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Orange opens its 4G network to the mass market, extending coverage to 15 “agglomerations”, including 50 towns

  • Network coverage extended to include15 “agglomerations” (cities and surrounding urban centres), including 50 towns, as well as the 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th districts of Paris 
  • Orange is currently the only operator to provide theoretical maximum speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s with a compatible terminal(1)
  • A simpler and more attractive range with very high-speed mobile broadband from €30.90/month(2) with Origami Play 4G/H+
  • Specific services and content with all 4G/H+ offers
  • Nine 4G offers for businesses and professionals

Orange is extending its 4G network, and announces additional cities for June 2013

Orange  was already the first operator in France to introduce a commercial  offer following the launch of its 4G network in Marseille in June 2012,  and in Lyon, Nantes and Lille in November 2012. From 4 April, Orange  will now open its 4G network in ten new cities and surrounding areas  (Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Chartres, Orléans, Dunkerque, Nancy, Metz,  Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble and Annecy). In addition, following the  launch of 4G in the Paris Opéra area on 28 January, Orange is now  extending its network from 4 April to the city's 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th  districts.

From June 2013, Orange will launch 4G in 21 additional  “agglomerations”, including Montpellier, Rennes, Pau, Poitiers and  Mulhouse; Toulouse will follow by the summer.

with 4G, Orange confirms its mobile network leadership

Orange  already has the fastest H+ network according to the ARCEP report  published in November 2012(3), and currently offers coverage for 65% of  the French population.

Orange mobile users can now consult the  website to compare broadband speeds of the 3G+,  H+ and 4G networks.

To make the most of 4G, Orange is launching a  new range of offers for the general public, and nine offers for  businesses and professionals. 

Orange is simplifying its Origami range and opening it to 4G on 4 April

4G/H+(4)  access is included in all Origami Jet offers with no additional fees.  It is also included with the new Origami Play offer for a supplement of  €10 a month on top of the 3G+ offer.

To help drive the movement  to 4G, all customers who subscribe to these new offers before 31  December 2013 will benefit from a special newcomers' offer and will pay a  supplement of just €1 a month instead of €10 to access the new network.  This means they will be able to enjoy Origami Play 4G/H+ from  €30.90/month(2 and 5).

4G/H+ is also available in the Open Up and  Top offers with no extra premium from €59.90 /month(6) and on Let’s go  from €29.90 /month(6) to enjoy the best of 4G on your tablet.

All Orange 4G/H+ offers include the following special services and content:

  • the multi-SIM option(7) that allows customers to use their mobile  broadband subscription for both their smartphone and tablet,
  • Orange Cloud(8) that allows customers to store photos, videos and  documents online, and to enjoy 100Mb of secure storage space,
  • Orange TV in high definition, with 70 channels,
  • Exclusive access to all Ligue 1 football matches (9) free of charge for all 4G subscribers until 31 May 2014,
  • Orange Deezer premium+(10)

access to a wider range of the latest 4G/H+ handsets from €1 

The  range of 4G/H+ devices is being extended in April to include ten 4G/H+  smartphones, a tablet and a domino (see for more  information on the complete product range). By the end of 2013, half the  devices on offer at Orange will be 4G/H+ compatible.

new 4G offers for professional customers and businesses

Orange  was the first operator in France to market a 4G offer for professional  and corporate customers. To support the growth of use of very high-speed  mobile broadband (videoconferencing, collaborative tools, remote access  of workstations and company applications) in businesses, Orange  Business Services is developing and enhancing nine of its mobile, tablet  and Business Everywhere (dongle) offers. Orange Business Services now  offers voice and 4G data packages for professionals from €49 a month  before tax with a 24-month commitment.
For more details on these offers, click on the following link:

A series of online video interview are available in French:

(1) maximum theoretical bandwidth with a category 4 LTE device. First smartphone available from the 2nd quarter of 2013.
(2) with a 12-month contract, keeping your mobile.
(3) results recorded by ARCEP for tests to download a 5Mb file carried out in towns of over 10,000 inhabitants with an iPad 3.
(4)  4G/H+ with compatible device. Only in zones currently covered by the  requisite technical infrastructure. Coverage available on For  4G : Paris – Opéra area, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes,  Chartres, Orléans, La Rochelle, Dunkerque, Nancy, Metz, Grenoble,  Clermont-Ferrand and Annecy.
(5) offer valid from 04/04/2013 to 31/12/2013 for all subscriptions to Origami Play 2Go.
(6) on a 12-month contract.
(7)  option available on request (with a €5 configuration fee) to share a  mobile broadband connection with a  2nd device as well as certain  services included in the offer thanks to a 2nd built-in SIM card  (excluding voice, SMS, MMS, … detailed list available on
(8) storage space can be accessed from your mobile, tablet or PC with an internet or mobile broadband connection.
(9)  then €5/month option or €3/month for the Pass Ligue. Must download the  latest version of the application (connection costs vary according to  offers).
(10) service accessible on devices compatible with the  application (download deducted from subscription). Specific conditions  and list of compatible devices on outside the Let’s Go offer.

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