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July 10, 2014

European Policies

ETNO supports the choice of the legal instrument for the future Data Protection framework
ETNO (July 4, 2014) ETNO welcomes the EU’s repeated commitment to maintaining Europe’s high standards in the protection of personal data while at the same time ensuring better harmonisation throughout the EU. Both of these aims are necessary to fully achieve the Internal Market.     read more...
Will decision-makers agree to build a digital Europe?
European Commission (July 7, 2014) Italy is a leading industrial economy. It has a proud tradition in technology – and future ambitions to stay competitive. Yet more action is needed to stay in synch with those ambitions.     read more...
Italian leadership for a connected continent (July 8, 2014) 'Italy has long been a country of ICT innovation. From Meucci's telephone and Marconi's radio; to Olivetti's desktop PC, the first in the world. That triumph did not come from being conservative. It came from embracing innovation, change and opportunity' declared Neelie Kroes at the Digital Venice conference.     read more...
Renzi veut doper le 'marché unique numérique'
Les Echos (July 8, 2014) 'In this period, the ideas will save Europe, not limitations. Europe must be a space of freedom. If we only talk about limits and constraints, we lose an opportunity', said Matteo Renzi in Venice.     read more...
Renzi’s Venice flop
Europolitics (July 9, 2014) The outcome of the Digital Venice conference was almost an affront to the Italian President of the Council, Matteo Renzi, who hoped it would be a flagship meeting for digital transition in Europe. However, his two main proposals were a flop.     read more...
Ministers push for new legislation to track phone usage
The Guardian (July 6, 2014) Ministers are poised to pass emergency laws to require phone companies to log records of phone calls, texts and internet usage, but Labour and Liberal Democrats are warning that they will not allow any new law to become a backdoor route to reinstating a wider 'snooper's charter'.     read more...
European Commission extols virtues of 5G
Fierce Wireless (July 7, 2014) Neelie Kroes, the European Commission (EC) vice president with responsibility for the Digital Agenda, said 5G technology will deliver more than just a step up from current 4G (LTE) networks.     read more...
Drive towards single European digital economy proposed
Financial Times (July 6, 2014) Proposals to support a single European digital economy will be revealed in Venice this week at the first meeting held by the incoming Italian presidency of the European Council.     read more...
Telecoms is still all about the network
Total Telecom (July 4, 2014) The Commission has made its stance clear: it will seek to protect facilities-based competition at every turn, irrespective of whether the market in question can realistically support the number of networks it has.     read more...
Frequency: Report vague on broadcasters
Europolitics (July 4, 2014) The decision on the allocation of the coveted 700 Mhz frequency in the EU will be based on political rather than technical considerations. To accelerate this decision, the European Commission asked former World Trade Organisation Director Pascal Lamy to bring together directors of television channels and telecoms operators to try to reach a compromise.     read more...
Reducing Wireless Competition in Europe
The New York Times (July 4, 2014) A recent decision by European regulators to approve the merger of two cellphone companies in Germany will significantly reduce competition and encourage further consolidation in the industry.     read more...
Google removes 70,000 links in response to EU ruling
European Voice (July 4, 2014) News outlets began receiving a barrage of notifications this week that past articles have been removed from Google search results in order for the search company to comply with a European Court of Justice.     read more...
EU 'right to be forgotten' law unenforceable, says justice minister
The Guardian (July 9, 2014) A new European law on the "right to be forgotten" online would be technically unenforceable and lead to thousands of misconceived complaints, the justice minister Simon Hughes has said.     read more...
EU mulls cyber defense against US surveillance
Deutsche Welle (July 3, 2014) Through its cyber security strategy, the EU has pushed its member states to bolster their defenses against digital attacks. But after the Snowden revelations, will this strategy include measures against US espionage?     read more...
EC questions WhatsApp rivals over Facebook takeover
Telecompaper (July 10, 2014) European Commission competition authorities have started questioning rival firms about Facebook's proposed acquisition of mobile messaging service WhatsApp.     read more...

