06 October, 2020

ETNO-GSMA position paper on the New Consumer Agenda

Introduction – telcos and consumers

A 2019 study conducted for ETNO by Assembly[1] identified the telecoms sector as one which is characterised by evolving service, improved trust, and enhanced customer relationships. A result of strong competition between providers, innovation and considerable ongoing investments in networks and services, consumers derive considerable benefit from our services. As a sector defined by providing services to meet new demands and challenges, and one which develops and makes use of new technologies, we welcome the European Commission’s ambition in its forthcoming New Consumer Agenda: consumers must be at the heart of the Green and Digital Transitions in Europe, responding to the most important challenges of today with a holistic and coherent vision on the role of consumers.

Consumers are a crucial enabler of, and recipient of the benefits of, the Green and Digital Transitions. Such challenges present an opportunity to evaluate the EU’s consumer agenda, and specifically certain pieces of legislation, including the General Product Safety Directive, to ensure they are fit for purpose in a digital and green economy. Such challenges also represent an opportunity to realise not only the Green and Digital Transitions, but also improve digital literacy among consumers, which is continually of high interest for telecoms operators.

A New Consumer Agenda in Europe should not only respond to challenges, such as ensuring that consumers are guaranteed the highest protection and provided with accurate information regarding new technologies, but it should also make the most of opportunities to empower the consumer, and ensure readiness for the green and digital transitions.

Read the Position Paper in full at the link below. 

[1] Delivering Consumer Value in Digital Times, a study for ETNO, conducted by Assembly, September 2019. Accessible here: https://www.etno.eu/library/reports/88-consumer-study-2019-final-pages.html

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