23 June, 2014

ETNO participates in the ICANN 50 meeting

A delegation from ETNO, the leading trade association representing Europe’s largest telecoms operators, is participating in the “ICANN 50 ” meeting in London, which officially starts today.

The UK Government will host a High Level Governmental Meeting with 175 representatives from 77 Governments at Ministerial and senior official level and including Vice-President Kroes. The Governments will use the occasion to discuss the transition of stewardship of the IANA functions, enhancement of the role of Governments in ICANN and the outcomes of NetMundial.

The ICANN meeting, which continues throughout the week, will hold discussions on the globalisation of ICANN, improving ICANN accountability and issues related to the new gTLD programme. ETNO, a member of both the ICANN Business Constituency and the Internet Service Provider and Connectivity Providers Constituency, will participate in multiple sessions.

ETNO’s Chairman Luigi Gambardella, said: “At a time in which the Internet has become such a vital part of society at large and given the critical role that ISPs have to play in providing the underlying infrastructure for the Internet, ETNO looks forward to participating in the ICANN50 debate. Although multi-stakeholder dialogue is important, we also recognise the need for Governments to debate important issues such as the IANA functions transition, a process that ETNO continues to support, and we welcome that this is being done in an open manner. We need to continue to work in order to improve further the functioning of the internet governance model”.

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