17 July, 2023

ETNO position paper: Substantiating Green Claims and Right to Repair

Telecom operators have taken decisive measures to increase sustainability of their operations and increase circularity in their business, bearing in mind the objective of increasing the useful life of devices.

These measures include selecting suppliers and products in compliance with environmental sustainability criteria, periodically checking along the entire product life cycle, recycling and refurbishing devices, using labelling to enable customers’ informed choice in favour of sustainable products and services, and reducing their own waste.

We welcome the "Right to Repair" initiative that aims at promoting a more sustainable and longer use of goods throughout their useful life. It will encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices, which is something that ETNO members have been already encouraging to a large extent.

We elaborate on our recommendations in the paper. For questions and clarifications regarding this position paper, please contact Ross Creelman (creelman@etno.eu), Public Policy Manager at ETNO.

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