Position papers

Common Positions

Prepared by ETNO working groups of company representatives, these require the consensus approval by all ETNO Full Members.

Reflection Documents

Also prepared by working groups, Reflection Documents carry the approval of at least two-thirds of ETNO’s membership. Such a document does not necessarily represent the final position of ETNO on a topic, but provides a solid indication of the majority view among its members. Many ETNO papers take this form.

Expert Contributions

This is not a position paper but a document offering a common but unofficial viewpoint, agreed by consensus within an ETNO working group and endorsed by the association’s Executive Board. Expert Contributions differ from Common Positions and Reflection Documents in that they are not approved by ETNO’s membership at large. But they often address technical or organisational questions at the expert level and enable ETNO to comment quickly on a given subject when short deadlines are in play.

Third-Party Positions

Issued on an occasional basis, these documents reflect common views shared by ETNO and other industry and trade organisations regarding either specific topics or horizontal issues.

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