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Belgacom and Proximus join forces for a more flexible offer

Smartphones and tablets are part of daily life: customers want to stay in touch with their family and friends always, everywhere, and to go online whenever they want. Convergent products can respond to this need. That is why Proximus and Belgacom are joining forces to launch an even stronger offer: the best of both worlds. 

Proximus rate plans even more simple and attractive (from 1 April) 

From now on, Proximus will work with two product ranges for subscriptions and prepaid rate plans, on the basis of the customer's type of phone: Smart for customers with a smartphone, and Easy for customers with a traditional mobile phone. All the new rate plans will allow customers to enjoy unlimited texting. In addition, calling minutes included in a subscription will from now on be valid for calls to any network in Belgium. In response to the exponential growth of the smartphone market, Proximus is launching Smart rate plans, which include mobile Internet (at least 500 MB). To offer customers the same Internet experience as at home, regardless of their device (PC, tablet, or smartphone), Proximus is launching, for mobile rate plans which do not include 4G access, the 4G option (at 10 euro per month), which gives access to the 4G network +1 extra GB of mobile Internet. In addition, families can now take extra advantage of the success of the Packs by combining fixed and mobile products: a family can bundle all its mobile rate plans with its Pack and receive an extra discount for each mobile subscription added, or extra credit for each prepaid card. 

Detailed overview:


  • Smart 15: unlimited texting, 120 calling minutes, 500 MB mobile Internet
  • Smart 25: unlimited texting, 180 calling minutes, 1 GB mobile Internet
  • Smart 35: unlimited texting, 300 calling minutes, 2 GB mobile Internet
  • Smart 65 (previously 75 euro): unlimited texting, unlimited calling minutes, 5 GB mobile Internet, 4G access
  • Easy 10: unlimited texting, 20 calling minutes
  • Easy 15: unlimited texting, 150 calling minutes
  • Easy 25: unlimited texting, 240 calling minutes
  • Easy 55: unlimited texting, unlimited calling minutes

Prepaid rate plans: 

  • Pay&Go Smart (replaces Pay&Go Generation): unlimited texting (instead of a limit of 5000), more mobile Internet volume (up to 500 MB with Pay&Go Smart 25).
  • Pay&Go Easy (replaces Pay&Go Zen), with the same advantages and free calling minutes as from a €10 top-up. Existing customers will benefit from the new advantages right away, as from their next top-up.

New: families can combine Proximus with a Belgacom Pack with Internet Everywhere: 

  • A family can add up to six subscriptions to its Pack and receive a €5 discount per subscription every month (€10 discount for subscriptions from €55)
  • A unique FON login for each mobile subscription added to a Pack with Internet.
  • For each Pay&Go card with automatic top-up, there is €5 of extra calling credit
  • All of the family's telecom products are charged to one bill.

Belgacom calling rates to become simpler (from 1 May)

For customers with a Belgacom Classic subscription: Currently, these customers still call at a different rate if they call a fixed-line number or a mobile number. From 1 May there will no longer be any difference: Classic customers will call fixed-line and mobile numbers for the same rate: 10 cents per call + 7 cents per minute. For customers with Belgacom Happy Time and Belgacom Happy Time XL: Currently these customers call at different rates. On 1 May this will be simplified:

  • Free calls after 5 p.m. and on weekends and public holidays to all Belgian fixed AND mobile numbers (the latter, however, is capped at 1000 calling minutes per month, for additional minutes Classic rate is applied).
  • On weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., a fixed amount per call: regardless of the call duration, 50 cents per call, to both fixed lines and mobile numbers in Belgium.

The Packs with Internet Everywhere are also changing (from 1 July)

Access to e-mails and social media and surfing anywhere, anytime: those are major assets no-one wants to do without anymore. That is why Belgacom is changing its Internet bundles too: more volume, more speed, and more TV, wherever you are.   From 1 April, Belgacom will increase the download speed of all Internet subscriptions from 30 Mbps to 50 Mbps. From 1 July, the volumes included in the Packs with Internet Everywhere will also increase, e.g. in the Packs with telephony + Internet + TV:

  • Start (€57.95): volume at home and in Wi-Fi Fon Spots will go up to 150 GB (instead of 100 GB)
  • Comfort (€62.95): unlimited volume at home and in Wi-Fi Fon Spots + doubling of 3G mobile Internet volume to 500 MB + TV Everywhere included (instead of €4.95)
  • Maxi (€74.95): unlimited volume at home and in Wi-Fi Fon Spots + doubling of 3G mobile Internet volume to 2 GB + TV Everywhere included (instead of €4.95) The rate takes account of the rate increases for the Packs (from 1 July) (+ €2 for Start, + €3 for Comfort and + €1 for Maxi). This is the first rate change since the launch of these Packs, but in exchange customers get more volume, more speed, and more TV.

Similar changes for business customer packages

The offering for business customers is also following the simplification trend. There will be two types of rate plans that are geared to the mobile telephone: Bizz Smart XL (for smartphone users), and Bizz Mobile XL (for other customers). A characteristic of these professional packages is that they allow unlimited usage to fixed lines and between colleagues. Those who don't want to worry about their bill can opt for a rate plan that allows unlimited calling, texting and/or surfing. Another new feature: business customers can now tune their rate plan to their international telephone traffic. They can opt for the brand-new Bizz Smart XL Europe rate plan (including 100 min. for making or receiving calls, 100 text messages and 100 MB of mobile Internet in Europe) or add the options Bizz Travel Europe (including 50 min., 50 text messages and 10 MB of mobile Internet in Europe) or Bizz No Limit International (including 1000 calling minutes to fixed lines abroad) to their rate plan. These rate plans and options are of course also available in the Bizz Packs with Internet Office&Go. 

Those wanting advice

Customers can call the customer service at any time if they want an analysis of their bill and advice on the most suitable rate plan. Of course, they can also consult the government websites: and Customers whose rate is being changed can switch to a different rate plan or cancel their contract until the last day of the month following the receipt of the first bill with the new price.     All rates include VAT.

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