kroes (June 25, 2014) I'm not talking about who will head the EU's Institutions for the next 5 years. I'm talking about the skills that people need to thrive in tomorrow's labour market and get the best opportunities available – jobs that are creative, rewarding, fun.     read more...
Commission retains control over Liberty-Ziggo merger
Europolitics (June 25, 2014) EU executive rejects the Dutch competition authority’s request to take over the dossier, which will be assessed by 17 October     read more...
New app on road traffic rules
Europolitics (June 25, 2014) Traffic laws, speed limits, alcohol, cell phone use - stay in the know while driving in EU states.     read more...

Global Policies

EU, ICANN Spar Over .Wine Domain
PC Magazine (June 23, 2014) ICANN is holding its 50th annual meeting in London this week, and a major bone of contention for many attendees is the allocation of .wine and .vin domains. A number of EU member states - particularly Italy and France - have argued for months that rolling out .wine or .vin (French for wine) domains will lead to abuse of geographical indications (GIs.     read more...
France to push for Icann overhaul at London meeting
Telecompaper (June 23, 2014) The French government will call for an overhaul of Icann at a meeting of its government advisory committee in London on 23 June. The minister for digital affairs, Axelle Lemaire, told the Financial Times that Icann was totally opaque, with no transparency at all in the process.     read more...
German publishers want an 11 percent cut of Google News
Ars Technica (June 20, 2014) Several of Germany's largest newspaper and magazine publishers have instituted legal proceedings against Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. They're seeking an order that would make the search engines pay them an 11 percent portion of their 'gross sales, including foreign sales' that come 'directly and indirectly from making excerpts from online newspapers and magazines public'.     read more...
Regulators revolt against Telefónica and E-Plus merger
Financial Times (June 20, 2014) Europe’s biggest telecoms takeover in a decade has triggered a rare mass revolt of national competition watchdogs, who want Brussels to toughen up its conditions on Telefónica’s merger with KPN’s E-Plus.At a recent meeting to review the European Commission proposal to approve the €8.8bn tie-up in Germany, just two of 12 national authorities present voted in favour of the planned competition remedies.     read more...
Ofcom makes switching fibre broadband suppliers cheaper and easier
Endgadget (June 26, 2014) From July 1st, it could become a whole lot easier for you to switch between superfast broadband suppliers. After setting out its original guidance back in May, communications regulator Ofcom has gained approval from the European Commission to set new targets for BT.     read more...
Data show U.S. far outpacing Europe in broadband race
FierceGovernmentIT (June 24, 2014) Despite media reports that the United States is falling behind Europe in the broadband race, far more American households have greater access to next-generation networks than households in Europe, a recent paper says.     read more...
Access denied: retrieving personal data is often hopeless as Google refuses point-blank to provide online information
The Independent (June 23, 2014) Public bodies and private corporations including Internet giant Google are flouting the public’s right to access personal data being held on them, according to a major new international study.     read more...
Italy to make new buildings broadband-ready by law
Telecompaper (June 20, 2014) The Italian government is working on an ad-hoc provision to be included in its next package of reforms that will ensure that all new buildings are equipped for next-generation broadband.     read more...
Multi-stakeholder Discussions Key to Shaping Excellence in Cooperation in the Regional ICT Landscape.
Zawya (June 22, 2014) Organized by SAMENA Telecommunications Council and hosted by Huawei, The Telecom Leaders' Summit 2014 fosters dialogue between government, operators and Internet players amid a fast-growing broadband economy.     read more...
How city governments can help make Net Neutrality a reality
BoingBoing (June 21, 2014) US mayors can and should take steps to make municipal broadband a reality, putting competitive pressure on America's foot-dragging, worst-of-breed ISPs. Many cities are sitting on a gold-mine of "dark fiber" that can be lit up to provide blazing-fast connections.     read more...
Belgian telecom complaints lower in 2013
Telecompaper (June 20, 2014) The Belgian ombudsman for the telecommunications sector received 21,519 written complaints in 2013, a drop of 17 percent from a record of almost 26,000 in 2012. This is the lowest number of complaints in five years, according to the ombudsman's annual report.     read more...
Twitter Denies Blocking Extremist Accounts in Russia
Bloomberg (June 23, 2014) Twitter Inc. (TWTR) said it hasn’t agreed to block extremist accounts in Russia, rebutting earlier statements by the country that access was being restricted.     read more...
When the UK goes 'digital by default', who will be left behind?
The Guardian (June 23, 2014) The government’s Digital Efficiency Report suggested that digital transactions are 20 times cheaper than by phone, 30 times cheaper than by post and as much as 50 times cheaper than by face-to-face meetings, meaning that the government could save between £1.7 and £1.8bn each year if all transactions were done online.     read more...
Washington’s Wi-Fi Friday: FCC, Senate push for more Wi-Fi in schools, more unlicensed airwaves
Gigaom (June 20, 2014) FCC chairman Tom Wheeler wants to make it easier for schools and libraries to get federal funds for Wi-Fi networking. Meanwhile, the Senate is putting political pressure on the FCC to clear more Wi-Fi airwaves.     read more...
Vodafone may go to court over market imbalance
The Sunday Business Post (June 22, 2014) Vodafone Ireland could issue legal proceedings as early as this week in an attempt to force the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) to redress what it sees as an imbalance in the Irish mobile market. The action follows a decision by the European Commission to approve the merger of O2 and Three Mobile, which is now owned by Hong Kong financial giant Hutchison Whampoa.     read more...

