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21 February 2019 - Edition n.139
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60% of Europeans don’t believe their government has the will to advance digitisation
Vodafone - 21 February 2019
Twitter tightens political ad rules ahead of EU election
POLITICO – 19 February 2019
Germany consults industry about blockchain potential
Reuters – 18 February 2019
EU GDPR regulator wants to go beyond privacy and into antitrust
Bloomberg – 18 February 2019
Google, Amazon will have to tell how they rank their rivals per new EU guidelines
First Post – 17 February 2019
‘No alternative’ to digital construction, expert says
EurActiv – 14 February 2019
Reflections on the European self-regulatory code of conduct: will it be enough to curb online disinformation in upcoming campaigns?
Media Policy Project Blog – 14 February 2019
A stronger digital Europe – our call to action towards 2025
DIGITALEUROPE - 21 February 2019
Europe lagging on 5G? The jury is still out 
Total Telecom – 19 February 2019

WeNet project kicks off

WeNet is a Horizon2020 project that plans to create an AI-based social media platform that will act as basis of a series of studies within universities worldwide. Using computer science, sociology and engineering, this multidisciplinary project will enable people to support each other in a way that transcends geographical and cultural backgrounds.

The project held its kick-off meeting in Trento (Italy) in January 2019 with 15 highly rated universities and SMEs from Europe and Israel, India, Mongolia, Paraguay, Mexico and China. 

Find out more here.


EU Commissioner Gabriel and Romanian Ambassador speak on the future of the Digital Single Market
On January 29th, the European Internet Forum hosted Commissioner Gabriel and Romanian Ambassador Odobescu to hear their views on the EU Digital Single Market. 2019 will be a year where the EU will focus on public and private investments, which will lead to people’s empowerment through new technology and innovation.
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Vulnerable children in a digital world
Internet Matters – February 2019
Disinformation and ‘fake news’: Final Report
UK House of Commons – February 2019

9 ways in which AI is transforming healthcare

By Cognilytica


Today is International #motherlanguageday ! We celebrate cultural diversity and multilingualism with #CodeWeek. #Coding is a great tool to promote languages and to learn more about them! Watch this space for more info on how coding and language can go hand in hand! Link to tweet


Proud of having joined @GabrielMariya today for the #Digital4Her initiative to promote women in tech. Plenty of work ahead. Stay tuned for ETNO’s own initiatives in the field... ?? #womenintech Link to tweet


Today we gather all the signatories of the #Digital4Her CEO Declaration for promoting women’s potential &W contributions to the digital, tech, telecom and audiovisual sectors. Good practices, concrete actions & commitment from management were the keywords of our next actions. Link to tweet


The #EU funded @TACTONOM_COM project enables the visually impaired to access #digital content by touch & to work?autonomously.#investEU 
This system is expected to help some 87,600 people in Europe find jobs within 10 years➡️ https://europa.eu/!NR93rD 
#WorldDayofSocialJustice Link to tweet


Everyone in the #EU can benefit from the #digitaltransformation.
Everyone should have the same opportunities to access new technologies.
We're working hard on important policies because, in our #DigitalSingleMarket, nobody stays behind #WorldDayofSocialJustice Link to tweet


Agree with @VodafoneGroup’s CEO Nick Read: skills and making the most of #5G & #IoT are the paramount objective. They require a #jointeffort with supportive EU policies, and we must act now #digitisingEU Link to tweet


Chancellor Merkel had some strong messages for #tech & #telecoms world today:
▶️ Let’s find a #EuropeanWay between #US & #China
▶️ Let’s promote #EuropeanChampions & look at EU comp. policy
▶️ Let’s allow more space for #investment
▶️ Let’s provide full #BBcoverage 
#digitisingEU Link to tweet
Telefonica and Seat show 5G connected car use cases for safer driving in a city environment
Telefonica - 18 February 2019
Before the first 5G phone is out, Qualcomm is already moving on to its second-gen 5G modem
The Verge – 19 February 2019
#MWC19: Nokia 5G Maturity Index reveals best practices as operators make critical 5G network and service investment decisions
Nokia - 21 February 2019
Facebook joins Amazon and Google in AI chip race
FT – 18 February 2019
Ten years at the top of a telco: An interview with Colao
Mc Kinsey– 17 February 2019
Vision system for autonomous vehicles watches not just where pedestrians walk, but how
Tech Crunch – 16 February 2019
ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com uses AI to generate endless fake faces
The Verge – 15 February 2019
GSMA, 25 – 28 February 2019, Barcelona
Mobile World Congress
Open Belgium, 04 March 2019, Brussels
Open Belgium 2019
EIF, 06 March 2019, Brussels
Presentation of EIF ‘Top 10 Digital Future Trends’ publication
Brussels Tech Tables, 06 March 2019, Brussels
Tech Tables: AI For Public Safety & Borders
Europol, 06 – 07 March 2019, The Hague
3rd global conference on criminal finances and cryptocurrencies
Fiber to the Home Council Europe, 12 - 14 March 2019, Amsterdam
FTTH Conference 2019
CERRE, 13 March 2019, Brussels
Digital Conglomerates and EU Competition Policy
Electric Vehicles Battery Tech 2019, 02 – 03 May 2019, Frankfurt
BATTERY TECH 2019 Exhibition and Conference
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