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May 15, 2014

European Policies

EU's Almunia rejects Merkel, Juncker calls for antitrust rules overhaul
Reuters (May 15, 2014) Europe's antitrust chief rejected on Thursday calls by two prominent European politicians to overhaul competition rules to make telecoms mergers easier, saying such 'misguided' action would cost consumers dearly.     read more...
Joaquin Almunia: Honing the instruments of EU competition control (May 15, 2014) '...Starting from the reform of competition rules – as Merkel, Juncker and others seem to suggest – would be misguided and it would have as a consequence a transfer of costs towards the consumers. A different course of action is required. The first and most important step to take must be tearing down the barriers that still fragment the Single Market along national borders'.     read more...
Google Faces Demand as EU Court Backs Right to Be Forgotten
Bloomberg (May 13, 2014) Google Inc. may be ordered to remove personal information from its search engine after the European Union’s top court paved the way for citizens to have a 'right to be forgotten'. 'Links and information in the list of results must be erased' where a person’s fundamental rights are harmed by the posting of personal information online and where there is no public interest in publishing it, the EU Court of Justice said in a statement on a ruling today.     read more...
In Google case, E.U. court says people are entitled to control their own online histories
The Washington Post (May 13, 2014) Europe’s highest court on Tuesday stunned the U.S. tech industry by recognizing an expansive right to privacy that allows citizens to demand that Google delete links to embarrassing personal information — even if it’s true.     read more...
Americans Will Never Have the Right to Be Forgotten
Time (May 14, 2014) Americans shouldn’t expect the same privacy protections as in Europe, where the E.U.’s highest court has ruled that its citizens can prompt search engines like Google to remove their outdated or irrelevant personal information from the search results     read more...
France confident of telco consolidation
Total Telecom (May 14, 2014) The number of mobile operators in France will be reduced to three from four, insisted economy minister Arnaud Montebourg this week, as the government seeks to ease competitive pressure and foster broadband investment. France came close to consolidating earlier this year when Bouygues Telecom launched an aggressive pursuit of rival SFR, which was put on sale by parent company Vivendi.     read more...
Europe needs one market, says tech boss
The Telegraph (May 12, 2014) The co-founder of TomTom has backed Britain’s demands for reform in Brussels, claiming that a failure to create a genuine single market is preventing Europe producing global technology giants. French-born Corinne Vigreux, who started the navigation company with her Dutch husband Harold Goddijn, said Europe faced a 'great danger' if it continued to operate as a fragmented market. She said the current diversity of European markets risked missing out on the growth industries and jobs.     read more...
Tlc:incontro Giacometti-Kroes,focus presidenza Ue e digitale
