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Hrvatski Telekom first in the world to introduce the network of the future - TeraStream

Hrvatski Telekom was the first in the world to present in Zagreb, the network of the future - TeraStream. In front of dozens of guests from the political, economic, academia and social life, the world premiere of the technology that marks a technological breakthrough because it simplifies the network and access topology was held at Lauba House. 

TeraStream raises access network speeds by around 50 times the current rate, providing users with speed of 1 Gbit/s. This new technology network significantly reduces the unit cost of data transmission and allows massification of the construction of optical access for users.

TeraStream is a new network concept which enables simpler implementation and integration of advanced services of the future. It is a technological concept that provides all the services, including the traditional telco services (voice, IPTV, Internet access) from the Cloud, as opposed to today, when they are provided through a network.

Hrvatski Telekom is the first in the Deutsche Telekom Group to put into pilot use this innovative technology in order to test the concept and improve its functionalities.
In the past ten years Hrvatski Telekom has invested almost HRK 13 billion in infrastructure and services, and investment into the TeraStream project is worth more than HRK 30 million. The pilot phase will run through December 2012 and the 2013. Based on customers’ experiences and the analysis of the business model, HT will make a decision on the possible commercial application of the tested TeraStream technology.

TeraStream is an extremely simplified IP network concept that combines network technology, data center technology, and works well also with fiber infrastructure. TeraStream concept implies a significantly larger volume of data at multiple higher speeds. In this pilot phase the network was initially constructed with two data centers (Zagreb and Varaždin), and provides up to 10 times more capacity than earlier technologies. Total installed capacity is 400 Gbit/s which is three times the capacity of the total traffic of all of the current HT commercial services! TeraStream is fully based on the future proof IP version 6 protocol, providing more addresses to each user than the whole global internet is using today. For the first pilot phase of the implementation CISCO was selected as partner in Croatia.

"To achieve success as a society in the future, we need to have networks that can support the most advanced communications and services. I am especially proud of two things: that Croatia with Hrvatski Telekom is the first country in the world to install this innovative technology, the benefits of which will be crucial for success in the future, for the development and competitiveness of the economy and to improve the lives of individuals. I am proud also of our Croatian experts who implement this highly demanding, innovative network concept in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom colleagues. TeraStream as an innovative solution fits perfectly into the HT's vision for the company of the future; we want our company to evolve toward an e-company, for example, by implementing intensively web and Cloud based solutions. This event is important for Croatia, marks our technological progressiveness, confirms our infrastructural readiness and is a signal that we are suitable for investment.", said Ivica Mudrini?, President and CEO of Hrvatski Telekom.

“Technology is key for success in our industry. TeraStream is a revolution in network architecture – creating a lean and simple backbone that is ready for the enormous traffic increase of the future and new services. With this pilot Hrvatski Telekom is a pioneer for the entire group” says Claudia Nemat, Board Member Europe and Technology Deutsche Telekom. 

Today's technologies are based on the assumption that the basic services (voice, IPTV ...) are still provided in the network. TeraStream implies that all the services are provided from the Cloud and that they can be quickly connected and upgraded. IPv6 technology that is an integral part of the TeraStream concept ensures that each device in the household, from refrigerators and ovens to security systems and computers can have its own public IP address, and one can operate them from anywhere, at any time.

To make all this possible, TeraStream uses Cloud technologies as the basic form of providing all services: full connectivity and building of home networks according to the principle of plug and play. It includes a high-quality videoconferencing link to all family members and friends, online education, video multiplayer gaming, backup of all data in the Cloud, teleworking from a home office and more. Business customers will be able to offer their services faster, will have easier access to all devices in the office, have a better security system, make videoconferencing contact with customers, employees and business partners, and easily store data in the Cloud and work on a virtual desktop.

TeraStream is a revolutionary concept in the telecom industry and its implementation depends largely on investments in data centers, advanced fiber infrastructure, and LTE. Hrvatski Telekom has been for years now successfully implementing new technologies in this field (IPTV, Cloud, LTE, NFC, ICT marketplace ...) and the TeraStream pilot launch proves it is a company that introduces technological innovations on a global level as well.

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