01 October, 2014

Press Release: Next Commission Term: “Let’s work together for the trillion-euro opportunity”

FT-ETNO Summit 2014, EU telcos presented today their “Agenda for Europe”


Brussels, 1 October 2014 – ETNO, the Association representing the EU’s leading telecom operators, has presented today its “Agenda for Europe” in view of the next term of the European Commission. According to figures presented in the Agenda, a new set of policies would help multiply telcos’ investment allowing the internet economy to be fully implemented. This would generate increases in efficiencies and productivity in the order of trillions of euros.

During the fifth Financial Times-ETNO Summit, ETNO Chairman Luigi Gambardella and the Director Daniel Pataki, outlined the details of ETNO’s vision for a new society, enabled by a flood of fresh investments in digital infrastructure and services.

ETNO Chairman Luigi Gambardella said: “We need to promote an ambitious reform of the current policy and regulatory approach to Digital. Let’s make Europe a magnet for private and public investments, in the interest of both consumers and businesses”.


ETNO’s “Agenda for Europe”


The new vision presented by ETNO is based on five key pillars.

  1. Developing Powerful Infrastructure by aligning the regulatory framework to the 3rd investment cycle in 4G and fibre.
  2. Boosting a Globally Competitive EU Industry through an updated competition approach and by ensuring a level-playing field among actors in the digital value chain.
  3. Supporting Digitally Enabled Companies with early incentives for ICT adoption and EU-wide trials in areas as diverse as automation, smart-cities or mobility.
  4. Increasing End-user Benefits with consistent privacy and security rules and by allowing the development of innovative services.
  5. Promoting Enriched Citizenship and Welfare with strong demand-side policies, solid interoperability practices and a focus on digital literacy.


The Trillion-euro Ambition


According to analyses developed by the consultancy Arthur D. Little in the context of ETNO’s Agenda for Europe, the European telecoms sector will contribute with an investment capacity of €250 billion over the next five years. “With the right policies, the economic multiplier can be up to 13 times the initial investment” said Andrea Faggiano, Head of SASCAR at Arthur D Little. “This means that a full implementation of the internet economy is a trillion-euro opportunity”.

The full version of ETNO’s Agenda For Europe is available here and on your ETNO USB stick.

ETNO Chairman’s speech outlining the main priorities for the next European Commission is available here.


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