Global Policies

From Google to Amazon: EU goes to war against power of US digital giants
The Guardian (July 6, 2014) This is not a battle over religion or politics, over land or natural resources. The raw material that Paris, Brussels and Berlin are mobilising to defend is the digital environment of Europe's inhabitants; their enemies are the Silicon Valley corporations that seek to dominate it.     read more...
Wie der Staat unsere Daten schützen kann
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (July 4, 2014) Constitution protect citizens personal data. But there is little to do to protect them from Internet sharing informations power. What could governments do about it?     read more...
Senate Intelligence Committee approves cybersecurity bill
Reuters (July 8, 2014) The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee approved a bill on Tuesday to encourage companies to exchange information with the government on hacking attempts and cybersecurity threats.     read more...
In NSA database, most subjects were never targeted
New Europe (July 7, 2014) Only one out of ten people in the N.S.A. database were official targets, according to a Washington Post report that draws on new revelations from Edward Snowden.     read more...
These are the FCC merger hawks who’ll decide your cable future
The Washington Post (July 8, 2014) The Federal Communications Commission, has named the actual people who'll be overseeing the deals between Comcast-Time Warner Cable and AT&T Direct TV.     read more...
Richard Clarke on the Future of Privacy: Only the Rich Will Have It
The Wall Street Journal (July 7, 2014) While storage of vast amounts of data has led to hugely valuable benefits from analysis and correlation, it also has led to a significant erosion, if not almost complete destruction, of any meaningful concept of privacy.     read more...
Warning over ‘fragmented’ internet
Financial Times (July 3, 2014) Governments seeking to control the flow of information online risk carving the internet into a series of fragmented networks, according to many experts working in the field.     read more...
Independent Privacy Board Issues Surveillance Report
Computer&Communication Industry Association (July 2, 2014 ) An independent federal privacy watchdog group has issued its latest surveillance report saying that NSA’s surveillance targeting those outside the U.S. appears to be legal, although there was some disagreement about far reforms should go.     read more...
The Case for Net Neutrality
Foreign Affairs (July/August 2014) Net neutrality holds that ISPs shouldn’t offer preferential treatment to some websites over others or charge some companies arbitrary fees to reach users.     read more...
The government has asked Verizon for customer data 149,000 times this year. And it’s only July.
The Washington Post (July 8, 2014) Verizon's just published its second-ever transparency report, showing that in the first six months of 2014, the company received nearly 149,000 requests for customer data from the government.     read more...
Amazon embroiled in EU tax crackdown
Financial Times (July 3, 2014) European officials have demanded that Luxembourg hand over documents relating to Amazon’s tax affairs as the online retail giant becomes embroiled in a crackdown that has already drawn in Apple, Starbucks and Fiat’s financial arm.     read more...
Privacy group files Facebook complaint
Financial Times (July 4, 2014) The fallout from Facebook’s manipulation of its users’ emotions during a 2011 psychological research project spread further, as a consumer privacy group filed a formal complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission.     read more...
Microsoft Taxes Said to Face Scrutiny as EU Quizzes Luxembourg
Bloomberg (July 4, 2014) The European Commission has quizzed Luxembourg about how it taxes Microsoft’s intellectual property. Competition regulators also asked questions about McDonald’s Corp. taxes in Luxembourg, and Amazon.     read more...
Canada again reserves spectrum for new entrants at 2015 auction
Total Telecom (July 8, 2014) The Canadian government is continuing in its quest to attract new players to the country's mobile market by once again reserving spectrum for new entrants at an upcoming auction.     read more...
Why do U.S. ISPs want to charge for peering? Peering makes the internet cheaper. Here’s how
Gigaom (July 8, 2014) As more broadband networks connect directly to each other via peering agreements, the amount of money paid for internet transit could fall, according to a report from TeleGeography.     read more...

