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12 November 2020 - Edition no.218
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EU telecoms firms slam proposed tweaks to EU privacy rules on WhatsApp, Skype

Reuters - 5 November 2020

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Exclusive: Group of 165 Google critics call for swift EU antitrust action - letter

Reuters - 12 November 2020

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Commission targets EU skills boost for green and digital transitions

Euractiv - 11 November 2020

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Von der Leyen: Biden win means new partnership with US

Politico - 10 November 2020

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EU charges Amazon with misusing data, opens new probe over Buy Box

Politico - 10 November 2020

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EU states ponder means to access encrypted data

euractiv - 9 November 2020

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Overcoming Europe’s data inferiority complex: why ePrivacy must be reformed

By Lise Fuhr and Daniel Pataki 

The European Union has a data inferiority complex. This risks undermining the bloc’s digital sovereignty goals and could hamper the long-term strategic interests of Europe’s citizens and businesses. The new ePrivacy Regulation proposal from the German presidency of the European Council would further aggravate the situation. Let us explain why.

Europe’s data sovereignty vision, explained Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal market, has a vision “to make Europe a global data hub, both personal and industrial, benefiting all European economic players – SMEs, start-ups, large groups – and, of course, all European citizens”. We agree with him.

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare that Europe must leave behind the illusion that it can simply sit and regulate digital services developed by foreign companies. While regulation is critically important, there is no substitute for global industrial leadership. This is why the telecoms sector supports the new direction of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Commissioner Breton: Europe must build industrial leadership at home and become an exporter of data-based services abroad.

This means unleashing European innovation in data, ranging from AI to cloud services, the industrial internet and more. The benefits are clear: digital products and services developed in Europe will be designed around our core values, with personal data and privacy on top of the list.

There should be no dilemma between privacy and innovation. The big question is: how do we foster European digital innovation in a privacy-friendly way and in coherence with European values? The answer must align the ePrivacy Regulation with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or risk failure. Read the article in full via POLITICO below.


#ThinkDigital interview: Lise Fuhr on "Digital Upskilling for All"

There is a huge digital gap in Europe with 1.26 million jobs to be directly impacted by 2020. Moreover, half of the European citizens do not have the digital skills for the jobs of today. On the inclusion of women in ICT sector, we are still behind: only 1 out of 6 ICT specialists are women.

At ETNO, we are very well aware that this situation cannot be improved individually, we need to do it together and we are very committed to upskilling and training the ICT workforce in the telco sector in this manner. And we will hopefully improve greatly throughout the two-years project called "Digital Upskilling for All".


Energy-efficient Cloud Computing Technologies and Policies for an Eco-friendly Cloud Market


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Guidelines for Securing the Internet of Things  


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Facts & Figures

Industries to be most disrupted by 5g 

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How do we foster EU #digital #innovation in a #privacy-friendly way and in coherence with European values? The answer must align the #ePrivacy Regulation with the #GDPR, or risk failure. @LiseFuhr and Daniel Pataki explain why via @politicoeurope
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It may not be an obvious connect, but did you know that mobility data is playing a key role trying to limit the spread of Covid-19?
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Confidentiality of communications is paramount. The misalignment between #ePrivacy and #GDPR is not. EU telcos called on Member States to reject current wording of Council ePrivacy proposals. Europe’s #data leadership ambition is at stake. Read us here 👉
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The #ePRivacy proposed text fails to bridge the gap between protecting #privacy and #confidentiality and stimulating #innovation in European service providers. Read the statement of the #telco sector on the matter: @GSMAEurope
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50 million adults don't have the necessary skills for the workplace of the future. It’s time this trend was reversed. Read more on how the #EU plans to upskill & reskill people working in electronics industries #EUSkillsAgenda #EUIndustrialStrategy
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The Verge - 11 november 2020

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Self-driving delivery firm Nuro raises $500 million as COVID-19 boosts e-commerce

Reuters - 9 November 2020

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Qualcomm shares surge on optimism over 5G smartphones

Financial Times - 5 NOVEMBER 2020

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IBM unveils cloud for 5G telcos, gets Nokia and Samsung as partners

Reuters - 5 november 2020

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Internet GOvernance forum,
9-17 november, virtual event

Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

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Access partnership,
18 November 2020, VIRTUAL EVENT

Understanding the Pressure Points of Network Operator Revenues

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European commission,
25-26 November 2020, VIRTUAL EVENT

Horizon Cloud Summit 2020– Shaping the new strategy for cloud computing in Europe

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1 December, virtual event

The Global Digital Race: Regional sovereignty, Global partnershipss

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7 December 2020, Virtual event

5G Users Forum: Empowering EU Smart Cities

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The European Data Protection & Privacy Conference

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