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ETNO Common Position CP076 on misuse of E.212

ETNO recognises that strict adherence to E.212 principles identifies the country and the network of the customer and rejects the use of foreign MCC/MNCs. This should be preferred as the primary way to resolve the issue of usage of E.212 codes.

ETNO considers that these principles must be agreed on in the same grounds and enforced by all countries, taking into account a sufficient period of time to allow the operators that currently use foreign MCC/MNCs to migrate their IMSIs to the local MCC.
It is also ETNO's view that there are several aspects that pertain to the use of foreign MCC/MNCs to consider and these must be clearly separated. ETNO indeed recognises that in some neighbouring countries and possibly due to the specifics of the geography in these regions or their history, cross-border coverage exist, For example, the case of the Italian E.212 resources used cross-border in  Vatican City and San Marino.


ETNO Common Position CP076 on misuse of E.212

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