01 February, 2024

ETNO reflection paper on submarine communication cables

The European Union’s dependence on submarine communication cables has emerged as a significant concern for Europe’s security, resilience, and sovereignty, a vulnerability underscored by notable incidents involving the Nord Stream undersea gas pipeline in 2022 and undersea cables connecting Estonia and Finland in October 2023.

As the European Commission prepares to release a connectivity package detailing a fresh strategy for its telecom sector and internet infrastructure, including a Recommendation to strengthen coordination among Member States in the deployment, security, and governance of crucial cable connections, ETNO aims to offer its perspective on augmenting the resilience and security of the Union’s submarine cable infrastructure.

We elaborate on our reflections in the paper. For questions and clarifications regarding this position paper, please contact Paolo Grassia (grassia@etno.eu), Director of Public Policy at ETNO.



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