01 September, 2017

Lead or Lose: a vision for Europe's digital future

Europe stands at a crossroads regarding its digital future. The road we choose today will have a significant impact on the lives of European citizens in 2030.

EuropLead or Lose.jpge has lost as much as €100m in earnings (EBIT) each day to digital disruptors and telcos in other regions for the past 10 years, which has impoverished the bloc’s digital economy. But this can be changed if industry and regulators embrace transformation. The Accenture Strategy research for ETNO finds that Europe can gain up to €4bn a day by being at the centre of the digital ecosystem

However, we need a digital overhaul of Europe’s industrial fabric and institutions. And this should be supported by urgent policy action that aims to promote equal competitive digital advantage across the region, as well as enable telcos to collaborate across an open ecosystem. Three areas of digital value creation have the potential to steer Europe onto the path into a successful digital future: an ecosystem around the Internet of Everything (IoE), pervasive low-latency networks and institutions that are recreated for the digital world.

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