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    5G Guide for Local Communities

    Today connectivity is essential to accomplish many of our daily activities. Telecommunications  infrastructure is the backbone for digitalisation and will power an economic recovery that is smarter, greener and more inclusive. As our local and national economies recover, digital connectivity will be a central pillar to accelerate e-learning, e-health, cleaner cities, manufacturing and transport, and economic resilience.

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    This guide provides an overview of 5G mobile technology, including fact-based answers to frequent questions posed by decision-makers and the public alike. It also provides a variety of innovative examples across Europe that show how 5G is already helping solve some of the most pressing challenges for citizens and businesses.

    Technological innovation, in turn, has raised questions about rapid 5G deployment for national politicians, regional authorities, local governments, and of course citizens and businesses. Many are keen to understand both the benefits of the latest generation of mobile technology and the safety measures that protect our health and environment. 

    Public health concerns about mobile technologies have circulated since the introduction of 2G networks 30 years ago, but they have never been supported by accredited public agencies or by scientific consensus.

    Meanwhile, the spread of disinformation and misinformation, particularly through social media platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic, raised alarm and in some cases resulted in criminal damage to the very networks  sustaining society and businesses.

    This guide also addresses how existing international safety guidelines protect the public, with limits for exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) substantially below the level of any established health risk. In addition, it dispels some of the more common myths circulating in print, online and social media.

    Trust is key to dispelling 5G misinformation, and this guide references independent scientific studies, international public health organisations, as well as government and public authorities.

    5G will accelerate digital transformation across countries and industries so they can achieve their climate goals and build more resilient economies and supply chains[1].

    In this guide, decision-makers and citizens can learn how 5G can close the digital divide while posing no known health risks.


    21 September, 2021 Read more
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    5G Guide for Local Communities (Italian version)

    Oggi la connettività è essenziale per svolgere molte delle nostre attività quotidiane. Le reti di telecomunicazione sono la spina dorsale della digitalizzazione e daranno linfa a una ripresa economica più intelligente, più verde e più inclusiva. Con la ripresa delle nostre economie locali e nazionali, la connettività digitale sarà un pilastro centrale per accelerare l’e-learning, l’e-health, le smart cities, la decarbonizzazione dei processi produttivi e dei trasporti, nonché per supportare la resilienza economica.

    21 September, 2021 Read more
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    5G Guide for Local Communities (Spanish version)

    Hoy en día la conectividad es esencial para llevar a cabo muchas de nuestras actividades diarias. La infraestructura de telecomunicaciones es la columna vertebral de la digitalización e impulsará una recuperación económica más inteligente, ecológica e inclusiva. A medida que nuestras economías locales y nacionales se van recuperando, la conectividad digital será un pilar central para acelerar el aprendizaje electrónico, la cibersalud, las ciudades más limpias, la fabricación y el transporte, y la resiliencia económica.

    21 September, 2021 Read more
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    5G Guide for Local Communities (French version)

    Aujourd’hui, la connectivité est essentielle pour accomplir un grand nombre de nos activités quotidiennes. L’infrastructure des télécommunications est l’épine dorsale de la numérisation et sera le moteur d’une reprise économique plus intelligente, plus verte et plus inclusive. À mesure que nos économies locales et nationales se redresseront, la connectivité numérique deviendra un pilier central pour accélérer l’apprentissage et la prestation de services de santé en ligne, avoir des villes plus propres, faciliter l’industrie manufacturière et le transport et favoriser la résilience économique. 

    21 September, 2021 Read more
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    BCRD: ETNO Discussion Paper 2021

    The Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (2014/61/EU) is one of the key regulatory initiatives at EU level aiming to facilitate and incentivise the roll-out of high-speed electronic communications networks.

    Since its adoption in 2014, the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (hereinafter BCRD) has considerably contributed to improving conditions for roll-out of electronic communications networks. The continuous monitoring of the implementation of BCRD, as well as the technological, market and regulatory developments in recent years make the evaluation and possible revision of BCRD both desirable and necessary.

    15 June, 2021 Read more
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    Connectivity & Beyond: How Telcos Can Accelerate a Digital Future for All

    Cover MQ websiteEurope’s telcos want to raise the ambition. Digital opportunities are big part of the future for the economy and for society. Research shows that 5G alone can generate €113 billion an annual GDP impact and 2.4 million new jobs in 2025 in Europe.

    BCG analysis shows that €150 billion investment is still needed to achieve a full 5G deployment in Europe. We—the European telecoms sector—call for urgent and swift action to mobilize all the resources needed so that Europe can build on this foundation to do much more. Our ambition, as a sector, is to achieve positive societal impact and support our economies and our societies in the green and digital transitions. Essential services, such as education and health care, depend more and more on digital delivery. Entire industries are digitalizing fast, but the work towards full digitalization is still incomplete. Sustainability and climate change are today top issues for us and for our customers, and we are in a strong position to help.

    25 March, 2021 Read more
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    The State of Digital Communications 2021

    2020 turned out to be a radically different year from that expected, and at the time of writing it will doubtless throw up some unexpected turns of events. It is clear that the direct effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to have a profound impact on Europeans’ lives at least well into 2021.State of digital 2021 cover

    29 January, 2021 Read more
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    5G sentiment study

    IPSOS 5G Survey JPG5G roll-out: Europeans are aware and positive

    IPSOS found that virtually all Europeans (96%) are aware of 5G, with 1 in 4 declaring that they know the technology “very well”. There are also major age differences, with younger generations (<34 y.o.) being more informed than older ones.

    2 October, 2020 Read more
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    5G and us: A European story

    5g and us coverWhat do you want from your 5G? What will be the benefits to you and society? When will you meet 5G?  Much has been said about the transformative potential of 5G over the past few years, but few of us can name any concrete examples of applications that can make use of the capabilities 5G has to offer.

    29 June, 2020 Read more
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    The State of Digital Communications 2020

    28 January, 2020 Read more
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