ANSA (May 8, 2014) The priority for telecommunications and the digital agenda of EU Italian Presidency is to revive the market and be the engine of growth and investment. These are the main topics of the bilateral meeting in Brussels between Antonello Giacomelli, Secretary for Communications and Neelie Kroes, Digital Agenda Commissioner. 'We need a new digital agenda oriented to growth, investment and innovation', said President of Ethno Luigi Gambardella.     read more...
European Commissioner Joaquín Almunia: We discipline Google
Frankfurter Allgemeine (May 13, 2014) The European Commissioner for Competition opposes the reproach, that the European Commission would not react to unfair commercial practices at Google. On the contrary, the Commission pressured Google into making concessions.     read more...
European Regulators Take Aim at U.S. Tech Companies
The Wall Street Journal (May 12, 2014) Even as U.S. and European officials negotiate a major free-trade agreement, a new form of protectionism has surfaced across the Atlantic. Some in Europe are pushing for policies that would limit the free flow of data over the Internet. The calls for regulating the Web are also a symptom of a broader problem—a languishing economic partnership between the U.S. and Europe.     read more...
Google ruling 'astonishing', says Wikipedia founder Wales
BBC (May 14, 2014) The European Courts of Justice ruled on Tuesday that an individual could demand that 'irrelevant or outdated' information be deleted from results. Mr Wales said it was 'one of the most wide-sweeping internet censorship rulings that I've ever seen'. Google has said it is looking into the implications of the decision. Mr Wales, speaking to BBC Radio 5 live, said: 'I suspect this isn't going to stand for very long'.     read more...
New handbook on EU broadband state aid (May 8, 2014) Today the Commission publishes new guidance to help governments invest in broadband. The handbook is useful for any public authority investing in broadband or looking at co-funding projects with EU structural and investment funds (ESIF). European Commission Vice-President @NeelieKroesEU, in charge of the Digital Agenda said: 'Broadband increases economic growth. This handbook helps local and rural authorities',     read more...
Shaping a healthier, stronger future (By Neelie KROES Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda) (May 12, 2014) 'It is a great pleasure to be here at the high level eHealth Forum. As many of you recall, the first of these eHealth conferences was in 2003: also under the Greek presidency. So today is a historic moment. It's like the Olympics: bringing the eHealth torch back to the presidency that first lit it'.     read more...
Norway accuses Apple of breaching EU consumer law
EurActiv (May 14, 2014) Apple's iCloud service violates European law by giving itself the right to change its terms and conditions at any time, without notifying its customers, according to a complaint lodged yesterday (13 May) by the Norwegian Consumer Council.     read more...
Women in technology: no progress on inequality for 10 years
The Guardian (May 14, 2014) The situation in the EU is worse than developing nations and the US, where the proportion of women in leadership roles is higher. Gartner’s data showed women occupied 11.2% of technology leadership roles in Europe, the Middle East and Africa compared with 18.1% in North America, 13.4% in Latin America and 11.5% in Asia.     read more...

