03 March, 2016

EU consultations: stakeholders stress role of powerful broadband

Brussels, 3 March 2016 - The European Commission published today the summary report of two important public consultations: one on the review of the Framework of Electronic Communication and one on Internet quality and speeds.

Lise Fuhr, ETNO's Director General, commented: "The report shows how European citizens and businesses call for super-fast and high-quality connectivity. Internet of Things, 5G and a new wave of consumer services will all depend on high-capacity and ultra-quality coverage. The telecoms law review should facilitate additional investment and innovation".

ETNO's responses can be downloaded on the European Commission website at the following links:

  • ETNO on the review of the framework - download
  • ETNO on Internet quality and speeds - download

Or on the ETNO website at the following links: 

  • ETNO on the review of the framework - download 
  • ETNO on Internet quality and speeds - download
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