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Lead or lose

A vision for Europe's digital future

3 Foundational Capabilities
For the Digital Age

What can’t a digital EU do without? An ecosystem around the
Internet of Everything, Pervasive Networks of the
Future and Recreated institutions.
The destiny of Europeans is at a turning point, with the digital age opening up a radically new societal, economic and technological landscape. Digitisation is fundamentally re-creating areas as diverse as work, nutrition, healthcare, energy, cities, mobility, manufacturing and governance.


In order for Europe to make its mark on the global economic map, the Continent needs to lead in three strategic areas that will generate future revenue streams and new job opportunities:

  • Create an ecosystem around the Internet of Everything, by establishing a platform-based business enriched by over-the-top (OTT) and industry partners to enable the Internet of Everything
  • Establish pervasive future networks, by investing in software-defined, ubiquitous, low-latency, self-provisioning, self-optimizing and self-healing networks enabled by analytics
  • Recreate institutions by providing solutions for digital identity management, transaction security and full transparency and control over data use

Discover more on how Europe can win. Explore the various illustrative cases as well as what the 3 foundational capabilities mean for Europeans.

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