Digital Economy

Telecoms mergers: Nordic countries also affected
Europolitics (July 8, 2014) The consolidation of telecoms operators in Europe continues: following mergers in Austria, Ireland, France and Germany, now Norway is in the limelight.     read more...
TeliaSonera buys Tele2 Norway arm
Financial Times (July 7, 2014) TeliaSonera, the Swedish telecoms group, will acquire the Norwegian business of Tele2 for SEK5.1bn ($740m) in the latest deal in a more broadly consolidating European telecoms market.     read more...
Spain's Telefonica buys Mediaset Espana stake in Canal
The Star (July 5, 2014) Telefonica said on Friday it had agreed to buy the 22 percent stake held by Mediaset Espana in pay-TV firm Distribuidora de Television (DTS), giving full ownership of the TV firm to the telecoms group.     read more...
Las grandes 'telecos' analizan más de una docena de grandes adquisiciones
Eleconomista (July 4, 2014) The European telecommunications market live one of the sweetest moments in its recent history. Business dynamics and fierce global competition inviting companies to promote alliances, mergers or acquisitions.     read more...
Telefónica Alemania alcanza un valor de 7.000 millones ante la compra de E-Plus
Cinco Dias (July 4, 2014) Telefónica Deutschland is doing great after receiving approval from Brussels for the merger of E-Plus. The share price of the company has passed the benchmark of 6.3 euros, giving the company for the first time, more than 7,000 million market capitalization.     read more...
How the Mobile App Economy is Fueled by Developers
Digital Lifescapes (July 4, 2014) Mobile internet application developer ecosystems are an enabler of new business models. They are the essential catalyst for growth, as subscriber traffic for mobile broadband services and associated internet access reaches a 36 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the near future.     read more...
America Movil to sell assets to avoid Mexican regulation
Telecompaper (July 9, 2014) America Movil announced plans to divest some of its assets in Mexico in order to avoid further regulation as a dominant operator.     read more...
France's Orange Readies Fresh Foray Into U.S. Via E-Commerce Store
The Wall Street journal (July 6, 2014) Orange SA, formerly known as France Télécom, plans to launch an e-commerce website to sell smartphones, tablets and other gadgets to U.S. consumers.     read more...
Huawei jumps on 5G bandwagon
Telecoms (July 4, 2014) Chinese equipment vendor Huawei has been elected to join the board of the 5G Infrastructure Association in Europe at a general assembly held in Bologna last week. The company will be represented on the board by Dr. David Soldani of Huawei’s European Research Centre.     read more...
Writing Europe back into the Uber debate
Euractive (July 8, 2014) The debate over online taxi service Uber has shown that the digital services industry is at our doorstep. It's time to deliver a single market for services that enables young European companies the chance to scale up.     read more...
Entering the Zettabyte Era: Satellite Operators Make the Case For Smart Future Networks
The Wall Street Journal (July 8, 2014) 'Satellite is an infrastructure that has already reached the Zettabyte era. With its unsurpassed universal capacities and its unmatched economies in one-to-many traffic, it can play a central role in building an optimal, smart and future-proof next-generation network', said Karim Michel Sabbagh President and CEO of SES (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) during the Digital Venice conference.     read more...
Mark Zuckerberg on a Future Where the Internet Is Available to All
The Wall Street Journal (July 7, 2014) 'Today, only a little more than one-third of the world is connected—about 2.7 billion people. It's easy to take the Internet for granted and assume most people will soon have the access and opportunity we have, but that just isn't the case'.     read more...
WiFi provider Gowex goes bankrupt and admits falsifying accounts
Financial Times (July 6, 2014) One of the brightest stars of the Madrid stock market came crashing down to earth on Sunday, after WiFi provider Gowex was forced to declare bankruptcy and admit that its chief executive and founder had falsified the company’s accounts for at least the past four years.     read more...
Is your Android phone revealing your WiFi history?
Android Community (July 4, 2014) Android device is obvious. Naturally, we are referring to checkins, whether they be with Facebook or Foursquare or one of the many other services available. But according to a recent report coming from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) your Android device may also be sharing your location without you really knowing.     read more...
Google to create European venture capital arm
Financial Times (July 10, 2014) Google Ventures, which has previously focused its investments on Silicon Valley groups including such as Uber and Nest, is launching a $100m fund dedicated to fledgling European businesses.     read more...

