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14 January 2021 - Edition no.224
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Dear #etnodigital readers,

A Happy New Year from the ETNO Team! We would like to thank you for your support and we look forward to continue bringing you the latest news and updates, each week. We wish you a healthy and prosperous 2021!

‘After Trump, we must fight to rebuild the ruins of democracy

Euractiv - 14 January 2021

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Tech on trial in 2021

Financial Times - 13 January 2021

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Trump’s social media ban reignites fight over how to police online content

Politico - 12 January 2021

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EU Presidency: Measures planned to combat hate speech, radicalisation online

euractiv - 11 January 2021

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US suspends French tariffs over digital services tax

Euractiv - 7 January 2021

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Portugal vies to push ahead with new EU digital regulation

Euractiv - 7 january 2021

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2021: A new European digital generation

Euractiv - 6 January 2021

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Lise Fuhr, ETNO Director General: “The year of 2020 was a challenging ride worldwide and it pushed ETNO to rethink our advocacy and interactions with members. I am proud of the ETNO membership and my team for having adapted our work, proving to be resilient and united. Being recognised as a “Champion” in the Climate Communications and Members & Partnership categories of Cambre’s latest report on EU associations is one of many good examples of this resilience and gives us the fuel to continue the good work in 2021!”


What is AI? What are its most important uses?  

Expert Iris Plöger answered our questions about AI and explained the need to distinguish between strong and weak AI. 

Check out the video to learn more.


Ten Issues to watch in 2021


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New Developements in Digital Services


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Facts & Figures

Where AI is Aiding Productivity  

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ETNO, @GSMAEurope and their members remain committed to providing input & expertise on the telecoms industry to support the ongoing @OECD work on the existing proposals & to achieve a sustainable & fair solution to the tax challenges of the #DigitalEconomy:
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#AI will be one of this century’s largest disrupters, impacting areas of medicine, mobility, communications & more. @UNI_Europa & @ETNOAssociation have issued a joint Declaration on AI to provide guidance on opportunities & risks AI brings to the sector:
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This one has been a difficult year and #digital has played a crucial role allowing us stay in touch with our loved ones, to continue working & to make accurate researches on the #COVID19 outbreak. I wish you a Happy New Year. Let's make our Europe a more #DigitalEU for everyone!
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#Supercomputers are at the core of Europe’s #digitaltransformation – they already help: Seedling Mitigate climate change Automobile Produce greener vehicles Microscope Find treatments for #COVID19 Flag of European Union With 20% of #NextGenerationEU, imagine how much more they can do Flexed biceps
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#Telcos have invested and continue to invest heavily in the build-out and upgrade of energy efficient and high-speed network infrastructure and data centres, as well as in the development and deployment of other ICT Services. Read our views for more info:
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Qualcomm just bought a two-year-old startup founded by former Apple engineers for $1.4 billion

The Verge - 13 January 2021

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AT&T TV Now is now AT&T TV — here’s what that means

the verge - 12 January 2021

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Google launches $3 million fund to fight vaccine misinformation

Reuters - 12 January 2021

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Authorities have taken down the dark web’s largest illegal marketplace

The Verge - 12 January 2021

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Amazon is removing products promoting the QAnon Conspiracy

TechCrunch - 11 January 2021

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14 January 2021, Virtual Event

Europe in the digitial age: Global partnerships to foster European Leadership

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European Commission,
15 January 2021, Virtual Event

Artificial intelligence and translation technologies: what is the state of play?

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Centre on Regulation in Europe,
19 January 2021, virtual event

Digital Markets Act: Setting the right framework for a fair online economy

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The Governance of AI,
21 January 2021, Virtual Event

Developing a Global Ecosystem of Trust

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European Internet Forum,
26 January 2021, Virtual Event

The European Alliance for Industrial data and cloud

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European Internet Forum,
27 January 2021, Virtual Event

The Digital Markets Act – the role of gatekeepers

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27-29 January 2021, Virtual event

Enforcing rights in 2021: A Changing World

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