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04 April 2019 - Edition n.146
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How France's new digital minister plans to regulate tech
TechCrunch - 3 April 2019
Europeans love portability of online content services
Broadband TV news - 3 April 2019
‘Regulation will not solve Facebook’s problems,’ Commission says
EurActiv - 3 April 2019
5G could add $21 billion per year to the UK economy, Barclays predicts
CNBC - 3 April 2019
Europe’s populists are flooding social media, research shows
POLITICO – 2 April 2019
Macron names surprise new tech, Europe ministers
POLITICO – 1 April 2019

EU should take global lead in connected and automated driving, automotive and telecoms sectors urge

As Europe prepares to elect a new European Parliament and appoint new Commissioners, the European Automotive and Telecoms Alliance (EATA) urges policy makers to step up efforts in order to ensure that the EU takes the global lead in connected and automated mobility.

In this context, EATA has just launched its manifesto to accelerate the deployment of connected and automated mobility (CAM) in Europe. In the manifesto, four enabling principles for creating the right policy environment are central. 

Discover the manifesto here


What role can cyber norms play in improving accountability in cyberspace? 
More than 450 entities, together with all 28 Member States, signed the Paris Call, a set of principles intended to improve the safety and stability of cyberspace. Take a look at the highlights from EurActiv’s Stakeholder Debate on the need for an independent body to oversee the level of security in cyberspace.
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DQ Global Standards Report 2019: Common Framework for Digital Literacy, Skills and Readiness
Digital Intelligence Institute – March 2019
An Analysis of Pre-installed Android Software
UC3M and IMDEA – March 2019

6 challenges financial marketers must overcome to boost digital customer engagement 

By Lemnisk


After having increased the prices by more than 13%, #Netflix has seen an increase in stock price. Is this a sign that the service is considered still too low? https://tcrn.ch/2CG2gqt Link to tweet


Are you a blogger or journalist interested in #digital policy & #Southmed?
Join us for our 2 events 8-9 April in Brussels:
?#Digital4Med 8.4 http://bit.ly/Digital4Med 
?#DigitalDay2019 http://bit.ly/DigitalDay2019 
Send us a message at CNECT-DIGITAL-DAY-2019@ec.europa.eu Link to tweet


#Spectrum #5GAuction warning from Tim Hoettges, CEO of @Telekom_group: “An artificial shortage of public resources is being created, which may push up the price. In the end, there is no money for the build-out.”: https://reut.rs/2uzA1VP  @DT_Brussels Link to tweet


Some #GenderGap stats from @Glassdoor: in the technical roles, while the #WageGap is shrinking, it is still quite large. Across the U.S., 79% of all computer programmers are male, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: https://tcrn.ch/2HNouLs Link to tweet


One of the upcoming technology today is #QuantumComputing & it's being used in some of the @fet_eu projects. Question is, do you know how it works? This video might help: https://bit.ly/2u9OBDB Link to tweet
AI researchers tell Amazon to stop selling ‘flawed’ facial recognition to the police
The Verge - 3 April 2019
TechCrunch – 3 April 2019
Autonomous cars to quadruple vehicle software revenues to $1.2 trillion by 2030
Reuters - 2 April 2019
What tech hasn’t learnt from science fiction
FT – 2 April 2019
Boston Dynamics acquires a 3D vision startup in bid to put its robots to work
TechCrunch – 2 April 2019
Automation and customer experience drive AI spending across Europe to $5bn this year
Telemedia Online – 2 April 2019
Nokia reveals the killer app for delivering gigabit Europe
Total telecom – 2 April 2019
Why some green investors are passing on Uber and Lyft
Reuters – 2 April 2019
Pandora to test interactive voice ads later this year
TechCrunch – 1 April 2019
Volkswagen, Siemens to collaborate on industrial cloud technology
Reuters – 29 March 2019
European Commission, 9 April 2019, Brussels
Digital Day 2019
Forum Europe, 10 April 2019, Brussels
European E-Commerce Conference
Digital Social Innovation, 26 April 2019, Brussels
The road ahead for digital social innovation: how can the EU support tech as a force for empowerment and social impact?
Electric Vehicles Battery Tech 2019, 02 – 03 May 2019, Frankfurt
BATTERY TECH 2019 Exhibition and Conference
Webit, 13 – 15 May 2019, Sofia
Web.it Festival
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