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12 MAY 2021 - Edition no.241
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BEREC calls for fast fibre networks roll-out

Advanced television - 12 May 2021

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Amazon’s Luxembourg tax set-up faces judgment day in EU court/

Politico - 11 May 2021

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Germany sees cybercrime jump as work shifts online in pandemic

euractiv - 11 may 2021

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US raises concerns over Europe’s planned carbon ‘border tax’

Euractiv - 11 May 2021

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Why the impasse on data flows threatens Europe’s digital recovery

Euractiv - 10 May 2021

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EU and French cybersecurity heads call for greater cooperation, extra resources

Euractiv - 7 May 2021

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ETNO policy position on Data Governance Act
With the ever-growing number of data generated today, the EU needs the right governance model to unleash the potential of the data economy that could benefit to the society, citizens and companies. A key pillar of the EU Data Strategy (February 2020) welcomed by ETNO, the proposed Data Governance Act aims at boosting data sharing across sectors and member states while increasing citizens’ and companies’ trust and control over their data.

As the telecom industry can provide data market places and data broker services [1], ETNO welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback to the DGA and share its views to achieve a successful, competitive, and innovative single data market.
Read our position paper at the link below.

Artificial Intelligence – Excellence

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and in Europe we want to become a hotbed of excellence in AI technology. The EU has already helped hundreds of projects using AI to kickstart their research thanks to EU funding.

The results? Diagnosing cancer is now faster and more accurate. Spotting fake news is easier. The buildings and structures around us are becoming more secure. Farms produce better quality food and our eating habits can become healthier. The impact of disabilities is reduced and transport is becoming safer. We have a better understanding of the human brain and of everything that surrounds us.


Big Tech’s Playbook: Where Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, And Apple Are Investing & Acquiring — And What It Signals About The Future


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Digital Assets, Distributed Ledger Technology, and the Future of Capital Markets


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Facts & Figures

Big Tech Profits Soar On Pandemic Boost

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“The #GreenTransition should be a positive incentive to speed up the shift to #FullFibre. If we transform it into yet another regulatory stick, it might lead to slowing roll-out rather than speeding it up” @LiseFuhr #fullfibreonline
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Thank you @Europarl_EN @EP_Legal for your exchange of views. I look at the #artficialintellingence from the perspective of ethics and #FundamentalRights. The @EU_Commission ’ s proposal for an #AI Act addresses human and social risks and aims to ensure trust in AI technologies.
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Fostering and supporting industry collaboration is key to socio-economic recovery, #GreenTransition and to a stronger global position for the EU. We need a coordinated approach to speed up network roll-out & innovation and close the €300bn investment gap for full #5G & #fibre
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Internet connections = our way into the online world & its opportunities #EU countries exchanged their most successful measures to quickly set up fast networks & agreed which ones to include in the #Connectivity Toolbox #DigitalEU
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The updated #EUIndustryStrategy reconfirms that investing to #upskill and #reskill are an important pillar to accelerate the #green and #digital transitions: Stay tuned to find our progress on the #Upskilling4All initiative with @UNI_Europa and @mercer !
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Dell chief executive sees chip shortage lasting a few years

Reuters - 11 May 2021

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YouTube to launch $100 mln creator fund for Shorts video feature

Reuters - 11 May 2021

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Auto sector urges U.S. Congress to help fund its computer chip needs

Reuters - 7 MAY 2021

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Global semiconductor market will top $500bn in 2021

totaltelecom - 7 MAY 2021

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IBM unveils 2-nanometer chip technology for faster computing

Reuters - 6 may 2021

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NGI Forum,
18 – 19 May 2021, Virtual Event

Building the Internet of Humans

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European Business Summit,
25 May 2021, Virtual Event

Rethink Digital EU: Shaping Europe's Digital Future

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European Parliament,
25 May 2021, Virtual Event

AIDA - EMPL Public Hearing on AI and the labour market

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European internet forum,
26 May 2021, Virtual Event

Towards Transatlantic Partnership: the role of digital transformation

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European Parliament,
26 May 2021, Virtual Event

The DSA and DMA - a forward-looking and consumer-centered perspective

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27 May 2021, Virtual Event

Workshop on Blockchain-based Digital Identity Solutions

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31 May 2021, Virtual Event

AI Summit 2021

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