Digital Economy

Europe’s Big 5 push for consolidation as mobile service revenue drags on the global market
Infonetics Research (June 12, 2014) Telecom market research firm Infonetics Research released excerpts from its latest 2G, 3G, LTE Mobile Services and Subscribers market size and forecasts report, which tracks mobile service revenue, mobile voice and data average revenue per user (ARPU), and mobile voice and broadband subscribers.     read more...
AT&T accused over merger promises
Financial Times (June 24, 2014) AT&T had a bad record of keeping its past merger-related promises, and politicians should be sceptical of commitments it was making to gain approval for its proposed acquisition of DirecTV, critics of the deal told members of Congress on Tuesday.     read more...
SoftBank CEO Wants to Boost U.S. Wireless Speeds for Less
Bloomberg (June 20, 2014) SoftBank Corp. (9984)’s Masayoshi Son said he wants to improve wireless connection speeds and lower monthly bills for U.S. customers as he pursues the acquisition of T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS)     read more...
Google’s head of performance media explores what’s really driving growth on mobile
Venturebeat (June 20) Businesspeople are talking about the important role mobile is playing in driving growth across sectors—such as retail, services, and entertainment. But with so many disparate data sources, it’s hard to know exactly what is going on with regard to consumer growth on mobile.     read more...
Telefonica sells network capacity in Germany
Totaltelecom (June 25, 2014) Telefonica on Wednesday announced that it has agreed to sell up to 30% of the capacity on its German mobile network to Drillisch in a bid to smooth the regulatory approval path for its planned acquisition of local rival E-Plus.     read more...
BOUYGUES : Le recours d'Orange contre la mutualisation pas sérieux-Vivendi
Les Echos (June 24, 2014) Orange appeal against the network sharing agreement reached earlier this year between the operator SFR with rival Bouygues Telecom is "not serious", said Tuesday the CEO of Vivendi, parent company of SFR, Jean-François Dubos.     read more...
FTTx services and pricing: positioning of offering
Digiworld (June 20, 2014) Over the past few months, many operators have announced the launch of new offerings with even higher speeds, thanks to their FTTH/B networks. In the space of six months, no fewer than five operators in Europe have launched 1 Gbps offerings.     read more...
Vodafone Spain invests EUR 54 mln in Aragon deployment
Telecompaper (June 20, 2014) Vodafone Spain has announced the launch of its fibre optic service in the Spanish city of Zaragoza in the Aragon region. The network already covers around 14,400 households in the city centre and is set to reach 20,000 households by the end of June.     read more...
Gigabit broadband is purely a marketing exercise
Total Telecom (June 20, 2014) There is still much debate in the fixed broadband market about the connection speeds customers really need. Or, more specifically, whether there really is demand for 1-Gbps services.     read more...
Cisco Canada to invest CAD 150 mln into innovation programme
Telecompaper (June 20, 2014) Cisco Canada said it will invest CAD 150 million into the new Cisco Canada Innovation Program. Cisco plans to invest across a mix of technologies, businesses, and investment stages over the next ten years, and will engage with investment partners and start-ups to mentor and develop new leaders and innovators.     read more...
In the future of mobile marketing, companies have to adapt or die
ITProPortal (June20) Companies spend a lot of time looking for the best marketing tools to reach their customers and convert communication into sales. Part of this involves collecting information about people's preferences.     read more...
Will Google Enter The Insurance Industry?
Techcrunch (June 22, 2014) When it comes to collecting and organizing information, Google is well on its way to establishing its hegemony through the registration of 6 billion daily unique searches and indexing of over 50 billion web pages (2013). What remains to be seen is how this information is being made universally accessible and at what price.     read more...
Symantec addresses global workforce gap in cybersecurity
Net-security (June 25, 2014) Symantec launched the Symantec Cyber Career Connection (SC3), to address the global workforce gap in cybersecurity and provide new career opportunities for young adults who may not be college-bound. The program was announced as a Commitment to Action at the Clinton Global Initiative America meeting by Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and Symantec’s executive director of the program, Aled Miles.     read more...
Hackonomics: Cybercrime's cost to business
ZdNet (June 25, 2014) Actual costs of cybercrime are much debated, and the dozens of threat reports issued in 2014 differ on the details. This is likely because companies have a hard time knowing what was stolen, among other complex issues that keep surveys, reports and studies from being accurate.     read more...
Google targets emerging markets with Android One
Totaltelecom (June 26, 2014) Google announced Android One, a programme aimed at making it easier for device makers to develop high-quality, low-cost smartphones for emerging markets.     read more...

