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Oct 22, 2015

European Policies

No regulation needed for online ‘gatekeepers’, experts tell Commission
EurActiv (Oct 19, 2015) The European Commission's intention to regulate online giants such as Google, Ebay and Uber, has received a lukewarm response among analysts in the field. The latest warning came from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF).     read more...
Saving the climate and driving economic growth at the speed of light.
ETNO ThinkDigital Blog Post (Oct 19, 2015) ETNO is well aware of the importance of the outcome of the UN Climate Change Conference COP21, on which great expectations are placed by businesses, governments and civil society. COP21 is expected to mark a milestone in the global fight against climate change.     read more...
OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2015
OECD (Oct 19, 2015) The OECD released today their STI Scoreboard 2015, covering 200 indicators in the field of Science, Technology & Industry. According to the report, “countries should step up their investment in long-term R&D to develop frontier technologies that will reshape industry, healthcare and communications”.     read more...
Merkel et Hollande présideront une grande conférence numérique franco-allemande à Paris, le 27 octobre
l'Usine Digitale (Oct 16, 2015) Le 27 octobre prochain Angela Merkel et François Hollande présideront, à l’Elysée, une grande conférence numérique franco-allemande qui impliquera les grands industriels comme les start-up.     read more...
Les 9 travaux de Sébastien Soriano, le très numérique président de l’Arcep
l'Usine Digitale (Oct 21, 2015) Invité de la première discussion organisée par le cercle Pouvoirs numériques (Afdel et cabinet d’avocats Samman), Sébastien Soriano a pu détailler le 20 octobre l’éventail des travaux actuels de l’Arcep.     read more...
Irish court orders investigation of Facebook data transfers to U.S
Reuters (Oct 20, 2015) Ireland's High Court on Tuesday ordered an investigation into Facebook's transfer of European Union users' data to the United States to make sure personal privacy was properly protected from U.S. government surveillance.     read more...
Minister confirms support for internet governance transfer
The Irish Times (Oct 19, 2015) Ireland “firmly” backs the planned transition from US government to international oversight of a critical area of global internet management, Minister for Communications Alex White told delegates yesterday at the Dublin meeting of the powerful internet governance group Icann (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).     read more...

US & Global Policies

Deutsche Telekom Said to Weigh New Antitrust Complaint Against Google
The New York Times (Oct 19, 2015) Deutsche Telekom, the German telecom company, has long been an outspoken critic of United States tech companies’ dominance over how Europeans access online services.     read more...
Microsoft wants US government to obey EU privacy laws
Ars Technica (Oct 21, 2015) Microsoft has published a blog post by Brad Smith, the company's president and chief legal officer, on the implications of the collapse of the Safe Harbour arrangement between the EU and US. In the post, Smith calls for the US government to agree that "it will only demand access to personal information that is stored in the United States and belongs to an EU national in a manner that conforms with EU law, and vice versa."     read more...
Microsoft’s plan to avoid a ‘return to the digital dark ages’ in wake of Safe Harbor decision
The Washington Post (Oct 20, 2015) Tech companies are still reeling from a top European court's decision invalidating Safe Harbor, a trade agreement used by thousands of American companies to transfer European's data across the Atlantic.     read more...
EU-US Safe Harbour and forced data localisation: lessons from Russia
EurActiv (Oct 18, 2015) Small ideas sometimes change the world. Russia’s forced data localisation is a small idea. Now, with the fall of Safe Harbour, a German data protection agency calls for data localisation. Others will follow. But data localisation is a bad idea – a concept to be quashed in any serious political debate on how to resolve Safe Harbour, and trust in Trans-Atlantic relations.     read more...
EU privacy regulators give EU, U.S. three months to find new data pact
Reuters (Oct 16, 2015) Companies could face action from European privacy regulators if the European Commission and United States do not come up with a new system enabling them to shuffle data across the Atlantic in three months, the regulators said on Friday.     read more...
The Safe Harbour legal battle: Everything you need to know
ITProPortal (Oct 21, 2015) The legal wrangling between US corporations and the EU over the transfer of user data could potentially have huge consequences for individuals and businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.     read more...
Apple, Google and Twitter among 22 tech companies opposing Cisa bill
The Guardian (Oct 21, 2015) Twenty-two of the world’s top technology companies are firmly against the controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (Cisa) now on the floor of the Senate, according to a new poll by internet activists Fight for the Future.     read more...
ICANN hopes for quick decision on break with US govt
EurActiv (Oct 16, 2015) ICANN, the non-profit organisation that administers internet domain names, is up against a tough deadline to cut ties with the US government by next autumn.     read more...

