12 June, 2015

Statement by Steven Tas, Executive Chairman of ETNO, on the TSM Regulation

​ETNO, the Association representing Europe’s major telecom operators, is following with attention the debate around the finalisation of the Telecom Single Market Regulation. This piece of legislation, once adopted, will automatically enter into force in all European member states, establishing rules in the field of roaming and open internet.

ETNO Executive Chairman Steven Tas has said: 
“Telecom operators connect millions of Europeans to the Internet opportunity via mobile and fixed networks, injecting almost €50 billion per year in fresh EU telecom investment. As the European Commission discusses ambitious plans to create a Digital Single Market empowering citizens and businesses, it is vital that the TSM Regulation does not turn into a barrier to achieving the dream of a connected, innovative Continent.

ETNO has regularly called for regulatory certainty and consistency regarding roaming. With this in mind, we believe it is fundamental to ensure that final roaming rules do not lead to an unintended disruption of markets or to further regulatory uncertainty.

ETNO supports an Open Internet for consumers guaranteed by high-level principles prohibiting blocking and anti-competitive treatment of Internet traffic, accompanied by clear and well-developed transparency measures. We believe that - both in the interest of European users and that of Europe’s innovation potential - it would be harmful to go beyond this and to establish overly restrictive rules on traffic management and specialised services. Traffic management is needed to ensure a positive, customised user experience as well as to avoid congestion and ensure quality. Commercial differentiation of offers and services is fundamental to be able to respond to the variety of needs and demands of different users.

Let us work together for a stronger, inclusive digital market that allows innovation and investment in the European Union”.


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