Global Policies

Broadband CEOs warn FCC against reregulating for net neutrality
PCWorld (May 13, 2014) The CEOs of 28 U.S. broadband providers and trade groups, including the four largest ISPs, have warned the U.S. Federal Communications Commission against reregulating broadband as a utility in an effort to protect net neutrality, saying reclassification of broadband would scare away investors.     read more...
The Net Has Never Been 'Neutral'
National Journal (May 13, 2014) Regardless of the FCC's new rules, big websites have always been able to pay for better service. The Internet is about to mutate from an egalitarian utopia into a corporate hellscape. At least, that's the argument from some people rallying opposition to the Federal Communications Commission's proposal for weaker net-neutrality rules.     read more...
Deutsche Telekom says U.S. regulators decisive for T-Mobile US
Reuters (May 15, 2014) 'The decisive point is the view taken by the U.S. competition authorities', Deutsche Telekom Chief Executive Tim Hoettges told the annual shareholders meeting. 'If the market were to be streamlined, T-Mobile US would be excellently positioned',     read more...
Should the internet be treated like a public utility?
Marketplace (May 12, 2014) The debate over net neutrality rages on. Last month, the FCC unveiled new rules for regulating internet traffic. Opponents of the new rules believe they don’t do enough to ensure equal access to digital content. FCC chairman Tom Wheeler took those concerns seriously, and is set to finesse last month’s rules with some new language.     read more...
‘Net neutrality’ puts FCC at center of storm
The Washington Post (May 15, 2014) The proposal has sparked a massive fight between two of the most powerful industries in the country — on one side, Silicon Valley, and on the other, companies such as Verizon and AT&T that built the pipes delivering Web content to consumers’ homes.     read more...
Broadband Rules Vex FCC
The Wall Street Journal (May 14, 2014) When Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler releases his plan to regulate broadband networks on Thursday, he will invite debate on whether the government should make a move the agency has long avoided: classifying broadband Internet as a public utility for regulatory purposes     read more...
In Defense of Broadband Fast Lanes
Re/code (May 13, 2014) Some fast lanes have been permitted by the FCC for years because of the obvious competitive benefits. Some broadband services — like video and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) — need to be transmitted faster or with better quality than static Web pages, email and file syncs.     read more...
FCC Net-Neutrality Plan Sparks Response Before Release
The Wall Street Journal (May 14, 2014) The broadband providers have been even more vigorous in their insistence that reclassification would be disastrous and discourage further investment in deploying broadband. 'Reclassification would plunge the broadband industry into a lengthy period of uncertainty while a new round of appellate proceedings ran its course',the National Cable and Telecommunications Association told the commission this week.     read more...
Forget the fast lanes, here’s what really matters at the FCC this week
The Washington Post (May 12, 2014) This week, the FCC will vote on the most important item on its agenda for the last decade. No, not new open Internet (aka 'net neutrality') rules, drafted in response to a recent judicial rebuke finding the agency had exceeded its authority in trying to regulate broadband Internet services.     read more...
FCC set to backtrack on net neutrality
Total Telecom (May 12, 2014) The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to revise its net neutrality proposals following widespread criticism that in their current form they may pave the way for a two-tier Internet. If adopted in their current form, the regulator's open Internet rules would allow telcos to offer online service providers like Netflix and Amazon better connectivity provided the relationship is based on what the FCC calls 'commercially reasonable' terms.     read more...
Internet piracy: UK ISPs close to deal with entertainment industry
The Guardian (May 9, 2014) UK internet service providers and the entertainment industry are near to agreeing a deal to combat piracy. After four years of negotiations, BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have said they will send "educational" letters to people who illegally download copyrighted music, television or films     read more...
Glenn Greenwald: 'I don't trust the UK not to arrest me. Their behaviour has been extreme'
The Guardian (May 12, 2014) He has been lauded and vilified in equal measure. But did the journalist's 'outsider' status help him land Edward Snowden's NSA revelations? Why did he nearly miss the story? And how powerless did he feel when his partner was detained at Heathrow? One year after the scoop, we meet him in his jungle paradise in Rio.     read more...
Protecting Privacy in a Big Data World
EurActiv (May 8, 2014) Big data raises big questions. What does it mean for the relationship between citizens and governments, customers and businesses, workers and employers? As governments worldwide ponder how to deal with privacy in a 'big data age', John Podesta recommends to the US president Barack Obama that the protections of the 1974 Privacy Act should be extended to non-US citizens as well.     read more...
China liberalises telecoms tariff regulation to drive competition
Reuters (May 9, 2014) China will allow telecommunications companies to independently decide tariffs for their services from May 10, to promote competition and give a greater role to market forces.     read more...
India: Government to seek authenticity certificates from GSM handset makers
Economic Times (May 13, 2014) The government is set to ask global GSM handset makers to provide a certificate of authenticity to ensure that mobile phones with dubious International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers do not enter the country. The move, aimed at checking circulation of unauthorised GSM phones, will affect handset makers such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nokia and BlackBerry.     read more...

