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Türk Telekom grew by 6.4 % in 2012 with a revenue of TL 12.7 billion

Turkey’s leading communication and convergence technology group Türk Telekom announced 2012 year end results. According to 2012 year end financial results, the Group’s revenues increased by 6.4 % and reached TL 12.7 billion. Türk Telekom Group made a consolidated investment of TL 2.4 billion and expanded its fiber coverage by reaching over 1.9 million FTTH/B home passes in addition to 4 million FTTC passes with more momentum on investments.

Turk Telekom Group CEO Hakam Kanafani’s comments on 2012 year end results:

Turk Telekom Group delivered a strong financial and operational performance in 2012 growing by 6.4 % and reaching historical record revenues of TL 12.7 billion. We sustained our robust operating performance in fixed line and mobile businesses with Group EBITDA reaching TL 5.1 billion and EBITDA margin staying solid at 40%. Our net income grew 27% annually and reached over TL 2.6 billion. Our investments totaled TL 2.4 billion in the full year in order to sustain our growth momentum and deliver best quality of service to our customers.

In 2012, we continued to transform our best in class fixed-line network with significant investments especially in fiber infrastructure. As the leader of fiber network in Turkey, we started to offer superfast broadband services in 2012 with fiber to the home/building (FTTH/B) coverage reaching over 1.9 million home-passes, a remarkable achievement demonstrating the extensive country-wide reach of our fixed infrastructure.

 Our retail ISP company TTNET introduced unique multi-play packages offering high-speed internet, TV, mobile broadband and Wi-Fi services for its millions of customers. Thanks to TTNET’s innovative offers, our customers can now purchase a single quota internet package and use it in both fixed and mobile broadband whenever they please. We are pleased to see that Turkey’s leader IPTV service Tivibu is gaining more popularity. We recently enriched Tivibu by adding new content from various European football leagues.

Our mobile company Avea delivered outstanding performance by growing its revenues and EBITDA by 13% and 28% respectively and adding net 730 thousand customers in 2012. Avea’s annual revenues reached a record level of TL 3.5 billion driven by strong performance both in voice and data segments. Our mobile data revenues grew impressively by 79%, highest growth rate in the market. In 2012 we invested more than TL 750 million in network and channel, supporting quality and efficiency.

Avea continued to be a leader in innovative offers and mobile number portability net adds in 2012. Our unique SEC offers enabled customers design their own call, internet, SMS and handset packages according to their needs.  We continued to see the benefits of our strong data network and introduced our own branded smartphone, “Avea inTouch”. As a rising star of Turkish mobile market, Avea joined the board of world’s leading mobile business association, GSMA in 2012.

As a solid demonstration of our implementation of verticals strategy in entertainment, health care and education, our group company Sebit, a global player in e-education, developed a new search engine for educational use. This is a very innovative technology; a first in the region and a pioneer in the world. Sebit’s educational portal “Vitamin” attracted 3 million monthly unique visitors viewing over 50 million pages.

As Turk Telekom Group, we are the leading provider of research and development studies in communications in Turkey. We also partner with telecom companies in Europe through EU funded projects. Most recently, we hosted and organized Networked & Electronic Media Summit 2012, Europe’s prestigious technology platform bringing together more than 600 companies.

Turk Telekom consistently increased its corporate governance rating in independent rating studies. In December 2012, Turk Telekom scored 8.8 out of 10 and continued to be the first and only telecom company in the Corporate Governance Index of Istanbul Stock Exchange.

In 2013, we are committed to continue the growth of our business both in mobile and fixed-line segments. As Turk Telekom Group, we leverage our convergence strategy and group synergies to sustain our leadership position in Turkish telecom market.

I thank each member of Turk Telekom Group family for a successful performance in 2012. I extend my warmest gratitude to our customers and business partners for their support and contribution to Turk Telekom Group’s continuing success.

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