5G Users Forum: Empowering EU Healthcare


A dialogue series by ETNO
Webinar, 8 September 2020, 14h - 15h45 CET

As the coronavirus crisis continues to challenge Europe, many have turned to technology as a way to better cope with the emergency and with a view of building the recovery. At such a crucial moment, we invite you to join us for a dialogue on what 5G technology can do for healthcare organisations across Europe. We will discuss current 5G use cases and trials in the healthcare sector, learn more on the needs of European healthcare organisations and exchange with key policymakers in the field. 

We will promote an open and frank exchange among speakers and participants with 1 key objective: allowing healthcare representatives to learn more about 5G and telecoms experts to learn more about the needs of Europe’s healthcare ecosystem.


14h – 14h10: Welcoming remarks

  • Lise Fuhr, Director General, ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association)
  • Healthcare representative (name TBC)

14h10 – 14h50: Expert panel 1

  • A view from the European Commission
  • Healthcare representative (TBC)
  • Healthcare use-cases presented by ETNO members
    • Ambulance connected to 5G, UK (more info, English). Presented by Lucy Baker, Service Technology Director and Maria Cuevas, Principal Manager, Mobility Research, BT
    • Enhanced pre-hospital communication, Norway (more info, Norwegian). Presented by Bjorn Ole Lydersen, Head of Product Mobile and Telenor Norway (TBC)

Followed by a moderated discussion

14h50 – 15h30: Expert panel 2

  • A view from the European Parliament
  • Healthcare expert (TBC)
  • Healthcare use-cases presented by ETNO members
    • Remote mammography consultation, Sweden (more info, Swedish). Presented by Johannes Hörnberg, CIO of Västerbotten
    • The first live surgical operation using 5G immersive reality, Italy (more info, English). Presented by Elisa Alessio, Project Manager, TIM Innovation

Followed by a moderated discussion

15h30 – 15h45: Q&A from remote audience (with all speakers)

About the 5G Users Forum Series

What do you want from your 5G? The next wave of wireless connectivity, 5G, will enable faster speeds and higher capacity. Much has been said about the transformative potential of 5G over the past few years, but few of us can name any concrete examples of applications that can make use of the capabilities 5G has to offer. As roll-out continues across Europe, it is high time to have an open and creative conversation on how 5G can bring tangible, concrete benefits to the services and products we know today.

Ultimately, 5G is not about telecom operators selling more megabytes per month or megabits per second to mobile subscribers. The transformative capacity of 5G lies in making it easier for all citizens to access healthcare, reducing the environmental footprint of the automotive sector through smart mobility services, and making industrial workplaces safer through automated machinery. The story does not end here: 5G can be a platform for innovation that only European start-ups and innovators can make the most of.

We know that previous generations of mobile technology have transformed our lives, and 5G is no different. This project will give healthcare professionals, manufacturers and others that will see tangible benefit from 5G the chance to tell their side of the story. Because 5G is not the future, it is today’s reality, and understanding our rapidly changing world is critical for citizens, businesses and policymakers to make the right decisions for the future.

Join ETNO’s 5G Users Forum for an engaging discussion on what the latest connectivity standard can do for your sector.

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