Digital Economy

DT head calls for European 'digital independence'
Mobile World Live (May 15, 2014) Europe has a right to what was termed 'digital self-determination', Timotheus Hottges (pictured), CEO of Deutsche Telekom, said at the company’s shareholders’ meeting today. In a wide-ranging presentation, the executive also touched on areas such as its LTE build-out, and potential consolidation in the US market.     read more...
Orange chief hopeful of sector turnround
The Financial Times (May 14, 2014) After years of being squeezed by a price war of unprecedented severity and the grip of regulations, Stéphane Richard, chief executive of Orange, can afford himself some hope for the years ahead.     read more...
Orange to complain to regulators about Numericable-SFR deal
The Financial Times (May 14, 2014) Orange, France’s largest telecoms group, is to complain to the competition authorities about tax and regulatory concerns caused by the merger between Numericable and SFR, its Vivendi-owned rival.     read more...
European telcos struggling to do the math(s)
Total Telecom (May 9, 2014) Europe's telcos cannot sustain their current spending on networks under the prevailing market conditions. That was the stark message delivered by a GSMA report this week that has operators all but begging Brussels to allow market-driven consolidation. According to the industry body, capex as a proportion of ARPU has grown from 16.1% in 2011 to 18.8% in 2013.     read more...
Slim's America Movil presents offer for rest of Telekom Austria
Reuters (May 15, 2014) America Movil has submitted its offer to buy the shares of Telekom Austria which the Mexican telecoms giant or its partner, Austrian state holding company OIAG, do not already own. In an announcement in Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung on Thursday, America Movil's European unit said it had offered 7.15 euros ($9.80) a share for the rest of the Austrian telecoms company's stock, confirming the price it had announced last month.     read more...
Telefonica-KPN Review Said to Focus on Small Operators
Bloomberg (May 15, 2014) The European Commission’s review of the proposed merger of Telefonica SA (TEF) and Royal KPN NV (KPN)’s German wireless units focuses on bolstering smaller competitors that lease capacity rather than attracting a new network operator, according to people familiar with the process.     read more...
AT&T closing in on near-$50bn DirecTV bid
The Financial Times (May 13, 2014) AT&T is in advanced discussions with DirecTV, the largest US satellite-television provider, over a deal worth almost $50bn that would further shake up the country’s fast-changing pay-TV market. The two companies have been in on-off discussions for some time, but talks have progressed recently, according to people familiar with the matter, who said a deal was still weeks away.     read more...
Telecom Italia first-quarter core profit drops 8.4 percent, in line with consensus
Reuters (May 13, 2014) Telecom Italia (TLIT.MI) said on Tuesday first-quarter core profit (EBITDA) fell 8.4 percent to 2.20 billion euros (1.79 billion pounds), matching a Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S consensus of 2.21 billion euros.     read more...
Telecom Italia predicts earnings recovery
The Financial Times (May 14, 2014) Telecom Italia has predicted a recovery in earnings this year as the Italian mobile market reaches a cyclical low point after another steep fall in profits for the first quarter. A damaging price war in the mobile market in Italy continued to weigh on results at Italy’s largest telecoms group, although this was partly offset by steady performance in its Brazilian business.     read more...
Après Huawei, ZTE veut s'étendre en Belgique: le syndrome chinois?
RTBF (May 11, 2014) Huawei and ZTE share many common points. These are two Asian industrial giants whose brand is virtually unknown to the Belgian public. The first began to catch some of his lack of awareness, and the second is now marketing its smartphones in our territory under his own name.     read more...
Dish interested in T-Mobile US, warns against 'betting on Washington'
Total Telecom (May 9, 2014) Dish Network chairman Charlie Ergen on Thursday confirmed that his company is interested in acquiring T-Mobile US, but only if fellow mobile player Sprint is out of the running. 'T-Mobile is Sprint's to make a decision on', Ergen said on Dish's Q1 results call. 'We can't compete in that process', he added, referring to the synergies that would be generated in a tie-up between the two mobile operators.     read more...
Son Invokes Do-or-Die Spirit in SoftBank U.S. Push: Japan Credit
Bloomberg (May 12, 2014) SoftBank Corp. (9984)’s Masayoshi Son this month invoked the Samurai’s do-or-die spirit in his battle to be Japan’s biggest phone company and finance expansion in the U.S.     read more...
Operators misdirecting retention budgets
Total Telecom (May 14, 2014) Operators are overestimating customer loyalty and are consequently misdirecting their customer retention budgets. This is the conclusion drawn by CEM specialist WDS's latest annual Mobile Loyalty Audit, published on Tuesday. The Xerox-owned company, in collaboration with research firm MobileSquared, conducted interviews with 4,000 mobile subscribers spread evenly between the U.K., U.S., South Africa and Australia.     read more...
Prominent companies hit with fines
The Irish Independent (May 13, 2014) Several prominent companies have been admonished by the Data Protection Commissioner over sending unsolicited text messages and emails. Many companies use text messages and emails to market their services, usually getting numbers or email addresses directly from potential customers.     read more...
TalkTalk in expansion move
The Financial Times (May 15, 2014) TalkTalk wants to extend its fledgling fibre network to reach more than 10m homes, as part of its ambitions to create a business based around owning network infrastructure in the UK.     read more...

