03 November, 2014

Press Release: ETNO delegation visits Beijing: EU-China mission on telecoms/digital

Brussels, Beijing, 3 November 2014 - ETNO, representing Europe’s leading telecoms operators, started today its visit to digital China. At a time in which China is becoming more and more important in the digital economy landscape, ETNO will take part in a series of activities and events organised by the China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR) and facilitated by the EU-China Policy Dialogue Support Facility (PDSF).

Today, ETNO’s Chairman Luigi Gambardella will deliver a speech (dowload here) on the “Challenges for EU telecom operators in a changing market environment”, which will take place at the EU Chamber of Commerce in China. This will also be an opportunity to discuss the EU Chamber's Business Report for 2014/15 and specifically its work on ICT (available here).

Luigi Gambardella will also speak at the "Broadband Policy Expert Group” of the China Academy of Telecommunication Research on 5th November. Mr. Gambardella will deliver a speech on “Reform trends and requirements in the EU communications policy framework”.

In addition to these events, ETNO will take part in a series of top level meetings with China’s rising digital stars. Amongst other important stakeholders, we will discuss e-commerce and mobile apps with Alibaba, business trends with Tencent and Baidu, and telecom business models with China Telecom and Huawei.

ETNO Chairman Luigi Gambardella said: “EU-China relations are crucial in today’s global digital value chain. For this reason, we are strong supporters of an open and continuous dialogue between China and EU in the field of internet and broadband policies”.

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