Blogs & Opinions

The collapse of the US-EU Safe Harbor: Solving the new privacy Rubik’s Cube
Microsoft on the Issues (Microsoft Blog) (Oct 20, 2015) Legal rules that were written at the dawn of the personal computer are no longer adequate for an era with ubiquitous mobile devices connected to the cloud. In both the United States and Europe, we need new laws adapted to a new technological world.     read more...
Transfer Tools Post Schrems: EU Data Protection Authorities' Common Position on Model Contacts
A&L Goodbody's International Blog (Oct 19, 2015) Model Contracts are standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data outside the EU/EEA which have been approved by the European Commission. They have been approved on the basis that they provide sufficient safeguards for privacy, fundamental rights and the exercise of those rights.     read more...
Europe’s digital transformation hinges on modern infrastructure
EurActiv (Oct 20, 2015) Quality connectivity and mobility are critical if Europe’s strong vertical industries are to take a leading role in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, writes Markus Borchert. Borchert is Senior Vice President, Head of Nokia Networks Europe.     read more...
How to Understand the EU-U.S. Digital Divide
Harvard Business Review (Oct 19, 2015) After two decades of failed efforts to spur innovation and competition in Europe’s lagging communications sector, the European Commission has promised “an ambitious overhaul” next year as part of its far-reaching Digital Single Market initiative.     read more...

Digital Economy

Orange se lance dans le paiement mobile
LesEchos (Oct 18, 2015) Orange va dévoiler ce lundi ses ambitions dans les services bancaires en France. Il doit annoncer le lancement, avec plus d’un an de retard sur le calendrier précédemment annoncé, d’Orange Cash, un service de paiement mobile sans contact.     read more...
Telecoms: Showtime for AT&T
The Financial Times (Oct 15, 2015) The group acquired DirecTV for $49bn in 2014, but as subscribers turn off, is it buying into a dying industry?     read more...
Nervous investors dial down hopes for UK ‘IoT’ champions
The Financial Times (Oct 18, 2015) Telit Communications is not a household name. But it is one of the UK’s hottest technology stocks and part of one of the most keenly watched trends in the sector.     read more...
BT swarms into the global cloud world with Caringo
The Register (Oct 21, 2015) British Telecom is setting up a cloud storage service using Caringo's Swarm object storage technology. Caringo's product is the object-based storage component of BT's Compute Storage offerings, which include storage, data protection and sharing for BT customers around the globe..     read more...
BT, le retour du pionnier des télécoms
LesEchos (Oct 15, 2015) En près de trente-cinq ans, l'ex-British Telecom s'est transformé et a souvent été précurseur. Leader du fixe au Royaume-Uni, iI fait aujourd'hui son grand retour dans le mobile.     read more...
Nokia Receives All Regulatory Approvals To Acquire Alcatel-Lucent
NASDAQ (Oct 21, 2015) Nokia Corp. wednesday said it received all the required regulatory approvals to acquire Alcatel-Lucent, as it received the French Ministry of Economy's approval for the transaction. Earlier on October 19th, the company has received antitrust clearance from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce or MOFCOM.     read more...
Brazil is one of the most dynamic digital economies, Google executive says
EurActiv (Oct 20, 2015) Despite its current "economic instability", Brazil is one of the most dynamic digital economies, and its high level of connectivity could increase business for many companies, Google Brazil head Fabio Coelho said.     read more...
Nokia-Alcatel Lucent deal wins approval of Chinese regulator
The Financial Times (Oct 19, 2015) Nokia’s acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent has passed its last major hurdle after the €15.6bn deal was cleared by the Chinese competition authorities.     read more...
Reed Hastings: “La tele por Internet suplirá a la lineal como el móvil al fijo”
El Pais (Oct 18, 2015) Cuando buena parte del mundo estaba descubriendo el email, Reed Hastings estaba pensando en enviar películas por Internet. Ese era el objetivo inicial de Netflix, asegura, y pasó una década hasta que pudo hacerlo.     read more...
The 12 biggest technology acquisitions of all time
World Economic Forum Agenda (Oct 13, 2015) The privately owned computer technology company Dell Inc has agreed to buy the data storage company EMC Corp for a record $67 billion.     read more...