Tech & Services

Telekom Austria, America Movil create international fibre net
Telecoms (May 9, 2014) Telekom Austria Group and América Móvil on Friday unveiled a deal that proposes to create one of the world’s largest fibre networks, with a joint footprint with 200 Points of Presence (PoP) within 47 countries, through the interconnection of networks offering voice, roaming, data and mobile services.     read more...
Three ways companies can improve trust in data
World Economic Forum (May 13, 2014) Strengthening trust in the use of personal data has become a priority for policy-makers and business leaders. A recent survey by the telecoms operator Orange shows that an overwhelming 78% of consumers think that it is hard to trust companies with personal data, and that service providers hold too much information about them. An even higher number (82%) feel that they have no power to influence how data is used.     read more...
10 things we learned from Pew Research's Internet of Things report
The Guardian (May 14, 2014) It’s been fashionable to drop the phrase 'Internet of Things' in tech circles for some time now, but what does it really mean? And just as importantly, what will its effects be in the years to come?     read more...
Google Glass goes on open sale - while stocks last
The Telegraph (May 14, 2014) The wearable computer built into a glasses frame has now gone into "open beta", giving anyone in the US a chance to buy a device which until now has been available by invite only - but Google hints that the supply may be limited     read more...
Every Company Is A Tech Company
Forbes (May 13, 2014) Uber is encountering a series of challenges that are notionally unfamiliar to the current generation of tech companies: wrongful-death lawsuits, rent-seeking by an entrenched industry, regulatory scrutiny from local bureaucrats, worker protests. The company admitted to having disrupted a competitor’s operations by calling its cars, then canceling.     read more...
Sweden: Very handy palm payments system takes off
Euronews (May 14, 2014) Cash, cheques, plastic, Paypal – there are already many ways to pay. And now a group of students at Lund University in Sweden have come up with a biometric payment system. It works by touching the screen with your palm and entering the final four digits of your smartphone number.     read more...
WhatsApp gains more traction in India
Telecoms (May 14, 2014) Facebook-owned mobile messaging service WhatsApp has struck its fourth carrier deal in India, extending its services further into the territory through a contract with Bharti Airtel.     read more...
Are Consumers Better Off Putting Everything in the Cloud?
The Wall Street Journal (May 11, 2014) The cloud offers people the chance to unload their data-storage and computing chores onto somebody else's machines. But is doing all of that unloading a good idea? In recent years, more people have been taking advantage of systems that let them store and share files online, or run common software applications over the Web instead of on their local computer.     read more...
Nokia Launches Affordable Windows Phone in India
The Wall Street Journal (May 12, 2014) Microsoft Corp.'s cellphone unit on Monday launched a new midtier smartphone in India in an effort to recoup eroding market share in a critical developing market. The phone, dubbed the Nokia Lumia 630, is aimed at a niche in between the premium models sold by Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. and lower-end phones made by the likes of China's Xiaomi and India's Micromax Informatics Ltd.     read more...
Study raises fears of ‘digital exclusion’
The Financial Times (May 12, 2014) Almost 7m people in the UK have never used the internet and a further 4m lack the skills to make the most of web services, according to a new study that reinforces fears of 'digital exclusion'. The elderly are the largest group among the almost one in seven not on the internet, according to a survey conducted by the Communications Chambers, a research group.     read more...
The tee shirt that knows when you are stressed
The Telegraph (May 12, 2014) A new range of 'biometric smartwear' constantly monitors your heart rate to give you feedback on your exercise routine, and can even warn you when it spots the danger signs that could lead to health problems such as stress or heart attack.     read more...
Robot hand and arm gets official approval
BBC (May 12, 2014) The Deka Arm has fingers that can move much like real ones making it easier for amputees to feed themselves, zip up clothes and unlock doors. The arm has a much greater range of movement than existing devices many of which are based around metal hooks or designs more than 100 years old. US Army veterans helped to test and refine the prosthetic limb.     read more...
Ooredoo launches wholesale arm
Total Telecom (May 12, 2014) Ooredoo on Monday announced that it is building on its existing wholesale operations with the launch of a new unit: Ooredoo Global Services. The business will be headed up by Yousuf Abdulla Al Kubaisi, who for the past couple of years served as Ooredoo's chief wholesale and international officer and has spent a total of 29 years with the company in various roles.     read more...
Snapchat settles privacy complaint
The Financial Times (May 8, 2014) The “disappearing” messages that attracted millions of users to Snapchat were not as ephemeral as they seemed, the start-up has admitted as it settled a privacy complaint from the US Federal Trade Commission.     read more...
Is the pdf hurting democracy?
The Guardian (May 9, 2014) It's the standard file format for nearly every academic paper, political briefing and research note. But a new report by the World Bank suggests that the venerable pdf is keeping valuable information buried in servers, unread and unloved.     read more...