Tech & Services

‘Powerhouse’ UK leads Europe app development, says research
Financial Times (June 25, 2014) Britain has become the largest tech hub in Europe for app development, according to research from Google, with more than a third of revenues generated from mobile software in Europe last year.     read more...
Google To Unveil Android 5
Forbes (June 25, 2014) Following Apple announcements earlier this month, Google has unveiled the next big update of its own mobile operating system, Android, at Google I/O – its developer conference in San Francisco.     read more...
Three Graphs that Show the Chinese Mobile Technology Revolution
Brookings (June 24, 2014) John Villasenor, Lei Wen, and Jianwen Chen recently co-authored a Forbes blog post called 'China’s Wireless Industry in Ten Graphs'. In it they use the latest data to illustrate the rapid growth of mobile technology in China.     read more...
TeliaSonera International Carrier Upgrades Pan-European Network with Ciena
Businesswire (June 23, 2014) Ciena Corporation´s (NYSE: CIEN) converged packet optical platform has been selected by TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) for the pan-European segment of its global fibre network.     read more...
Telenor Hungary adds Huawei Ascend P7 to offer
Telecompaper (June 20, 2014) Telenor Hungary enriched its product portfolio with the addition of the Huawei Ascend P7 smartphone. The phone is available at no extra cost along with a two-year subscription for the 'All-In XL' tariff package.     read more...
Oracle acquires LiveLOOK, bolsters its service cloud
ZDNet (June 20, 2014) Oracle on Friday said it acquired LiveLOOK, a company that specializes in collaboration and screen-sharing technologies. The move, which comes a day after Oracle reported disappointing fourth quarter results, highlights how Oracle has plans to be the No. 1 cloud company.     read more...
Vodafone's Czech unit joins Telefonica in challenging LTE auction
TeleInfotoday (June23, 2014) The Czech unit of Vodafone Plc Friday said it filed a motion to halt the Czech telecommunication regulator's upcoming auction for frequencies to carry high-speed wireless services, saying the terms and conditions of the auction are flawed. 'We don't consider it possible that the current state of the LTE auction will continue in a fair manner and have a better outcome than the previous attempt,' said Marketa Kuklova, spokeswoman for the local Vodafone unit.     read more...
Eircom finalising plans for flotation
The Independent (June 23, 2014) The company is aiming to raise about €1bn from investors here and in Britain, in a deal that would value the operator at more than €3bn. The offering could happen as soon as September, with the proceeds used to slash Eircom's €2.3bn debt, sources said.     read more...
EE holds off on VoLTE, announces wifi calling solution
Telecoms (June 20, 2014) UK operator EE, which was the first player in the market to launch LTE, has announced a £275m investment in its voice offering, including plans to deliver voice over wifi in domestic and enterprise environments and a bid to beef up voice quality in the busiest parts of its network.     read more...
LG’s G3 will launch in 4 Asian markets on June 27, then Europe, Middle East, rest of Asia in July
TNW (June 24, 2014) The G3, LG’s new flagship smartphone, will go on sale worldwide from June 27 — this coming Friday — beginning in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines, the company has announced.     read more...
Google begins testing a domain registration service
TNW (June 23, 2014) Google has revealed that it is building a domain registration service called Google Domains. The product is still an early work in progress, so it’s in invite-only beta for now.     read more...
