25 October, 2013

Press release: ETNO welcomes the European Council’s conclusions - Europe needs more ambition in boosting its digital economy

ETNO welcomes the recognition by the European Council that a strong digital economy is vital for growth and European competitiveness in a globalised world. We fully share the view expressed by the Council that Europe needs the right regulatory framework to accelerate the investments in broadband networks and tap the full potential of the digital economy.

Luigi Gambardella, ETNO Executive Board Chairman, said: “Today, EU’s heads of State and Government acknowledged that a strong European digital economy is a fundamental step towards re-launching competitiveness and growth. ETNO underlines three main priorities: supporting the costly investments in new broadband infrastructures through less regulation; building an open European Internet model to ensure innovation and choice for European consumers; and reap the full benefit of European scale by allowing the flexibility needed in order to achieve an efficient market structure”.

We fully share the sense of urgency conveyed by the Council’s call not to spare any effort to accelerate important initiatives that are part of the Digital Agenda, such as those on reducing the cost of broadband roll-out, digital payment services, data protection, cyber-security, and e-Government. We further commend the Council for its vision in calling for a European strategy on Cloud computing and Big Data to the benefit of European productivity, businesses and citizens.

ETNO also supports the timely adoption of the ‘Connected Continent’ package and notes the Council’s call on the legislators to have an intensive examination. ETNO believes these proposals are important, and that further examination will give the opportunity to provide them with an adequate focus to ensure that the right framework is in place to deliver innovation to customers.

Luigi Gambardella, ETNO Executive Board Chairman, said: “We are ready to collaborate with the European institutions and all other stakeholders to achieve more ambitious goals and will spare no effort in doing so.

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