27 October, 2015

ETNO Statement on the final TSM vote

Brussels, 27 October 2015 – The European Parliament has today given its final green-light to measures on Open Internet and Roaming. In the past years, ETNO has consistently supported EU-level measures, as opposed to a patchwork of national telecoms rules.

However, as Europe moves towards implementing the new Regulation, we believe it is essential to make sure that the following aspects are taken into account by EU regulatory authorities and policymakers.

On Open Internet measures, we believe it is crucial to underline how network quality and diversification of services is critical to the deliver growth of the digital economy, in the main interest of European consumers. Connected driving, e-health, new business models for online content distribution: this requires network management as well as differentiation of services. Uniform implementation of the rules across Europe will therefore prove crucial.

On Roaming measures, we should make sure that implementation does not distort national markets and allows for cost-recovery for all market players. The common objective should be to make sure that the Regulation does not pick winners and losers among countries.


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