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Would Welcome More Appstore Deals Like BlackBerry’s
Recode (June 22, 2014) With all the news around Amazon’s phone, less attention was paid to the company’s deal with BlackBerry, where it will become the Canadian handset maker’s main source of consumer apps. But Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says the deal is a big boost for both Amazon and those who do the work to tailor apps for the company’s Android Appstore.     read more...
Virtual washing machine keeps corporate mobile communications secure
Deutsche Telekom (June 24, 2014) Deutsche Telekom is expanding its portfolio of security solutions: a new service ensures that company employees can enjoy secure mobile communications and avoid malware     read more...
Telekom Austria buys cable operator blizoo Macedonia
SeeNews (June 23, 2014) Telekom Austria Group said on Monday it has acquired 100% of blizoo Macedonia, one of the Southeast European country's largest cable operators, offering TV services, broadband and fixed voice.     read more...
Five ways Apple could push headphone technology forward
Gigaom (June 22, 2014) The elephant in the room is Apple’s $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics, the market leader in high-end headphones. Beats doesn’t seem to fit exactly in with Apple’s product philosophy, but it’s hard to see Apple killing a wildly profitable line of products with billion-dollar annual revenue just because it wanted the associated streaming music service.     read more...

Focus on

ETNO releases interim Annual Economic Report results at the ETNO-MLex Regulatory Summit
Brussels, Belgium (June 25, 2014)
On the occasion of the 2014 ETNO-MLex Regulatory Summit, ETNO has released interim data, developed by IDATE, which gives an overview of the industry performance in the period 2009-2013 and shows important forecasts for 2014.     read more...


Neelie Kroes on Internet Governance, Government IT and Broadband
(June 22, 2014)

Press Releases

ETNO participates in the ICANN 50 meeting (June 23, 2014)
A delegation from ETNO, the leading trade association representing Europe’s largest telecoms operators, is participating in the “ICANN 50 ” meeting in London, which officially starts today.

Telecom Italia sigla accordo con A2A per l’acquisto di energia da sole fonti rinnovabili (June 23, 2014)
The agreement will have a duration of two years and will safeguard the electricity needs of the entire Group for 2014-2015, with a reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 70%

Etisalat and Telefónica collaborate to bring new-age cyber security services to UAE (June 23, 2014)
This alliance will see the two companies collaborate on the development and implementation of a state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC) in the UAE.

Elisa to start upgrading its trunk network at the end of summer (June 18, 2014)
Elisa will begin to upgrade its trunk network at the end of summer 2014

Huge cuts in mobile data roaming price caps from 1 July – a drop of over 50% from last summer! (June 24, 2014)
From 1 July 2014, the EU will cut the price caps for data downloads by more than half.


2014 Measuring Broadband America Fixed Broadband Report
FCC (2014)

2G, 3G, LTE Mobile Services and Subscribers
Infonetics Research (June 2014)

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2014
MIT Technology Review (June 2014)

Ericsson Mobility Report
Ericsson (June 2014)

Revelead: The World's biggest Telecom companies
CBR (June 20, 2014)


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