25 February, 2015

Press Release: A better investment climate, more value for consumers: let’s make it happen

ETNO, the Association representing Europe’s main telecom operators, took part in today’s BEREC Workshop on Oligopoly Analysis and Regulation (more information here).

At a time in which the EU is discussing the next wave of digital policies and regulation, ETNO is advocating for a thorough reform of the current regulatory framework and encouraging a pro-investment and pro-quality approach to consolidation.

ETNO Chairman Steven Tas, who represented ETNO at the BEREC meeting, said: “The focus of future policies has to shift towards the promotion of innovation and investment in network infrastructures. Less fragmented and more efficient markets will drive better value for customers and will help bridge Europe’s investment gap”.

Achieving a better investment climate while delivering better value to European consumers is possible, but it requires a step change in the approach to both competition policy and traditional telecoms regulation.

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