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For the attainment of its objectives, ETNO’s Statutes mandate the Association to:

  1. Promote its Members' common interests, in particular by developing and presenting ETNO positions to the Institutions of the European Union and other European organisations.
  2. Contribute to the development of policies leading to an efficient and fair regulatory and trading environment for the European telecommunications marketplace, and for its Members when operating outside Europe.
  3. Facilitate the cooperation and the coordination of activities between its Members, in developing harmonised public telecommunications networks and services.
  4. Provide a forum for information exchange between its Members.

ETNO operates 18 working groups and task forces with over 400 legal, technical, operational and other experts participating in their activities.

Through these groups ETNO elaborately works on issues such as:

  • Competitive market regulation: Copper and NGA costing, Equality of input, Review of Relevant Markets, State Aid, Net neutrality. Participants are offered direct insight in regulatory studies developed for ETNO by external consultancies. The annual assembly of Heads of Regulatory affairs of Member companies is a main opportunity to share experience and contribute to setting out the ETNO line for the next period. ETNO’s annual General Assembly meetings include interesting strategic sessions and fora on regulatory topics.
  • Digital single market and content related issues, Data protection, Cybercrime and information security…
  • Through its working groups ETNO promotes the development of best practices and benchmarking within its membership on topics such as sustainability and social responsibility, fraud control, employment, health and safety, ad hoc topics…

ETNO monitors all most relevant non-commercial telecommunications developments and informs its Members through two newsletters (one daily, one weekly) and a daily press review.

ETNO provides a forum for creating Member visibility, and facilitates knowledge exchange and information sharing through its meetings, publications and events.

  • ETNO and the Financial Times' annual CEO Summit conferences convene industry leaders, policymakers, regulators and influential thinkers to debate how policy and regulation need to adapt in order for the ICT sector to best harness its upcoming transformation and achieve real sustainable development for business, society and the environment.
  • Meetings with Commissioners, officials from the European Commission and NRAs are regularly held and reported in detail.
  • Personal access to senior EU policy makers and others is offered through ETNO’s open lunch debates in Brussels.
  • The Association publishes an Annual Economic Report with sector information on economic and market trends and makes visible concrete examples of innovative services developed by ETNO Members.
  • The ETNO community of many hundreds shares a “Members Only” web platform for internal communication.

ETNO maintains relations with, or hold membership of, other associations or international bodies. Members enjoy full insight in ETNO dealings with USTelecom, SAMENA, FTTH Council Europe, ITU sector membership, ICANN subcommittees, COCOM observership, BEREC, the European Internet Forum…

Who can become an ETNO Member ?

ETNO members are European entities offering electronic communications networks and services.

Members shall be established in countries falling within the geographical area of Europe and operate their services therein.

Members are entitled to vote at General Assemblies and be elected to the Executive Board and the CEO Committee of the Association.

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