Executive Board

The management of the association is carried out by the Executive Board, which consists of 13 members, including a chair, elected by the General Assembly.

The main responsibility of the Executive Board is to promote and review proposals to be considered by the General Assembly : membership matters, internal rules, external initiatives etc. It adopts Position Papers, once these are approved by the Full Members, and examines and proposes the General Framework for the next three years, the Annual Work Programme, the Budget, the Accounts and the Annual Report to the General Assembly. It has the power to establish non-permanent Working Groups and to nominate Special Rapporteurs. It meets monthly.

Chair: Steven Tas, Director Regulatory, PROXIMUS 


  • ​Ivo Ivanovski, Director International Regulatory & European Affairs, A1 TELEKOM AUSTRIA GROUP
  • Adrian Whitchurch, Vice President European Affairs, BT
  • Roland Doll, Vice President European Affairs, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM
  • Jos Huigen, Director Regulatory and European Affairs, KPN
  • ​​Pascal Rogard, Head of Brussels Office, ORANGE
  • ​Pedro Gonçalves, Regulatory and Competition Direction / International Relations, ALTICE PORTUGAL
  • Giacomo Robustelli, Head of International and European Affairs, TIM​
  • Carlos Cocina, Director, Head of Brussels Office, TELEFONICA
  • Krisztina Baracsi, Vice President EU Affairs, TELENOR GROUP
  • Olga Sihmane, Head of Public Affairs Brussels, TELIA COMPANY
  • Karin Stöckli, Public Affairs Delegate of Federal Administration and NGO Community Affairs & Support, SWISSCOM
  • Janet Zaharieva, Chief Regulatory Adviser to the Managing Board, VIVACOM

Administrative Committee

Chair: Janet Zaharieva, VIVACOM
Members: Roland Doll, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM; Olga Sihmane, TELIA COMPANY
Permanent Observer: Steven Tas, PROXIMUS​


Working Groups cover topics ranging from Research and Development to various EU policy matters. There are also Special Rapporteurs. In general, Working Groups and Rapporteurs are assigned specific tasks on a temporary basis. The activities are thus predominantly issue-based rather than structure-based. Accordingly, a Working Group is normally dissolved once its assigned tasks have been accomplished.


All ETNO members are represented in the General Assembly, which is the association’s highest decision-making body. Its decisions, reached by consensus, set the course for ETNO policy and administration.

GA Chair: Slobodanka Gievska, Chief Human Resources and Regulatory Officer, Makedonski Telekom
GA Vice-chair: Adrian Whitchurch, Vice President European Affairs, BT

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