21 February, 2018

UNI Europa and ETNO join the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

Brussels, 21st February 2018 – Today, the social partners UNI Europa and ETNO – the European Telecommunication Network Operators’ Association (ETNO) – joined the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

The Coalition was first launched by the European Commission in December 2016 and aims at helping meet the high demand of digital skills across Europe. The Coalition brings together Member States, companies, social partners, NGOs and education providers. 

UNI Europa and ETNO's contribution will engage in promoting and supporting the Coalition’s objectives and initiatives, leveraging their broad network of social partners across Europe, both at the company and trade union level. UNI Europa and ETNO also support the training and upskilling of the ICT workforce in order to bridge the digital skills gap. 

Both organisations have already been providing recommendations on how to promote digital skills and necessary training in their joint project: "Filling the ICT skills gap in the telecommunications sector" (FITS), (Joint UNI Europa– ETNO declaration on future skills' needs). 

UNI Europa and ETNO welcome the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as an example of crucial multi-stakeholder engagement. The next step will be to link this initiative with the ongoing activities of UNI Europa and ETNO as social partners in the telecoms sector. 

ETNO Director General, Lise Fuhr said: ‘We agree with Commissioner Gabriel that the digital skills gap should be at the top of the political agenda. By joining the Coalition, we will bring our joint know-how and network at the service of the digital skills cause. European society can gain lots from full digitisation, but the EU needs to do its utmost to ensure that all are ready and skilled for the digital age’’.

UNI Europa Regional Secretary, Oliver Röthig, commented: “Digitisation has a major impact on the future world of work. It is our mission as European social partners to engage with the European Commission and other industry stakeholders to provide a future-proof framework for the upskilling and training of the ICT workforce. Digital skills and skills generally are a key issue in the work of social partners at all levels.”

PDF available here.

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