24 April, 2014

Press release: ETNO note on the São Paulo multi-stakeholder statement

São Paulo, 24 April 2014 - ETNO, the leading trade association representing Europe's largest telecom operators, applauds the efforts of Minister Paulo Bernardo and Secretary Virgilio Almeida of the Brazilian Government in organising NetMundial, which has proven to be a good platform for discussion on many key issues related to Internet governance. Although different views were expressed at the meeting across the various stakeholder groups, the preparatory path and the meeting itself have proven the value of the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance.

ETNO Chairman Luigi Gambardella said: "Many important elements for ETNO have been highlighted in the final NetMundial document, including a reference to the strengthening of the IGF and the protection of human rights online. And while the Net Neutrality debate underscored the many diverging views, the debate itself will help advance discussions elsewhere and the overall level of understanding".

Christoph Steck, Chair of ETNO’s Internet governance Working Group and elected business representative to the NetMundial High Level Multi-stakeholder Committee, said: "NetMundial has helped to restore trust and confidence in the Internet and its governance, which is critical at this point in time. We recognise that not everything could be achieved within a two day meeting but we look forward to continue the debate in other fora, including IGF14 in Istanbul".


Our contact person at Net Mundial is Caroline Greer, Public & Regulatory Affairs Manager, greer@etno.eu 

For media inquiries directed to our Brussels headquarter, contact Alessandro Gropelli, Head of Media, gropelli@etno.eu 

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