Focus on

Special on #NewDAE14: All the videos
A New Digital Agenda for Europe
Brussels (April 30, 2014)
The #NewDAE14 workshop gathered over 200 senior representatives from the ICT industry, EU institutions, investors’ community, academia, consultancies and consumers organizations across the EU. ETNO and Telecom Italia co-organized a workshop in view of the Italian Presidency of the EU. In this special, all the videos from the workshop.


WTISD 2014: Message from ITU Secretary-General, Dr Hamadoun I. Touré
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2014 (May 16, 2014)

Press Releases

Deutsche Telekom wants to drive the fourth industrial revolution as the leading European telecommunications provider (May 15, 2014)
CEO Tim Höttges calls for Europe to catch up at shareholders' meeting

Telecom Italia supports the ‘Startup Europe Partnership’, the European Commission programme for Leading new technology Startups (May 13, 2014)
The ‘Startup Europe Partnership’ will be officially launched on 22 May in Brussels, in the presence of leading members of the European Commission, President Josè Manuel Barroso and Vice President Neelie Kroes.

Telefonica R&D investment up 6% to EUR 6.1 bln in 2013 (May 13, 2014)
Telefonica invested some EUR 6.1 billion in research and development last year, some 6 percent more than in 2012.

Elisa launches new LTE business packages (May 9, 2014)
Estonian mobile operator Elisa has launched a raft of new LTE packages for smarphones, aimed at business subscribers.

Telenor Foundation launches in Montenegro (May 13, 2014)
Telenor has launched the Telenor Foundation in Montenegro, with the goal of contributing to the further promotion and development of corporate social responsibility.


Big Data: Seizing opportunities, preserving values
White House - Executive Office of the President (May 2014)

The Internet Trust Bubble. Global Values, Beliefs and Practices
World Economic Forum (May 2014)

Resilient pathways: the adaptation of the ICT sector to climate change
ITU (April 2014)

ICT investment trends in China - Enterprise ICT spending patterns through to the end of 2015
Kable (April 2014)

UK: Digital shopper marketing at a crossroads
Savvy Marketing (May 6, 2014)


INFOGRAPHIC: Want to connect with customers? Think mobile first

Source: Mobile Innovation Summit

Next Week

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2014: Broadband for Sustainable Development (May 16, 2014)
Geneva, Switzerland (and Worldwide Initiatives)

Digital Skills: Is coding now a core skill for Europe? (May 20, 2014)
Brussels, Belgium

EU-US trade talks – 5th round (May 19-23, 2014)
Arlington, Virginia

World Rural Telecoms Congress Africa 2014 (May 20-21, 2014)
Johannesburg, South Africa

Annual Privacy Forum 2014 (May 20-21, 2014)
Athens, Greece


Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2014
Dublin, Ireland (June 12, 2014)

LTE World Summit
Amsterdam, Netherlands (June 23-25, 2014)

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