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A vision for Europe's digital future

The new Telco

Telecom operators have a fundamental role in enabling Europe’s digital future. Digital networks and services are at the core of our digital success. Discover how we can make it a win.

Based on interviews with CEOs from leading telcos, our report finds that a major mind-shift is in progress, with European telcos gearing up to make the most out of the three new growth areas and transforming into horizontal platform players.

Innovative business models and potential new revenue streams could offer opportunities for boosting growth in the sector. Such turnaround is necessary, as telcos are currently stretching their investment capacity, with the Capex/Revenues ratio at 22 percent, up from the usual 18-19 percent.

However, this may fail to match investment needs, especially in a scenario of stagnating revenues. According to the report, telcos will be able to regain leadership and create value by building the three foundational capabilities and collaborating on several industry initiatives, including: an open smart city platform, connected public buildings, digitisation of transport nodes, digital identities, an integrated health data platform, an open SME platform and a cross-industry think tank on artificial intelligence.

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