Technology Trends

YouTube to launch subscription service
BBC (Oct 21, 2015) YouTube is to launch a subscription service offering original, exclusive videos - including feature-length films starring high-profile vloggers.Initially only available in the US, YouTube Red will cost $9.99 (£6.50) a month and have no adverts.     read more...
Smartphones put power to deal currencies into retail traders' hands
Reuters (Oct 20, 2015) Once the preserve of big international banks, smartphones are putting the power to deal currencies into the hands of a new cohort of traders, who can make a fortune -- or lose their shirt -- on the bus to work.     read more...
Yahoo: We have a plan to win you back
CNET (Oct 21, 2015) The Internet pioneer has many popular services. There's Yahoo Mail for email, Yahoo Screen for videos, Yahoo Sports for scores and athletics news, and Yahoo Search for, well, searching the Web.     read more...
Verizon promises an open road for unlimited-data customers
CNET (Oct 20, 2015) The company may have raised the price of its grandfathered unlimited-data plan, but it says it won't try to slow down its heaviest users.     read more...
See how drones are being used around the world
The Washington Post (Oct 20, 2015) A flying sushi service tray known as the “itray,” created using miniature remote-controlled helicopter rotor blades, is demonstrated by staff at a Yo! Sushi restaurant in London.     read more...

Focus on

Driving our Sustainable Future through ICT - A joint ETNO-GeSI event
Brussels (Oct 28, 2015)
banner etno event
What role does ICT play in decarbonising the economy? Last chance to register for the conference next week! Discover the full programme.     read more...


FT-ETNO Summit 2015, Video Special with Keynote Speeches, Panels and Closing Remarks
Leaders, top policymakers, business executives, regulators and investors for a collective discussion about what it will take to ensure European telecoms can flourish and achieve global competitiveness. (Oct 13, 2015)

Press Releases

News from Silicon Valley: Swisscom investing in two Swiss start-ups (Oct 20, 2015)
Swisscom investing in Swiss start-ups Ava and Crowd. Both start-ups, alongside Archilogic, Gamaya and Monetas, were winners of the third Swisscom StartUp Challenge and last week completed a week-long mentoring programme in Silicon Valley.

Orange launches Orange Cash in partnership with Visa across metropolitan France (Oct 19, 2015)
Following an initial launch in Caen, Lille, Nice, Strasbourg and Rennes in 2014, Orange has confirmed its commitment to mobile payment in France by launching Orange Cash nationwide in partnership with Visa.

Telenor Group’s results for the 3rd quarter 2015 (Oct 20, 2015)
The Telenor Group will release its financial results for the 3rd quarter 2015 on 28 October. The presentation will be live on the Internet or your mobile phone

Deutsche Telekom partners with Wandera (Oct 20, 2015)
Deutsche Telekom has announced a strategic partnership with Wandera to deliver its mobile gateway services to Deutsche Telekom`s business customers. The integration will enable their customers to secure, control and manage mobile data usage.

Telekom Austria Group Reports Stable Results in Third Quarter 2015 (Oct 19, 2015)
Group revenues declined by 1.2% to EUR 2,950.4 million mainly driven by currency translation effects (clean* +0,2%).


OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2015
OECD (October 19, 2015)

Why Internet Platforms Don’t Need Special Regulation
Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (October 19, 2015)

Operator survey on the move to digital
Openet (October 16, 2015)

Digital Evolution: Learning from the Leaders in Digital Transformation
CIOs (October 20, 2015)

2015 North America Consumer Digital Payments Survey
Accenture (October 20, 2015)


Día Mundial del Ahorro de Energía #PorElClima ¡Un deber de todos!

Source: Telefonica

Next Week

Driving our Sustainable Future through ICT - A joint ETNO-GeSI event (Oct 28, 2015)

5th International Conference on the Internet of Things (Oct 26 - 28, 2015)

Digital Customer Care in Telecoms (Oct 27 - 29, 2015)

Futurecom 2015 (Oct 26 - 29, 2015)
Sao Paulo

Digital TV Central and Eastern Europe 2015 (Oct 27 - 28, 2015)


5th Global Mining IT and Communication Summit
Toronto (Nov 4 - 5, 2015)

IoT World Forum 2015
London (Nov 18 - 19, 2015)

The Industrial Internet Era
Brussels (Nov 26, 2015)

Mobile Convention Brussels
Brussels (Nov 24, 2015)

Luxembourg (Feb 16 - 18, 2016)

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