Tech & Services

iPhone Has Largest Market Share Growth Over Past 3 Years
Marketing Land (July 4, 2014) With US smartphone penetration among mobile subscribers now at 70 percent, comScore released its May smartphone data where it reslults that iPhone gained ten points. It is actually the biggest mover among the operating systems in terms of overall share.     read more...
Apple and Samsung's Next Challenge: A Chinese Phone You've Never Heard Of
The Motley Fool (July 6, 2014) Apple and Samsung collectively dominate the smartphone market. Combined, they account for more than half of the smartphones sold globally, and generate virtually all of the industry's profits. But that could change. The OnePlus One, a phone that most have probably never heard of, has arrived to challenge the duopoly.     read more...
Alcatel-Lucent wins first role in Vodafone upgrades
Financial Times (July 8, 2014) Alcatel-Lucent has won its first share of Vodafone’s Project Spring investment programme with a deal to provide small cell transmitters and WiFi equipment to the British group.     read more...
Orange apuesta por las llamadas gratis por Internet a través de Libon
El Economista (July 8, 2014) Orange has broken an old mold in the telecommunications sector. For the first time, a large network operator offers its users free calls and cheap price via Internet (VoIP) using data connection or WiFi smartphone.     read more...
Samsung Braces for Earnings Pain, Speaks Up
The Wall Street Journal (July 7, 2014) Samsung Electronics quarterly earnings guidance releases are typically terse affairs. Take out the pro forma regulatory statements, and you’re effectively left with two numbers — a quarterly sales estimate, and a quarterly profit estimate.     read more...
Nokia makes US acquisition
Telecoms (July 4, 2014) Nokia Networks announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire US-based network integration and deployment specialist SAC Wireless for an undisclosed sum.     read more...
Google Inc. Targets Emerging Markets With Android One
The Motley Fool (July 4, 2014) Google has launched the Android One platform to attract new users to Google's Android OS and bolster market share in untapped markets. Android One enables manufacturers to build high quality affordable smartphones on Google's stock Android OS software.     read more...
Huawei Sells New Smartphone Through WeChat App
The Wall Street Journal (July 4, 2014) When Huawei Technologies released its new smartphone in China this week, the company chose the Chinese messaging app WeChat as one of its main sales channels.     read more...
AT&T says it will be the first carrier to sell LG smartwatch
Reuters (July 8, 2014) AT&T said it will be the first U.S. wireless carrier to sell LG Electronics' smartwatch, a wrist watch that connects to Android phones and answers voice commands, going on sale on July 11.     read more...
Can WeChat Become A Major Advertising Platform?
The Wall Street Journal (July 9, 2014) This week, Tencent, WeChat operator, said it launched a new service in mainland China whereby companies that have verified WeChat accounts can pay fees to place ads on other companies’ official pages with more than 100,000 followers.     read more...
Own an iPhone or Galaxy phone? Airport security is set to get even more stressful
Techradar (July 4, 2014) Security is getting even tighter if you're a) carrying an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone on you, and b) heading onto a US-bound flight from Europe, the Middle East or Africa.     read more...
Your Android phone may be telling strangers where you've been
Techradar (July 4, 2014) The Electronic Frontier Foundation has discovered that devices running Android 3.1 Honeycomb or later which are put into Preferred Network Offload mode (a feature that allows devices to create Wi-Fi connections even when the screen is turned off) will share the recent Wi-Fi networks they've been connected to.     read more...
B&You offers use of World&You over 3G in Europe, US, Canada
Telecompaper (July 6, 2014) French operator Bouygues Telecom has announced that B&You brand customers now can use their World&You app to make calls to France over 3G networks in the EU, Switzerland, French overseas territories, the US and Canada, without it being subtracted from their monthly mobile data bundle.     read more...
Internet of Things heats up for chip makers as Atmel pays $140M for Newport Media
VentureBeat (July 7, 2014) Atmel has agreed to buy wireless chip maker Newport Media for $140 million as part of a move into smart connected devices with applications with the internet of things. The deal is the latest sign that chip makers are actively maneuvering for a vast market with the potential to sell billions of components to power smart connected devices.     read more...
Smartphones weigh on Samsung Electronics as guidance disappoints
Reuters (July 8, 2014) Samsung Electronics issued unexpectedly weak quarterly earnings guidance which put it on track for its worst results in two years and cast doubt on the smartphone leader's strategy against cheaper Chinese rivals.     read more...

Focus on

From São Paulo to Istanbul: Towards Better Internet Governance
Roma, Italy (July 21, 2014)
At a time in which the global debate on Internet governance is a shared political priority, ETNO, in collaboration with Puntoit, Key4biz, Open Network, Ego and, invites you to discuss the most relevant issues at this high level event.     read more...


ETNO-Mlex Regulatory Summit 2014
(June 25, 2014)

Press Releases

Kroes: our single market is crying out for copyright reform (July 2, 2014)
'What should a sound EU copyright system do? First, it needs to promote creativity and innovation'.

Horizon 2020: Public-private innovation partnerships launch calls (July 4, 2014)
Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) will launch the first calls for research projects on 9 July 2014.

Deutshce Telekom: Qivicon wins innovation prize and gains new partners (July 4, 2014)
QIVICON wins the European Visionary Innovation Leadership Award

Telekom’s Hungary Travel&Surf daily and weekly roaming data tariff packages (July 2, 2014)
Hungarian Telekom’s Travel&Surf daily and weekly roaming data tariff packages offer even more favourable rates than the roaming tariffs regulated by the European Union

TeliaSonera acquires Tele2’s Norwegian operations and accelerates nationwide 4G roll-out (July 7, 2014)
TeliaSonera acquires Tele2’s operations in Norway at an enterprise value of SEK 5.1 billion on a cash and debt free basis.


ENISA publishes its Annual report for 2013
ENISA (July 2014)

Wireless Telecommunication Industry
Reportlinker (July 2014 )

Worldwide Traditional PC, Tablet, Ultramobile and Mobile Phone Shipments to Grow 4.2 Percent in 2014
Gartner (July 7, 2014)

Worldwide Telecom July 2014
Market Research (July 4, 2014)

Broadband penetration Industry
Reportlinker (July 2014)


U.S. vs. European Broadband Deployment: What Do the Data Say?

Source: University of Pensylvania Law School

Next Week

Telco Cloud: respondiendo a las preguntas clave de los operadores (July 15, 2014)

ITU Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2014 for Americas (July 14-18, 2014)
Trinidad and Tobago


From São Paulo to Istanbul: Towards Better Internet Governance
Roma, Italy (July 21, 2014)

4G World
Las Vegas (Sept 9-11, 2014)

Wireless China Industry Summit
Beijing, China (Sept 17-18, 2014)

'SEMICON Europa 2014
Grenoble, France (October 7-9, 2014)

ITU TelecomWorld '14
Doha, Qatar (December 7-10, 2014)

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