30 July, 2013

Press release: First meeting of International Telecommunications Associations at the Regional Telecommunications Congress

The exchange of experiences and issues of interest in the sector, and the sharing of management practices characterized the first World Meeting of International Telecommunications Associations.

The meeting was attended by representatives of AHCIET, ASETA, CANTO, ESOA, ETNO, GSMA, PTC and SAMENA.

BRUSSELS, July 30, 2013– The debut Meeting of International Telecommunications Associations took place at the first Regional Telecommunications Congress held in Panama City, from 23 to 26 of July,.  The initiative, promoted by the Ibero-American Association of centers for research and telecommunications companies (AHCIET), brought together participants from the Association of Telecommunications Companies from the Andean Community (ASETA), the Caribbean Association of Telecommunications, (CANTO), the European Satellite Operators Association (ESOA), The European Telecommunications Networks Association (ETNO),  GSMA, the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) and the South Asia Middle East North Africa Council (SAMENA). This meeting also counted on the support of the International Association of Portuguese speaking Telecommunications Companies (AICEP), and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

Together, the main associations representatives of industry and operators of telecommunications from the different world regions agreed: to define and promote common areas of interest for the development of Information Society, to put in place a contact network, and to maintain regular coordination meetings, with at least one annual face-to-face meeting.

The representatives of the Associations highlighted the importance of this event and agreed that these meetings are an opportunity to learn about the different orientations and activities of each association, and identify areas of cooperation on matters of common interest.

ETNO believes that stronger cooperation of telecoms associations from different regions of the world is needed in this crucial phase of development of the digital economy. Telecommunication operators have common challenges and a common approach to policy developments around the world can generate added value for a strong development of the broadband markets at global level”, said Luigi Gambardella, Chairman of the ETNO Board.

"This meeting marks the first step to identify a common path to the sustainable development of the digital economy throughout the world. This event marks the beginning of what we believe will be a strong relationship between the most important global telecommunications associations, including ETNO which plays a leading role representing Europe.” notes Daniel Pataki, ETNO Director.

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